The Seven Transformations: Space, Time & the Elements

The Seven Transformations - Now Healing (picture)

The Seven Transformations… Universal Energies to Heal your Body & Life

Free Sample of Yin Yang Balancing (Transformation #3) – Scroll Down for an instant shift for YOUR issue…

Heal your Body & Life – with 7 Universal Energies

Align your WHOLE Life not just one “Problem.” You can shift it ALL: health, body, energy, self-image, mood, daily habits, behaviors, love, money, Feng Shui fields, etc.

Don’t try to heal each of your “problems” separately – that’s so old-paradigm! They are all inter-related (even if it doesn’t make logical sense). The Seven Transformations gives you integration on all levels. Applying one of the Transformations in one area affects all other areas. There are zillions of hidden entanglements – that are easy to clear… IF you know where to look.


“I was amazed: there was so much difference in so many things that didn’t seem to be related… like finances, mood, body issues, everyday issues, how to flow with time, control time… so many great things! It’s really great to feel your presence, as you transcend space and time!” – PH



These  Seven Universal Energies instantly transform the specific issues you choose – PLUS, your unknown issues too!

What are The Seven Transformations? And what do they transform?

Each of these Seven Transformations are essential morphic healing fields – universal energies that already exist. It’s easy to tap into them. You’ll discover exactly how to allow your flow towards Wholeness… for automatic, universal healing.

Transformation Some Examples of its Effects
1. Transform Time When you Transform Time… Everything in your Life Flows Better. Includes:
Aging, Stress, Procrastination, Daily Habits, Always Late, Always in a Hurry, Cycles (Hormones, Circulation, Sleep, Seasonal), Work & Wages, Income, Time & Money.
2. Upgrade Space Your Space influences Everything you Do. Make sure you are congruent with it! Your space should support (not distort) your life. Includes:
Negative Energy Clearing, Space Clearing, Energetic Clutter Clearing, Instant Feng Shui, How to “Read” the Energy of a Space. Also – Create the Qualities you want – in your Home, Bedroom, Office etc (like Peace, Family Harmony, Community, Inspiration, Productivity).
3. Yin-Yang Balance Allow your Life to Flow between Polarities… and to be Integral, Non-Dual, and Multidimensionally Centered – Simultaneously! (It sounds esoteric, but it’s down to earth – and it affects everything!) Includes:
Sleep/Wake; Work/Life;  Male/Female; Logic/Intuition;  Earning/Spending; Giving/Receiving; Breathing In/Out; Heartbeat; Alkaline/Acid. Also…  What you want vs. what you don’t want, etc. How Feng Shui and Yin Yang are related.
4. Align with Air Life is Breath! Not just physical breath, but also spiritual connection, inspiration, and mental flow. Includes:
Oxygenation, Breathing Issues (Asthma, Cough..), Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Lighten up Emotions, Inspiration, Clarity, Spirituality.
5. Balance Water Water is Essential to your Essence – not just for health, but for wealth and wisdom too. Includes:
Hydration, Elimination, Stagnation, Emotional Flow, High Blood Pressure, Edema, Kidneys, Dry Skin/Eyes, Drained Energy, Plumbing Issues in your Home, Financial Stagnation, Relationships that Drain you, Water Traumas (drowning etc…)
6. Focus your Fire Stoke your Inner Fire for Success, and Calm it for your Health. Includes:
Inflammation, Metabolism, Digestion, Headaches, Heartburn, Rash, Body Temperature, Energy Levels, Vision and Light, Over-spending, Under-earning, Addictions (smoking, sugar, alcohol), Cool down Arguments, Excessive Spending, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Solar Flare Sensitivity, and… Activate your Star Power!
7. Evolve your Earth Element
Your Health – and Life – Depend on Earth. Includes:
Grounding, Gravity, Presence, Heaviness of Body, Heavy Emotions, Possessions, Earth Cycles, Connecting with Nature…  (Note: we work with several “Element” systems, including the Chinese Five Elements, Ayurvedic Elements, and yes, even the Periodic Table.)
Shift YOUR Specific Issues – Instantly. … Best of all, you get powerful transformation for 
Your Individual healing intentions and goals.  In each audio, you will transform one issue of your choice. And of course, you can run The Seven Transformations on an unlimited number of your issues – each time you listen, you will get different shifts.

Free Sample of Transformation #3: Yin-Yang Balancing – Get an Instant Shift!

What shifted for you, in that quick sample?

Imagine what happens when you apply all Seven Transformations… It’s Exponential!


“I had a headache. Within 5 min of listening to #3 Yin-Yang Balancing, I was headache-free.”

– Dr. M.T.

“After listening, the will to rearrange my bedroom became so strong that I had to cancel all my appointments for the day. The energy of my bedroom shifted… I am feeling so much ease that I can now spend time in my room without feeling suffocated.”
– Dr. O.A.


What’s Different and Unique Here?

This is Morphic Healing – a Radical Upgrade
of “old-school energy healing”.

We don’t just shift Energy, Auras, Chakras, or Meridians. Or just Feng Shui. Or just Past Lives, or Ancestors. Or just Childhood Traumas. Or just the Brain and Central Nervous System. Or any other isolated “part.”

We shift EVERYTHING: Energy, Matter, Mind, Time, Space, Morphic Memory, Information… plus the all essential Elements of Life.

