Tools for Transformation Teleseminars – Free Sample

Here’s a free sample of the powerful upgrades you’ll get in the
Tools for Transformation Teleseminars Audio Library! (For NH101 Course Participants)

Topic: Knowing

What’s on this recording:
– Reconnection to the NH Space
– “Lecture” – It doesn’t matter whether you “Know” or “Don’t Know”
– Don’t listen to your local mind!
– Energetic Alignments for Knowing
– Your healing intentions / Healing Circle
– Closing: Your Healing Upgrade
Your energy will shift as you listen to the replay.

Please Note – the Name has Changed!
On the recording below, I call it the “Now Healing Practice Group.” But the name has changed to
Tools for Transformation Teleseminars – Audio Library!

“What made me sign up for [Tools for Transformation] was the free one you gave us on ‘Knowing.’
I listened three times and had a major healing each time; one of them healed my lifelong problem of having a “reversed” sleep schedule where my body insisted on staying up all night and sleeping all day. That got fixed in the healing circle in less than 5 minutes, after decades of being tortured by it and unable to find out what was causing it. Now Healing has changed my life in big ways.”
mps, Portland, Maine

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