Your Guided Healing Membership has Moved!

As I mentioned in the email that I sent you on April 16 2020
(email subject: “3 New Things in your GHT”)…

Your Guided Healing Membership has moved to its new home!

Please log in to the new site, for an amazing new experience!

Step 1 – Log In to the New Site

Click Here to Log In:

Your username is the email address that you use to log in here.

Important! Your password on the new site is not the same as your password here.

  • Your new password is included in the email I sent you on April 16 (titled “3 New Things in your GHT”) .
  • If you do not have that original email,
    or your password does not work,
    simply click “Lost Password” at the new site, to reset it.

Step 2 – After you log in to the new site:

You’ll land on the Main Dashboard.

  • Scroll down to Your Programs, then Click on the Guided Healing Membership icon.
  • You’ll land on your GHM Dashboard – where you’ll find all your Guided Healing Membership content.
    (GHM = Guided Healing Membership!)

Step 3 – Watch the Video Tour on the GHM Dashboard...

… And explore!

When the next Live Call happens, make sure to go to your new GHM Dashboard!