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Elma’s “Normal” Bio (see below for “Miracle” story)

Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing

Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing and Now Healing Earth

Elma has taught more than 40,000 people how to do instant healing and Whole-Life Alignment. Experienced health practitioners, medical doctors, psychologists, life coaches, teachers, and yes, even lawyers, use Elma’s techniques to get fast results for their clients. She also loves to enable people who are just beginning to awaken to their innate healing power… to transform their own lives, and the lives of others.

Elma had no intention of becoming a healer. She earned her MA Degree in Music Composition in 1982, doing avant-funk and art-pop music from Oakland to Brooklyn. But after years of chronic Lyme Disease and trying all kinds of treatments, she discovered a miraculously simple way to activate her own self-healing ability – with amazing results. She found herself tapping in to earth’s regenerating energy, which she called “The Thing That Heals” (for lack of a better term). In 1994, she began applying Rupert Sheldrake’s principle of Morphic Resonance to her healing.

Training: Elma is a Certified Practitioner of The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and has been an Instructor of Yuen Method Levels 1, 2, 3 since 2005. She studied with Dr. Kam Yuen himself. In addition, Elma is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner. Her other trainings include Access Consciousness, Theta Healing, and Orin / DaBen’s Awakening Your Light Body.

Elma founded NowHealing.com to awaken your innate healing ability, and to give you clear, easy, down-to-earth techniques for effortless transformation. She shares how you can upgrade your own healing ability, in her live global teleseminars, “do-it-yourself” online healing videos and audios, and her acclaimed Now Healing 101 Home Study Course.

Global healing is another passion. Elma’s Now Healing Earth videos give a new twist to the practice of armchair activism: remote healing for the environment, with no need to leave the house! In addition, as a child of holocaust survivors, she is dedicated to healing and preventing holocausts for all life-forms on the planet.

She lives in Silverlake, in Los Angeles, California. She collaborates with her husband (and favorite songwriter) Brian Woodbury on musical theater projects, and is working on her own album of healing chants called “Sacred Singalongs” as well as creating so-called “experimental” and “avant-garde” music/videos. She has two brilliant, beautiful babies, both of whom are much taller than she. And of course, she continues to create new healing tools, to teach her clients and students how to harmonize and tune up their lives, at light-speed.

Elma’s “Miracles”

How I Became a Healer

You know that I don’t like to talk about myself! Because this kind of healing is not about me… it’s about you!

But still, you need to know how I discovered this “miraculous” instant healing technique… that works for ANY situation.

I was just a regular person, with no special healing “talent”.

But here’s how I discovered that all you need to do is simply connect with the healing field – directly.

How I Became a Lymie

In 1991, I went to Lyme, Connecticut and got a couple of tick bites. Yep, I got my Lyme disease right in the bullseye!

Although I took all the proper antibiotics, I got worse and worse. I had chronic Lyme, with neurological problems, Bell’s Palsy, neck pain, and worst of all, brain fog, memory loss, and intense fatigue.

(Not to mention the anxiety, self-doubt, isolation, and loss of income.)

I spent years running around to all kinds of “regular” doctors as well as alternative treatments – from acupuncture to zithromax.

At one point, I was on multiple antibiotics continuously – for over two years! Plus weekly chiropractic visits, supplements, herbs, and homeopathy.

One day I just gave up. I laid on the floor in my Brooklyn apartment and feebly moaned “help me” to no deity in particular.

Suddenly, I felt a strange energy come into my body. I somehow knew that my half-hearted request had been fully answered. I realized that the regenerating energies of life were actually coming in, and healing me. For lack of a better term, I called it…

The Thing That Heals

This experience of a sudden connection to healing energy was unprecedented, and dare I say… miraculous! This miracle not only began my healing from Lyme disease… it also opened up my entire life – and turned me into a healer.

Everything changed for me.

Because this kind of healing worked incredibly effectively – for anything and everything.

My whole life became unblocked… and opened to the beautiful flow of my highest health, wealth, love, abundance, confidence, courage, calm, career, creativity, inspiration, and power.

And that’s what I want for you too.

Direct experience of expansion into healing and Wholeness! Not just for one “blockage” – but for your WHOLE life.

The bottom line is… if I can do this kind of “instant healing”… then you can too!

And it takes just a few seconds to do that. (You’ve probably already done it, as you did my Free Alignments and healing videos!)

Here are Just a Few of my Miracles.

These are the earlier ones that I still remember. Over the years, they’ve happened so often that I don’t even keep track anymore!

