PLUG IN TO POWER – 90-minute Healing Session

Plug in to Power Pic - Now Healing with Elma MayerComing Back Soon

Check back in 2021!

What if you could simply Plug In to Power (universal source energy) to…

Heal…  Feel Great…  Be Abundant in Love & Money

What IF…?” Well, that’s a silly question! Of COURSE you can!


Try it Now: Watch this 7-minute Free Sample

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If you enjoyed the free sample, listen to this…

90-minute Healing.

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This 90-minute healing session is custom-tailored for your needs. 

plug in to your power - Now Healing with Elma MayerEven though this is a group-healing call (to keep it very affordable)…

You will receive exactly what YOU most need.

YOUR specific connection to “universal source energy”… to truly ALLOW what would be most healing for you.

So… Bring YOUR specific healing intention.

You will learn how to “Plug it In to Power”… quickly and easily.

You’ll come away with a NEW instant-healing “Plug In” Power-Tool that you can use again & again… anytime & anywhere!

And in addition to your specific healing request, we will also power up… Everything Else!

What’s in this Healing:

We will “Power Up” every PART of your life – and the WHOLE!

  • Body Scan & Healing – to unblock your automatic self-healing ability
  • Energy & Vitality – Align your cells, biofield, meridians, Qi, & life force with universal source energy
  • Emotional Flow & Inspiration
  • Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Habits, Patterns & Behaviors
  • Love Power – for your Highest Expression of Relationships (Friends, Family, Lover, Colleagues, Clients, & Ancestors)
  • Money Power – for your flow of abundance
  • Personal Power & Purpose– for self-confidence, trust, creativity, productivity, joy… And opening to your true self and embodied essence
  • Your WHOLE life’s flow through time and space
  • And… of course, YOUR specific healing intention!

WHY would you need this healing?

Because every part of your life – and the WHOLE of your life – is powered by universal source energy. But… you need to keep your connection clean and clear. And remove the gunk & unwanted resonances that naturally accumulate, over time.

Maybe your “plug” has gotten knocked out of its socket! Maybe your “flow” has gotten blocked. Even though…

Maybe it’s pretty easy for you to plug in to your power… sometimes.

But… maybe you can’t always access it when you need to!

Or… maybe you feel the fear, struggle & pain of “Disconnection” – daily.

You KNOW that it’s possible to tap into that cosmic healing power… but you could use some support, right?

Either way… use this incredibly fast & easy “Plug In” Process! So that…

Now Healing with Elma Mayer

– Whether you feel powerful… sometimes… but not always…

– Or whether you feel doubtful, fearful, or distant from source power…

You can ALWAYS Plug In to your Power – to…

∞ Feel good in your body & mind.

∞ Make Aligned decisions – about your health, life, career, money & love.

∞ Follow through on your decisions, with right action in right timing.

∞ Flow with your Aligned personal power – with no doubt, fear, or frustration.

Or… if you occasionally happen to fall back into fear, doubt, or anger…

… You can easily plug back in to your Power Source – fast!

WHY do things the hard way?

Stop struggling to “Do It Yourself”…

Your small, isolated, local personality-self is working way too hard. Allow the power of the universe to support you!

Stop operating from your hidden “power wounds”…

Get rid of ancient ancestral and psychic-resonance patterns that don’t allow you to flower and flourish and flow!

***And most importantly… Stop thinking you’re doing something wrong!

“Feeling like you’re doing something wrong” will lock you out of your flow. Learn how to stop – instantly!

Instead, “Allow the Power” of your Infinite Self!

How? It’s easy. In this 90-minute call, I’ll show you how to instantly Plug In to Power.
You’ll come away knowing how to tap in and use this readily-available Universal Source Energy… to put your life into the Flow of Alignment! Congruency! Constructive Resonance!

If you’ve been struggling, stuck, or stagnant…

Then join me on June 23, and let’s get you Plugged In to Power.

It’s easy, with my NEW “Plug In” Process!

 Join Now! 

WHAT: Plug In to Power [90-Min. Healing Session]

REPLAY: Recording available for a limited time only.

This Replay contains all the healing energies of the live event – so you’ll get all the energetic goodies, plus even more “morphic momentum” from the post-event synergy.

* BONUS 1: Plug-In Process – Power Up in 1 Minute [PDF]

An incredible new, easy 1-minute process that you can use every day… to Power Up your Healing & Life

* BONUS 2: A Personal Power-Healing from Elma – First 100 people ONLY!

If you are one of the first 100 people to join, you will get an additional personally-focused power-healing from Elma, for your specific healing request.  

PRICE: $147.00




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Plug in to Power Pic - Now Healing with Elma Mayer



This is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have a medical condition, consult a licensed medical professional. This live call and its replay can be used as a complement to other treatments and therapies, but does not replace any professional, licensed practitioner’s advice or care. This is not medical at all. “Healing” in the context of this product does not refer to medical cure, it means “Making Whole”. Results are not guaranteed. By participating, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof.
What Results to “Expect”: Your energy WILL shift as you participate… but the results and “outcome” will be non-linear and won’t necessarily make logical sense. You may well get the results you “want” – many people report that they do! But if you’re the kind of person who will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy this product, and seek help elsewhere. For best results, be non-attached to specific results! (You’ll learn how to get non-attached, as you participate). It’s a paradox, but in this kind of work, the more you let go of “needing” an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need. You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you’re “trying” for. So be prepared to let go of needing a specific outcome. That said…
satisfaction-guaranteedRefund Policy: If you are not pleased with this program for any reason, you are entitled to our 30-day money-back guarantee. Email us at for instructions. Remember that the “best results” happen when you are non-attached and neutral to getting results! But if you are not satisfied with this product in any way, we will happily give you a refund.
Refunds for purchases are limited to one product per customer lifetime, across all products. The free information on the website will always be available for you so you can try out basic Alignments to see if Now Healing is effective for you, before you purchase a product.
[Note: Planning to request a refund in order to avoid paying will generate bad karma and nullify any healing, so what’s the point?]