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Does your whole life need to change, right NOW?Transform Your Whole Life with Elma Mayer / Now Healing

If your answer is Yes, then the time to dither… and research… and delay… is long gone.
It’s finally time to Align with the highest expression of your life.

You’ve already spent tons of time, energy, and money… on healing your specific issues.

You’ve worked hard to heal. To pinpoint so-called “root causes.” To analyze and pick your life apart, “drilling down” to find the source of the problem. You’ve even successfully healed lots of things – you know this works! But still… you know that could be living a much happier, healthier, more ideal life. Are you ready to change in a deep new way?

If Yes… it’s time for an extreme new approach: top-down big-picture Wholeness.

There’s more to healing than “drilling down” to heal the details of your life. Sometimes that works, but it’s not the best way. Getting bogged down in healing specific details in not the answer – despite our collective obsession with specialization.

In this program, we will both “drill down” and “zoom out” to the big picture.

Don’t just focus on one or two areas of your life – that’s not enough anymore!

Instead… do it a new way that’s radical – and integral: Upgrade your WHOLE life.  That’s what you need, for truly effective healing. Because every area of your life affects every other area.

Create Total Transformation – for ALL Areas of Your Life. In Just 28 Days.



“I’ve released 40 lbs effortlessly – just stopped eating sugar & flour and haven’t looked back.

Improved energy, well being.  Much clearer thinking.

Continued improvement in flexibility of hips, physical & spiritual vision – seeing the perfection in everything.”



Get your life together! Finally, bypass your major life blockages in:

  • health and wellness
  • family and other relationships
  • career and work
  • finances and money
  • daily habits and life patterns
  • spirituality and higher purpose
  • and even your future… as you move forward into your highest expression.



Is this “VIP” Program Right for You?

This is perfect for you if…

    • You want personal “VIP” attention from Elma
    • You want sustained support over 4 weeks of intense transformation.
    • You enjoy “mastermind” group synergy…
      and co-creating with other like-minded (and like-hearted and like-spirited) beautiful people.
    • You are ready to dive deep into healing ALL PARTS of your life…
      yet you see the advantage of healing the WHOLE.
    • You have several – or many – issues that you would like to heal and improve.
    • Or… you only have one big issue…
      but you’ve tried everything and it still has not shifted. (But… even if you want to laser-focus on one single issue, you still need to transform your whole life!)
    • You are ready to commit your time and and energy to invest in your Transformation!

Note: If purchasing this program would give you more than a little “financial discomfort”, please consider wisely! There are many other Now Healing programs that will be hugely helpful to you, at a much lower price. Only do this if you truly sense that this can help you substantially, and you feel fairly comfortable investing in yourself!


This was truly a 28 day transformation.  My body, mind and spirit have been freed from the past, worry for the future and operate more from center in the present.  Greater clarity, joy, health and a renewed relationship with self which is shifting my relationship to everything else:  time, space and relationships with others.   

The ease with which these shifts unfolded was quite unbelievable.  

This program had a powerful impact on me – Transformation is palpable & effortless.

Feel very shifted about belonging/family… centered and grounded… Wow- that’s huge!

Strides on procrastination – feeling in flow… ease… NOTICEABLY improved.

I have effortlessly decluttered several key areas in minutes since your activations. Very decisive, very effortless. 

The best part was learning how to perform the shifts ourselves. This knowledge is so liberating.”

– KS, Calgary AB, Canada



What Happens in Each Session?

Each Session is a Two-Hour Small-Group Healing Call. You’ll get deep, intensive individual healing time, as well as group Alignments.

Session Topics

  • Session 1: Your Thoughts and Mind Issues
  • Session 2: Your Body and Health Issues
  • Session 3: Your Emotions and Mood Issues
  • Session 4: Your Relationship Issues
  • Session 5: Your Wealth, Possessions and Manifestation Issues
  • Session 6: Your Home, Other Spaces, and Feng Shui Issues
  • Session 7: Your Energy Bodies, Biofield and Spiritual Issues
  • Session 8: Whole Life Transformation and Change – Create your Highest Future

Note: These are general themes that will bend to your needs. If you have different needs for that session, no worries, you can bring whatever you want – and we will work on that!

Homework and Morphic Mantras

You will get individualized assignments, for your specific situation.

This may include:

  • Specific Alignments or Morphic Mantras that Elma will “download” for you individually, which you will do daily.
  • Journal-writing (on a specific question that Elma will give you, or open-ended writing).
  • Reading, research, or other recommendations that are useful for your issues.




“A miracle. I felt the real ME emerging, alive, for the first time.”
– IK, NY


“Everyone else’s issues were magically custom made to heal me too. The group synergy was amazing in every single call.

Tons of miraculous improvements. With my husband, lots more cuddling & hugs. My bank balance added an extra zero with no extra effort, as clients just seemed to flow in out of nowhere.”
– E.L., CA [/one_third_last]

Transform your Whole Life…
28-Day Program

Price: $1997

Value: priceless! Transform your Whole Life! This is the ONLY way to get personal healing from Elma, plus “VIP” email support – for yourself and your family.

Payment plan available. Please apply below, then contact us for details.

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What You Get:

Eight Intensive Small-Group Healing Sessions

  • Each Session is a 2-hour Group Call with Elma (16 hours total)
    You get personal attention for your issues in each call. Each session will Align different life areas, to support your individual goals.

Four Email Support and Personal Remote Healing Sessions

  • “VIP Access” Email Sessions
    Ask Elma anything you want… healing requests, questions… and get “remote” healing Alignments – for yourself (and… for your family too – a huge value).

Plus… An Amazing, Exclusive Bonus…

  • A Private One-on-One Phone Session with Elma. This is the only way to get a private session with Elma.

Please Note: Elma only offers private sessions to members of this group.


1. Fill out the Application below. Space is limited in this small group. If you are a good fit, and if there is space available, you will be notified within 4 days, with instructions to reserve your seat.

2. Pre-requisites: You must have completed at least one of the programs below,
 well before the first session. If you want to participate but you have not yet completed the pre-requisite, please start working on it now… so that you can be finished before this program begins! Transform Your Whole Life  is an advanced, accelerated program for folks who have already had experience with the basics of Now Healing. Any one of these will fulfill the pre-requisite requirement:

  • Heal Your Situation (Full 8-Hour Version)
  • Now Healing 101 Home Study Course
  • Energetic Detox
  • The Seven Transformations
  • The Healing Helix
  • Enhance Your Senses
  • Guided Healing Teleseminars – you must have been an active participant for at least 8 months, or listened to at least 8 different teleseminars.

Please note: These programs are sold separately. Go to the Shop menu to purchase.

3. Please plan to attend all the calls live. If you miss a call due to an unforeseen circumstance, you can listen to the replay, but you will not receive specific Alignments for that session. Unlike my other live calls, for this program you may not participate only by listening to the replays, you must be there and participate live.

4. You must call in by phone or Skype, so that you can speak during the calls. Unlike other Now Healing teleseminars, you may not participate only by webcast/chat.

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