  • Instant Relationship Healing: my then-tweenaged daughter and I were arguing constantly and fiercely. At the time, I was playing around with “instant feng shui” (my energetic/morphic version of it, rather than the traditional feng shui cures). I remembered that having doors “facing” each other was a feng shui no-no, and I realized that my daughter’s bedroom door was directly opposite mine! So I did a quick Now Healing Disentangle” command, and lo and behold, when I next saw my daughter, for the first time in ages, she gave me the sweetest hug, and we had a great conversation. Our newly-healed relationship stayed lovely and loving for many weeks, just from that 2-second “Disentangle” command. And when arguments started to creep in again, I did some more Now Healing Alignments, with similar “miraculous” results. Now I can’t say that we never argue at all anymore, because that would just be weird! But those occasional arguments are on a “normal” level, whereas before, they had been devastating. Our relationship is loving and amazing, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be close to my daughter. (You can learn more about the “Disentangle” command in the Free Alignments, and in the Now Healing 101 course.)
  • My Son’s Sports Injury – Instant Healing: At soccer practice, my then 6-year-old son hurt his foot badly. He was on the ground, writhing in pain – I had never seen him like that before. I knew immediately that this was an “emergency room” type injury. Frantically, I started doing Alignments. Within a minute, he calmed down. After five minutes, he got up and hobbled away. Another minute later, he was back to normal. Hospital trip averted!
  • Mega-Money Manifestation:  In the recession of 2008, my husband’s income took a huge hit. I was still building my fledgling healing business and I hadn’t hit my stride yet. We couldn’t pay our mortgage – we were really strapped and couldn’t see how we’d make it. I put my healing Alignments to work, and three days later, I got a completely unexpected windfall… of $95,000. Wow. Right?
  • Food Poisoning – Instant Healing: within 20 minutes of eating at an upscale fancy-schmancy sushi restaurant, I suddenly felt verrrrry queasy. I got chills. I got sweaty. I was scared! While I panicked, I began madly muttering Now Healing commands, in a rote manner, not really believing they would work, because I didn’t feel Centered or non-attached or neutral, or any of those other things that I teach as “preparation” to do this work. It took a while – about three minutes!!! – but I started to feel better, and after another minute, the symptoms were totally gone and I was fine.
  • Los Angeles River Healing:  I’ve done several healings on this river, including one documented in a video on this site. The LA river has made amazing, miraculous strides since then. Not that I take full responsibility, of course! If you’ve seen this video and followed along with the healing, then I deeply thank you, because you too have made a huge impact!
  • Teaching tens of thousands of people to be “instant healers”: this is my favorite miracle! Read some Testimonials here.

My “Failures” at Healing:

  • Los Angeles River: it’s still far from clean and pristine and perfect! But it’s sooooo much better than it was.
  • My father died: Even though I did many healing sessions for him, in the end, I  was unable to turn his “disease” around, or even give him much comfort, and he died in 2011 at the age of 84.
  • I still have many flaws, foibles, fat, and funks, not to mention occasional aches and pains, despite doing daily morphic healing on myself. Oh well, who cares! I’m pretty darn good, and I’m 90% better than I was when I had Lyme disease! And I’m still alive and kicking. I’m fairly sure I’d be dead by now, if not for this kind of instant morphic healing. I still have daily miracles… and you can too.

So even my “failures” are no big deal. I am non-attached to them, usually. Doing this work is a huge net gain.

Well, that’s my story. Whether or not you are inspired by it, it doesn’t matter! Because…

I’m not asking you to believe me. I’m not asking you to blindly trust my clients’ amazing testimonials.

Instead, trust your own experience. Do the Free Alignments and see what shifts for you.

What is Now Healing?

Now Healing gives you quick, easy techniques to transform the Energy & Resonance of your patterns, problems and pains, at light-speed – without spending years in training.

It’s a simple process that can create real changes in any area of life.

It’s an energy field (or more accurately, a morphic field) of healing and Wholeness that’s always available to you, anytime and anywhere. It allows you to make changes on the energy and resonance components of existence, rather than on the matter component or mind component.

It’s an Integral Energetics system. It integrates many powerful modalities, including applied Morphic Resonance, The Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics, Orin DaBen, Bach Flower Remedies, Energetic Feng Shui, and more.
To read more about the origins of Now Healing, click here.

AND… most importantly, Now Healing adds self-healing into the balance. You can easily “do” it yourself. If you activate your innate healing and self-healing abilities, instead of only seeking help from outside experts, you’ll get better results.

What Now Healing is NOT

It’s Not a Cure, a Fix, a Rescue. If you’re desperate to have someone else heal you, cure you, save you, or treat your problem in the traditional way, I invite you to evolve your paradigm to something that will get you better results. Health doesn’t come from other people. Neither the most prominent surgeon nor the most woo-woo shaman can actually bestow health. Your health and well-being comes from your inner management of energy, matter, resonance, etc.

