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Upgrade Your Life – Healing-via-Teleseminar

What: Upgrade your Life to your latest version.
No analysis, no re-living the past, no pin-pointing of the problem,
no searching for the root cause.
Simply download your new operating system!

  • Bring a goal and be prepared to align with it, instantly.
  • Learn how you can upgrade any part of your life this way.
  • Align with the highest expression of your life.

When: Sunday January 2, from 9-10am Pacific Time

Where: Your telephone

How Much: $27 regular price, or $0 for Inner Circle Members

(Inner Circle members – look for a separate email with
registration instructions.)

You have two choices for how to enroll:

A. Learn more about this Sunday’s teleseminar,
as a one-time-only event for $27: click here.

B. Save money and get these powerful
healing-via-teleseminars included in your Inner Circle membership

Amazing Results are Routine

Did you know that these healing teleseminars bring amazing
and consistent results to most people?

  • Over 99% of participants report improvement, during the call.
  • About 75% report a significant improvement.

These results happen consistently… every single month.

Do you want results like this? Join Us!
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