5 Ways To Grow Your Healing Business With Online Marketing

With Bob the Teacher and Elma Mayer

Do you have a healing business? Or… do you want to start one?  Watch this Free Webinar!  You’ll get:

  • 5 Tips you can use right away – to grow your business – and get your healing out into the world.
  • Energetic Alignments from Elma, to energize your healing business.
  • A preview of the 4-hour Training Webinar (see below).

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Did you find this freebie useful? Ready to go deeper?


Online Marketing for Healers – JumpStart!

4-hour Webinar Training

Elma Mayer

Elma Mayer

Bob the Teacher

Bob the Teacher

With: Elma Mayer and Bob the Teacher

When: Now! This training is available as a Webinar Replay.

Why: Most healing modalities do not teach you about the realities of running a healing business, especially online. After you learn to do the healing, you are usually left to learn the business on your own. It can be totally overwhelming. (It was, for me, until I got guidance from Bob!) There are so many aspects of marketing that it’s hard to know what to focus on.

[box type=”bio”] “After spending thousands on coaches and whatnot tricks, I’m happy to report, for the mere hundreds I’ve spent with you, that I’m going to be able to pull my business out of the vortex. And I’m starting working on getting that to be the way it is right this minute.” – Dr. Virginia L. Seno, PhD, RN, www.esseinstitute.com[/box]

What: In this course, you will learn:

  • How to build a mailing list of your ideal clients – and just as importantly, what to communicate to them, once they’ve joined.
  • How to increase your online presence and visibility through the 3 most important social media channels
  • Virtual Classes: Why to do them, and what are the best topics and formats.
  • How to accept payments online – and into your energy field!
  • Lots of other tips… websites, affiliate marketing to grow your income, membership sites, and more.
  • Plus, you’ll get Energetic Alignments from Elma, to make this all work for your specific needs.

Who: For energy healers, energy psychology practitioners, life coaches, practitioners of Now Healing, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Access Consciousness, Reiki, EFT, Pranic Healing, etc… Great for established practitioners… and those just starting out!

[box type=”bio”] “I know about this [marketing] stuff and I actually learned a lot of new fresh info so BRAVO! I am loving this.” – YaMaEl Cash, Edgewater FL, www.divinitycodes.com [/box]

I wish someone had shared these online marketing lessons with me when I first went online with my healing, back in 2005. It would have saved me immense amounts of time, money and stress! I made lots of mistakes, and wasted money on lots of useless, annoying software and pointless programs.

It’s really hard to go it alone, in online marketing – especially if you don’t really like the “business-end” of business, like me! Bob the Teacher has helped me immensely with my own marketing. He navigated me through all the noise, creating clarity. He showed me how – and where – to take action. He enabled me to get automated systems in place… which allowed me the time and energy to do what I love! Bob helps coaches, healers and entrepreneurs get the best possible results for their business – and I’m one of them, so I can vouch for Bob’s expertise!

Spread your healing in the world! And let’s make it easy and painless, so you can avoid the trial and error that I had to go through.

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Online Marketing for Healers – 4-Hour Webinar Training

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Tuition: $197

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