It’s Not Positive Thinking. Positive thinking is often over-compensation for negative thinking. It can weaken our fields, without our conscious awareness. In Now Healing, we Align with Centered, neutral, non-attached thinking when it’s appropriate to think, and with “no thinking” when that’s appropriate. Thoughts, emotions, perceptions of pain or pleasure come into our bio-field, and then flow out again, like breath, food, night and day. It’s not the negative thoughts, emotions or sensations themselves that cause problems, it’s over-attachment and holding on to them. Holding on to anything – breath, food, even positive thoughts – causes festering and toxicity. Life is flow!

It’s Not a Belief System. This is beyond belief! The fewer beliefs you have, the more easily things will shift. After all, believing something doesn’t make it true, nor does disbelief make it false.

It’s Not a Spiritual System. You can keep the one you have, or upgrade to your next step…. I don’t want to convert you to anything. Atheists, skeptics, scientific-method believers, and religious believers are all welcome in the Now Healing Space. Let go of your assumptions about spirituality, whether negative or positive. Now Healing works with or without spirituality. It’s a morphic/energetic system, not a spiritual one.

I’m not a guru. I am not equipped to handle followers, except on Twitter. Now Healing is not better than other systems. It’s just one of many ways to work with the energetic component of life. If it’s useful and effective for you, I’m pleased, ­ in a neutral and non-attached way! Other systems and morphic fields can be just as effective. Use what resonates with your Highest Self, and leave the rest. When you are under the direction of Highest Self, you are your own best guru.

It’s Not a Lifestyle Change. Now Healing doesn’t ask you to go on a strict diet or exercise program, meditation regimen, pilgrimage or quest. Now Healing is all about doing it the easy way ­- by shifting the energy of the situation rather than trying to shift the situation itself. Your lifestyle may change, but it will be an effect rather than a cause.

It’s Beyond Traditional Energy Healing. It’s not about “running energy,” or transmitting energy through your body or hands. That kind of energy healing is great. But Now Healing is not limited to moving energy. It works with all aspects of reality: energy, matter, mind, information, time, space, morphic resonance, etc. (And of course, health, relationships, money, spirituality, life purpose, etc!)

What Problems can Now Healing work on?

You may ask: “Can it work for my (insert your issue here)?” The answer is always “YES.” It works for any symptom, discomfort, problem, issue or goal – whether it’s something that’s bothering you, or something you want to improve or achieve. Any situation has an energy field, and can be shifted on the energetic or morphic levels.

I personally use Now Healing for zillions of reasons ­ for any and all life issues and health issues. Here are some examples: to ease knee stiffness, to transform fatigue into normal energy, to quickly get over grumpiness, to “manifest” a new car, to keep my toilet from clogging, to help me focus and channel my highest self when writing, to improve my relationship with my kids, and to help myself and my family avoid catching that cold that we all felt coming on. And most important, I use it to Align with joy and Highest Self.

Besides clearing aches, pains, and your specific life issues, here are just a few examples of some other benefits you might get from Now Healing:

  • Transcend your problems rather than solve them.
  • Feel more centered, balanced and non-attached to problems, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Transcend traditional solutions to your problem. We will not give you the following solutions or advice: “Take these pills” or “It’s all in your head, so take an anti-depressant” or “Just pull yourself together and lose some weight, get a job, clean up your mess, stop whining” or “You created this pain or lack by attracting it” or “You chose this life-lesson, so learn from it.”
  • Support your energy field while you’re doing medical or alternative treatments on the physical or mental level.
  • Learn how to work with energy yourself.
  • Integrate Now Healing into your existing healing techniques.
  • Align with life purpose, wholeness and Highest Self.

Are You Ready for Now Healing?

How do you know whether you’re a good candidate, either to “do” Now Healing yourself, or have a private session? If your answer to the questions below is “Yes” or “Maybe” then it’s likely that you are a good fit. And even “No” responders and hardened skeptics will often experience dramatic shifts! It’s just more fun, and less work, if you answer “Yes.”

Are you ready to upgrade your patterns and habits? I’m not talking about will-power, determination, resolve and discipline. I am talking about letting go, getting neutral and non-attached, and allowing yourself to interact differently with the universe ­ from a vantage point of wholeness and alignment with Highest Self. Are you ready to upgrade those old patterns?

Are you willing to change? Shifting your head to the side by a few centimeters, or taking a small step in any direction -­ these tiny changes will alter what you perceive. You may see and hear things that were not apparent before. Similarly, shifting your thoughts, assumptions, expectations and energy field, will also reveal new realities. Now Healing shifts you into a space of easy neutrality, allowing you to access infinite possibility. Are you willing to experience a change in your point-of-view?

