Welcome to the Affiliate Program

Sorry, this Affiliate Program no longer exists!


Welcome, Now Healing Affiliate!

I am honored that you have chosen to promote the benefits of Now Healing.
Thanks for amplifying the energy field of healing!

Please keep an eye out for an email with your Affiliate Link, detailing all the information you will need in order to promote Now Healing and earn commissions…

What you get as a Now Healing Affiliate:
  • A 20% commission on all sales sent through your Unique Affiliate Link. This even applies to monthly recurring memberships; you will receive a 20% commission for each month that your buyer is a paid member of our programs!
  • You will receive a commission payment at the end of the month when your account reaches a minimum payout balance of $30.
  • You have the option to be paid either via PayPal or by check (If you choose to be paid by check, make sure to enter your mailing address on the Sign-up form or in “My Profile”).
  • Or, for now (until further notice), you can decide to take your commission in the form of credit for Now Healing products, sessions or courses. NOTE: commission credit cannot be applied to your monthly recurring memberships. The minimum commission balance that can be applied as credit is $30. To claim your credit, please email me – I have to process this manually; there’s no way to claim your credit on the website Shop page. If you want credit for Sessions, please be aware that they are not always available. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: This feature (commissions in the form of credit) is subject to change without notice and may be discontinued if it gets to be too administratively unwieldy!
  • Please Note: if you purchase something from your own Affiliate Link, you won’t get a commission. The system will automatically send you an email saying that you have made a sale, but you won’t get paid for your own purchases.
Ways You Can Start Promoting Now Healing and Getting Paid Right Away!
  • Send out an email about Now Healing to your email list right away. Go to the Affiliate Resource Center (the link is in the email). Then, grab a sample email. You can use it exactly as is, or you can edit it to your taste. Then paste it into your email and send it to your friends, clients, and whoever else would benefit from Now Healing.
  • Grab some Twitter and Facebook updates from the resource center, and post them.
  • If you have a website, add your Unique Affiliate Link to your sidebar, or someplace prominent for ongoing, no-work promotion!

When I have special events, I’ll contact you, so you can promote them and get paid!

Contact me if you have some unique “Joint Venture” ideas, or if you want me to be a speaker and do some healing at your event, radio interview, etc…
I really appreciate your promoting Now Healing, and I’m looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship!
Love and Wholeness,