Your Now Healing Programs Have Moved!

Your programs have a new home. And you’ll love the new format!

Step 1 – Log In to the New Site:
Experience Now Healing!

  • Your username is the email address you use to log in to the old Members’ Dashboard.
  • Your new password is NOT the same as your password on the old Members’ Dashboard.
    Your NEW password was sent to you in an email on July 20, 2020 (subject: Your Now Healing Programs have Moved.
  • If you cannot find that email, or your password does not work, simply click “Lost your Password” on the new site, to re-set it.

Step 2 – Access your Programs!

After you log in to the new site, you’ll land on the new Main Dashboard.

  • Scroll down to Your Programs to see your programs listed there.
  • Click on any of the program images to access them.

Step 3 – Watch the Video Tour... then explore!

Enjoy the new lighter, simpler, more elegant way to

Experience Now Healing!