Are you able to allow new possibilities and let go of attachment to outcome? If you expect certain results, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. All expectations are limitations, on some level. If you need your healing or your goals to take a specific form; if you need to know with certainty what effects are guaranteed; if you insist on a timeframe (How long will it take to heal? How long do I have to live? When will my money manifest?); if you have a limited checklist of acceptable outcomes -­ you may want to rethink and release -­ or seek help elsewhere. Are you able to let go, to allow more open-ended wholeness into your life? Are you ready, willing and able to evolve to your Highest Self, even if you’re not sure what that entails?

Who can benefit from Now Healing?

Anyone! Even if you don’t know or understand how, your energy field can shift to create improvement in your life. Babies, animals and skeptics all can get results, regardless of their belief or disbelief.

Who can DO Now Healing?

The ability to shift energy doesn’t take special talent ­ it’s a normal human ability that’s been ignored for too long. If I can do it, then anyone can! Kids as young as six years old have easily learned to do it effectively. I’ve taught doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, hypnotherapists, psychologists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, teachers, accountants, lawyers, hairdressers, musicians, actors, cooks, athletes, computer programmers, college students, retirees, and many others, to use Now Healing. Healers can integrate it into their existing practice.

Non-humans can also benefit. ­It’s useful for shifting energy fields of animals, plants, ancestors, bodies of water and other ecosystems. I’ve personally used it with amazing success on fixing many (but not all) plumbing problems. I have not had much success with fixing cars or computers… although others report good results in those areas!


Now! It just takes a moment to get into the Now Healing Space. Energy shifts instantly –­ at the speed of light. To experience this right now, check out the many free resources on this website.


Anywhere! Now Healing exists in non-local space-time. Distance is no object. Most of our sessions are done via remote healing. This saves you time and energy! It allows for more freedom­ – you can connect at home, by teleseminar or phone session or in the Free Alignments (videos, audios and written Alignments). You can do Now Healing for someone on the other side of the world.

Now Healing works on shifting the energy and information patterns of problems, rather than on the problems themselves. But we don’t “run energy” like in other energy healing systems. Unlike some forms of energy healing, Now Healing is not primarily about being a conduit for the energy, moving it, directing it, or “sending” energy.

We’re less like a wire with energy flowing through it and more like the information processor that taps in to universal information. This takes much less energy and work! We simply connect circuits, like an instant internet connection to the universal mind. It’s more like information healing rather than energy healing – the digital version of old-school analog healing. Not necessarily better, but faster and easier…. and a lot less wear-and-tear on the equipment.

Does it always work?

With Now Healing, the energy always shifts. Whether that’s enough to produce a recognizable change is an open question. Many people tell me they get really good results – you can read some of their testimonials all over this website. I’m guesstimating that at least 40% of clients report dramatic improvements within minutes. About 50% get some kind of noticeable improvement. A few people – less than 10% – ­ say that they don’t notice any change at all, even though their energy field tests different, with energetic testing.

The change that you’ll experience is non-linear. It’s not a direct, clear cause and effect, and it’s certainly not predictable or logical. For instance, here’s an example of an average session. A client might tell me she has a runny nose and pollen allergies at this time of year. I might work on her jaw and sacrum position, and ancestral drowning experiences. In a few days she emails me to report that her “allergies” are only 50% better, but her relationship with her husband has suddenly improved, and it’s the best it’s been in 10 years, and she went swimming in the ocean without fear of water, for the first time ever.

What does “Now Healing” mean?

I’m not trying to imply or promise that you will completely heal from your ailment or problem instantly – although that is certainly possible, and has happened to many people. And I’m definitely not implying that healing is something I will “do” to you. Alleviating pain, illness and specific problems is a side-effect of doing this work.

Some people might object to the word healing, because it implies its own opposite. They say that humanity is evolving beyond the duality of health and illness. I agree… I’m just using a bigger, stronger, wholer definition of the word healing, going back to its linguistic root, the word “whole.”

The phrase “Now Healing” is meant to remind you that your body-mind-spirit-life is always in the process of healing, self-repair, regeneration and evolution. You automatically heal yourself, ­ constantly -­ and you are doing so right at this very moment. Even if some parts of you are “unhealthy,” usually self-healing outweighs degeneration in any organism, at least until close to death! So let’s amplify and support that constant, automatic self-healing that we biological organisms do so well.

But in addition, Now Healing is a state, and a process of holographic wholeness – a constant process of realizing Wholeness, and simultaneously, wholeness itself. Now Healing is a morphic field of always becoming Whole.

You Are Now Healing!