Hidden Imbalances in your Boundaries can wreak havoc on your body, brain, mind, money, success, love, relationships, & life.



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What will Happen in this Replay :

  • Free Healing for YOUR specific issue. Bring your single most important healing intention… and we will activate an Instant Healing for you.
  • Discover the #1 mistake that people make when they try to bolster their boundaries. (Hint: it’s “Protection”. Don’t do it!)
  • Learn how to stop “Blocking your Blessings” for what you most want: Health, wealth, well-being, love, joy, etc.
  • A Preview & Free Sample of next Saturday’s LIVE Guided Healing Call: Stop Blocking your Blessings – Balance your Boundaries!” 

What is your Healing Intention?

What is your single biggest, most urgent, or most important healing intention? Just choose ONE thing!

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May 5 – LIVE Call: Stop Blocking your Blessings: Balance your Boundaries! 

What are you saying “NO” to, unbeknownst to you? Health? Wealth? Wisdom? Love? Enjoyment?

Let’s balance your boundaries! Say YES to blessings… and stop seeking the stuff you don’t want.

In this live call (and replay too!) we will scan and balance:

– Your mind field and biofield, for hidden “Resonance with Resistance” or “taking on”
– Your physical body, for hidden “resistance resonances” & entanglements.
– Your relationships, money, success, and other morphic fields…

… So that you can receive the flow of blessings that is Aligned for you!

June 2: Are you Locked in Loops & Limitations? Heal hidden patterns that keep you stuck in ruts. Break free – for whatever YOU want most – for your body, mind, spirit, personality, love, money, energy, time & space!

July 1: Chakra & Energy Meridians Balancing – healing for body, mind, spirit, love, money, time & space. Plus… YOUR issue!

Aug. 4: Tree of Life Balancing for health, wealth, wisdom, energy vitality & home. NEW! Totally unique integration of Sephirot & Feng Shui energies.

Sept. 1: Five-Element Balancing for your Bagua, Brain, Back, Bones, Bowels, Beauty, Bliss, Best Friends, and Billions of Bucks! Bring your healing intention, as usual.

October thru March – Discover the Now Healing “Top Ten Tools” to:
Oct. 6: Heal your Health & Body
Nov. 3: Heal your Wealth & Money
Dec. 2: Heal your Love & Relationships
Jan. 5 2019: Heal your Energy & Biofield
Feb. 2 2019: Heal your Life Purpose & Taking Action
March 2 2019: Heal your Emotions, Mood, Thoughts, Traumatic Memories

WHEN: May 5, and Every First Saturday of each month – 9am Los Angeles, noon New York, 11am Mexico City, 
1pm São Paulo, 5pm London, 6pm Berlin & 
Johannesburg, 7pm Bucharest, 9:30pm Mumbai,
 midnight Perth & Singapore. Sunday: 1am Tokyo, 2am Sydney. NOTE: Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times. Replays are available.

“Once again, Elma’s breadth of understanding of the energetic world blows me away! 
If you haven’t been hanging out with Elma on her monthly calls soaking up the genius & the amazing shifts you’re missing out. She’s a real master and a lovely human being to boot!
– Rudy Hunter, Healer, NY


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“Wow! I feel reborn! You made me aware of areas of my body and life that I was previously ignoring. It caused a huge shift for me. I knew that (the issue I have been obsessively focussed on for years!) would never be the same again.

I have been into healing of all kinds for the past 14 years and have never experienced anything as graceful, simple, powerful and easy as this. Thank You Elma for your integrity, I’ve come across lots of slippery types in this area in the past so I really appreciate your honesty.”
– Kate, Australia