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What: You’ll actually do an instant healing… on the energy of your home. It’s instant Feng Shui! And that can have huge benefits – in all areas of your life! No experience necessary.

You will learn easy – and effective – Energetic Alignments – that create real change… in your body, mind, spirit, and environment!

When: Monday March 18, 2013

Where: Your Telephone, Computer or Skype

There’s No Need to Lift a Finger, when you do Energetic Alignments! Well, maybe just two or three fingers (if you do finger muscle testing) – but no more than that!

Revolutionize the way you do housework – or any kind of work! Work with energy first, rather than with effort. Before you do physical or mental work, take a few minutes to shift energy – that will give you huge benefits.

Once you’ve “prepared” with energy, you’ll never want to go back to the old way.

Instead of using will-power, you’ll find that you are willing to do what it takes. And it will be much, much easier.

Energetic “prep” work is an amazing tool. It’s a major innovation, just like indoor plumbing was – or washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Why Do This?

Because blocked or distorted energy in your home is related to:

  • Stagnant finances
  • Stuck career
  • Squandered success
  • Sad relationships
  • Strange sleep
  • Swampy vitality
  • Stupour of mind
  • Sucky health

So… the Secret is… Shift Energy First!
I’ll show you how, in Monday’s Free Teleseminar.

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Energetic Detox