Clear Mind – The Complete Collection

ClearMind1CompleteInstant Energy Healing – for Brain Fog, Clarity, Focus, Memory, Trauma & More…

These Guided Healing Audios Target your… … to Enhance your…
  • Mental Chatter
  • Brain Fog and “Grain Brain”
  • Distractions and Procrastination
  • Traumatic (or Recurring) Memories
  • Mental Loops
  • Attention and Focus
  • Productivity
  • Memory
  • Mental Flow and Clear Thinking
  • Peaceful Mind

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Today, I could just not get moving, my brain felt clouded, and I felt like I had the flu. I played Brain Fog Clearing, and to my surprise, my mind cleared right up, and I had energy again. I feel much better now.”
– Jennifer C

Shift your Energy – Instantly

Each audio targets your specific healing needs.

Your Mind is the Command Center for your Whole Life. It steers all your actions, reactions… and inactions. From your patterns to your purpose, pleasures, people, places, profits… your mind actively creates how you perceive – and live – life.

Clear Mind = Clear Purpose and Clear Life! Your state of Mind is the foundation for how you experience all of life – on all levels. It’s fundamental for your fitness, feelings, family, finances, and freedom.

– A foggy, easily-distracted mind creates a tangled knot of constriction and blockage in your life.
– A focused, clear mind, on the other hand, creates your ideal future… with open, flowing connection to your highest self.

“Free your Mind, and your Ass will Follow,” sang the wise folk of Funkadelic – and it’s true! Not just your ass, but the rest of your body, and your life, will follow the freedom path opened by your clear mind. But…

Just How do you Free your Mind from its Entanglements? You cannot do it very effectively by “Thinking” your way to clarity – or by NOT thinking! What actually works best (and I know this from personal experience) is… to simply do a few energetic Alignments. And it just so happens that I’ve put those Alignments into into this audio collection, so that you can benefit too.

Why Did I Create These Audios? Because I Needed Them Myself!
These audios contain the very same techniques that I use for my own mental clarity maintenance. I’ve assembled the best of my clear mind tools here – the ones I have used, with excellent results, for myself and my clients over the years.

Clear Mind – The Complete Collection (5 Audios)

There are five audios – scroll down for a description of each one.
They can be purchased as a collection (best value) or as single audios.

These audios target your specific healing needs. They will shift your energy, instantly.

How to use these audios: You can choose to listen to just one single audio – or use all five – in any order.
Listen repeatedly, and experience new shifts each time.

ClearMind2MentFocMental Focus & Clearing Distractions  (22 minutes)

You will activate your ideal mental focus, instantly, as you listen to this Instant Energy Healing audio.

Are you distracted by the internet? Internal discomfort? Interruptions from your interns? Interesting ideas and inspirations… that have nothing to do with what you need to focus on?

If you find it hard to focus on the task at hand, use this audio to energetically clear away distractions, disruption, and distortions in your mental field.

ClearMind3BrainFogBrain Fog Clearing  (18 minutes)

Regardless of the physical source of your brain fog – whether it’s “grain brain,” candida, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease, hormones, menopause… this audio will give your mental field a powerful cleaning and clearing.

As you listen, you will get energetic Alignments for your brain and mind, so that you can be whole and strong in the presence of any external and internal brain fog triggers.

ClearMind4ChatterMental Chatter Clearing  (16 minutes)

What aspect of “mental chatter” do you want to improve? Negative self-talk? Mental loops of anxiety and repetitive thoughts that go around and around in your head? Mental arguments with pundits or politicians that you disagree with? Or just simple meaningless chatter that won’t stop?

In this audio, you’ll get an instant clearing for your specific type of mental chatter. You’ll Align with quiet mind and mental peace, so that your mind can be active when appropriate, and calm at all other times.

ClearMind5MemoryMemory Loss and Improving Memory  (15 minutes)

In what way would you like to improve your memory? Whether it’s recalling facts and figures for school, or age-related memory issues like menopause or Alzheimer’s, or just simple brain farts like forgetting names…

You will get an instant energetic upgrade for your specific intention.

ClearMind6TraumaTraumatic Memory Clearing  (12 minutes)

From PTSD to milder recurring memories or past events that replay in your mind’s eye (or make you wince and shudder). Ancestral traumas that still reverberate in your life  – even though they did not happen to you directly (like having holocaust-survivor parents, or ancestors who were slaves, etc.).

Are you ready to shift your specific situation? You will be healing not just yourself, but all of humanity, as you dampen the morphic resonance of personal, tribal and global traumas.