Every one of the Seven Transformations creates huge ripples in reality. Every one is essential – because it’s not just about “body mind spirit”. Everything in time and space is entangled.



How does this work?

You’ll “Bring” One Issue to Heal, each time you listen. Each audio focuses on One of the Transformations. I’ll guide you through an easy but hugely comprehensive healing process, related to the Transformation

But… Zillions of things will shift.  As we apply each Transformation to your issue, shifts will ripple out into every part of reality. Everything in your life is affected… not just the one “issue”.

Shifts will happen at the speed of light – because we work with Morphic Fields, Energy and Information, not Matter or Mind! No need to analyze the “problem” or pinpoint the “root cause.” Just apply The Seven Transformations![/one_half][one_half_last]

Yet another Master Class…

… in re-organizing the Cosmos
with Now Healing in an instant,
led by a Maestro!

Amazing changes & amazing teachings.”

– Rudy Hunter, Healer

“The number of shifts that happen in each hour!!!

In old methods this hour would’ve taken a lifetime
to acquire all that we gain!” – Peter


More Raves…

  • I experienced constant, powerful, strong shifts physically. I didn’t really come into it with an intention to shift–I thought, well, wholeness around time would be nice. At the end, I was amazed… What a great, amazing use of just one hour of time!
” – Peter Havens on Transcend Time
  • “Wow! I keep improving. My breathing is back to normal now.” – Angie
  • “It was very effective. My husband and I have been fighting in our bedroom for years. The residual energy was very thick and suffocating. During this clearing I focused on removing those energies and to put in their place a healing energy for both emotional and physical. Almost instantly my pain began to subside and my physical allignment of body began to correct itself. You have given me an invaluable powerful tool that I will forever be grateful for.” – Jamie C. on Upgrade your Space
  • It sure works very strongIy on my energy field! I felt instant shifts. Actually it felt like everything changed.”  – Irma on Align with Air
  • “That was profound. Instant shift!” – Susan on Balance your Water

What’s in The Seven Transformations

This Product comes in digital or physical form. It contains:

The Seven Transformations - Product Image

The Seven Transformations
CDs & Book, or MP3s & PDF

  • 9 Audios, Total Running Time = 7 hours  (mp3 or CD)
  • Transcripts of the Audios – 81 pages  (pdf or spiral-bound book)

Part 0:  Introduction & Basics of Now Healing   (56 minutes)
Part 1:  Transform Time  (43 minutes)
Part 2:  Upgrade your Space – Energetic Feng Shui (52 minutes)
Part 3:  Yin-Yang Balancing  (51 minutes)
Part 4:  Align with Air (36 minutes)
Part 5:  Balance your Water  (49 minutes)
Part 6:  Focus your Fire  (50 minutes)
Part 7:  Evolve your Earth Element  (43 minutes)
Part 8:  Closing – Quick Shifts and Fast Zaps  (38 minutes)

This product is no longer available to purchase separately.

But… you get The Seven Transformations as a  BONUS…

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  1. marcia pinneau on April 26, 2020 at 1:35 am

    Thanks Elma. All I need is to remember to align with my center, NOW. However during my day to day life I forget and lose my balance — I am still attached to the idea I need to come to your website follow your guidance to make this shift.
    I am so grateful and will continue practicing monthly as an annual member until this becomes more of a habit for me to do on my own!

  2. Elma Mayer on April 13, 2014 at 9:58 am

    @Jean, these energy shifts happen beyond the conscious mind – beyond your local self’s emotional states (like confidence or no confidence). And in Now Healing, the local self (the self that doubts, or has no doubt, has confidence or no confidence) is not the self that’s doing the healing! By going to your Center, you Align with your Infinite Self, where doubt and trust are not an issue – and that is the Self that does the work. So set aside your need for confidence, because although it may be helpful in general, it is not a pre-requisite for doing Now Healing!

    Did you get results from the video above, even with a lack of confidence? If you did not notice any useful outcome, then maybe this product does not resonate with you. However, if you have noticed good results from the video, then it’s highly likely that you will be able to get results from The Seven Transformations.

  3. Jean on April 10, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Dear Elma,
    I always read your emails with great interest, as I am sure you excel in what you do. The Seven Transformations is very appealing, but I am plagued with the sense that I don’t have the talent and it will never work for me. Have you had people with self doubt buy the program and find success with it? I am not the type who will demand a specific outcome–just lack confidence. Hoping to hear from you,

  4. Dr. Oladele Adewoyin on April 9, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    Hi Elma,
    Many thanks for this awesome product.
    My bedroom has been a jungle of books, CDs, DVDs and nutritional supplements and I knew I was suffocating from the clutter yet was procrastinating on when to put order back to the chaos I had created. My sleeping hours reduced considerably and that was telling on my income as I was always needing a nap during the day
    After listening to Upgrade Your Space, the will to rearrange my bedroom became so strong that I had to cancel all my appointments for the day and I was able to rearrange and get rid of 50% of all old stuff there and the energy of my bedroom shifted to being aligned with wholeness.
    You can bet I will listen in again tomorrow before attempting to de-clutter the rest of the stuff. I am feeling so much ease that I can now spend more time in my room withou feeling suffocated..
    I am so delighted at your generosity.

    Dr Oladele Adewoyin, Lagos Nigeria

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