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“A very profound clearing… feel so much peace and relaxation in my mind now. I enjoyed doing all five audios and it is so exiting, because the clearing expanded and expanded into the Universe. Thank you for taking us by your hands and for showing us how to become the highest version of ourselves. You are such a wonderful gift! Thank you Elma from all my heart.”
– Silvia Mayrhuber, Rome

“This is my favourite product so far, as it clarifies the basics in working with the Now Healing Space and Morphic field. The awareness of my Infinite Self deepens with every listen, especially as the mind clears, and focus sharpens. “Mental Chatter Clearing” was fantastic and the stillness of the mind was a beautiful place to be. “Traumatic Memory Clearing” was especially important to me, as it shifted some long standing memories of grief from 40 years ago, and my sense is that these shifts will continue to evolve over time.”
– With Gratitude, John D., Australia

“I have difficulties in focusing, my mind chatter is very loud and a severe brain fog is a common guest. After listening just once I felt a change. Space, clarity and lightness of mind had replaced the heavy cloud of confusion and mind chatter. Love it!”
– J.H., Finland

“As a Hypnotherapist and Heilpraktikker, i always look for new and effective tools that i can use on my self, my family and my clients. I tried the “Clear Mind” audios and i must say, i´m impressed. I came easily in a meditative state and felt the shifts in my body and mind. After listening to the brain fog session, i felt much more relaxed and clear minded. Well done Elma”
– George Laudikos, Odense/ Denmark

“Elma’s audios are excellent at improving mental clarity. I especially found the audio, “Memory Loss/Improving Memory” helpful. As I grow older I have a deep fear of developing dementia, as my grandmother died of dementia. Before I listened, I could frequently feel the fear of getting dementia as a rock in the pit of my stomach. After listening, I felt lighter, calmer and far less anxious about my memory as I age. Elma shared an energy tip about how to access the information that one is trying to remember. This is a helpful tip that I plan to use in my daily life as well.”
– Debra D., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“I was amazed with how effective and quickly the audios worked, feeling myself move from a 9 to a zero on a 0-10 scale! These audios are such a relief and blessing, in particular the one on clearing past trauma as my body and mind has been experiencing this for awhile and would re-activate, literally stopping me in my tracks. Now I feel much more grounded and cleared of it. All the audios are great and I love having them in my toolbox and at my fingertips.”
– Marcie T. Vermont, USA

“Wow! After working with the Clear Mind recordings, I was able to work single-mindedly on tasks I would previously have been putting off, and putting off. The end result was I accomplished more in a day than I would have been able to before. I am delighted and eager to work with this process more (and often) in the future!”
– Anne E. Smith, MA, CEC, EMP, Energy Medicine and Empowerment Coaching, Norway, Maine

“After having listened to all 5 audios once, I do feel much clearer in my head and don’t get tired as fast and as much as I usually do after I have received treatments and done treatments on clients. I feel less tired and drained during the days altogether. Elma, I haven’t had any real experiences yet on how my other symptoms have changed, but I feel stronger in a sense and more accurate in my thoughts and recollection to some degree, a lot of “the fog has lifted”.
– Å.B. Sweden

“I am consistently impressed with the depth of change that Elma takes us to with her teachings. Before working with “Clear Mind,” I was too easily distracted from tasks at hand by an overly busy mind. I am now more clearly focused, and it feels good.”
– Intuitive Core Energetic ~ EFT Malibu Healing Center


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ClearMind1CompleteClear Mind – The Complete Collection
(5 Audios)

  • Mental Focus & Clearing Distractions  (22 minutes)

  • Brain Fog Clearing  (18 minutes)

  • Mental Chatter Clearing  (16 minutes)

  • Memory Loss and Improving Memory  (15 minutes)

  • Traumatic Memory Clearing   (12 minutes)

Total Running Time: 83 minutes

Price: $197
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satisfaction-guaranteedIf you are not pleased with this product for any reason, you are entitled to our 30-day money-back guarantee. For Return Instructions, email us at so that your account can be credited promptly. Remember that the “best results” happen when you are non-attached and neutral to getting results! But if you are not satisfied with this product in any way, we will happily give you a refund. Downloads/Digital-only products qualify for a full refund. Physical products qualify for a refund minus a 20% shipping/restocking fee.  Please understand that we must limit refunds for purchases to one per customer.  The free information on the website will always be available for you to try out basic Alignments before you purchase a product.
[Note: Planning to request a refund in order to avoid paying will generate bad karma and nullify any healing, so what’s the point?]



  1. Elma Mayer on February 26, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    @Denice, have you checked out the dozens of Free Healing Alignments that I offer?

    Asking “Why does everything that can help heal a person have to always cost so much?” and assuming that to be universally true… that actually blocks your ability to receive the healing you want. The questions that you ask will limit the answers that you get — because you are seeing only what you expect to see — and you are failing to see the obvious blessings that the universe has already provided for you (like the dozens of powerful, free healings on this website).

    Your expectations of unfairness and lack are hurting you. Please avail yourself of the many Free Alignments on this website, and use them to heal yourself of the limitation of expecting limitation!

  2. Denice on February 26, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Why does everything that can help heal a person have to always cost so much? May be a small amount to some but to most it is a big amount of cash that would cut into their bills and daily living. What has become of the help me help you to help us all…..light and love….give and you will receive…..what goes round comes round… get what you give and a 1000 or more other truths? Help man and womankind to better this world by helping each and every one of us that wants to enlighten them selves and others but that do not have this kind of money won’t you PLEASE??!!!!?

  3. Marrienne de Blois on November 24, 2016 at 12:58 am

    Another Gem in my collection. I have had so much success in clearing traumatic memories and can see how the “ripple on” effect is having on my family as they too have been benefiting from this as I reconnect and align to wholeness…… There is so much in this collection that it is hard to choose the best……they all are!!..Thank you so much !!

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