Your Ultimate Power – Allow it to Flower

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You KNOW “Source Power” is there for you. So why do you still struggle?

Your Ultimate Power VIP Program - with Elma Mayer - Now Healing


Discover how to finally Allow “Universal Power” to:

  • Fuel your purpose & passion (& practical projects)

  • Fully support you, to fulfill your life’s promise.

  • Create your highest health, wealth, relationships, success, spirituality, productivity & future


Tired of being Inspired… but not Supported… in your Life’s Work?


  • Are you overwhelmed by the enormity of your purpose?
  • Is your “Calling” louder & more urgent than ever – yet feels impossible to accomplish, alone?
  • Do you stress & struggle to get it all done… with very little support?

You KNOW you can “make a huge difference” on this planet.
But there’s so much to do… And you’re just one person.



Would it be too darn much to ask, to get some

!∫*$@?!” help from the universe, already?

Well, you have already “Asked”. 

But you need to “Allow” the Answer… Now!
And here it is…


Let “Source Energy” Lift you to your Next Evolutionary Leap


WHAT: An Intensive 6-month Small-Group Mastermind (see schedule below)

WHY: Because it’s time to fulfill your promise, potential & purpose… Now.

WHO: You are serious about saying YES to your True Power… on all levels.

HOW TO APPLY: Scroll to the bottom & fill out the application by July 7


You cannot avoid your Calling any longer.

It’s Time to Take a Quantum Leap. In all areas.

So you can finally put your greatest gifts & talents to work.

Not with struggle and stress… but with ease and flow… 

To create what only you can create…
To make an enormous difference on this planet…
And of course, to heal ALL parts of your life in service to your highest potential. 

But How?

Well, you must learn to constantly and reliably…

Allow the Power… of Universal Source Energy. 

What will happen when you do this?


Well, of course, your will activate your highest power for all the usual “life areas” like:

  • health & wellness
  • family & other relationships
  • career & work
  • finances & money
  • daily habits & life patterns
  • spirituality
  • higher purpose
  • your future
  • And… Personal “coaching” & healing for your individual issue, in each session



But… we will go much deeper than that, in this…

6-month Intensive Mastermind “VIP” Program:

Your Ultimate Power


What’s in each Unique Module?

Each Module is a Small-Group Healing Call.

In each call, you get

  • Individual healing from Elma
  • Intensive Group Alignments
  • Group Synergy – Hugely powerful & beautiful
  • New proprietary tools – only for program participants[/two_third]
    [one_third_last]Transform Your Whole Life with Elma Mayer / Now Healing


Schedule & Topics

(No other modality does these.)

July 18 – Module 1
Discover your Power Number 
and learn how to shift it at will. (Plus Introductions & Program Kick-Off Info)

July 25 – Module 2
Allow your Power Quantity
(Fine-tune your Balance of Power, from “No Power” to “Infinite Power.” Learn why “No Power” is Infinitely Powerful, with Elma’s new “Spiral Power Spectrum” tool. Allow your Ideal Ebb & Flow of Power. Abundant Power at Will)

Aug. 1 – Module 3
Harness your Power Qualities,
 Your Specific Power Preferences, Resonances, Fields, Flavors, Colors, Spins & “Frequencies” (but they’re not really frequencies!) – to support your Unique Desires – and bring them “online”.  

Aug. 15 – Module 4
Heal your Power Wounds & Hidden History of Disempowerment. Use the wounds as fertilizer for flow & fuel to propel you forward.

Sept. 5 – Module 5
Speak your Power Words
& Morphic Mantras – to Activate “Morphic Magic.” This is a vital daily practice, to build your Morphic Momentum.

Sept. 19 – Module 6
Transmute your Power Elements
– the Power of Fire, Water, Earth, Air… the Alchemy of Instant Transformation using your Existing Resources, Innate Talents, Gifts & Hidden Blessings

Oct. 3 – Module 7
Perceive your Power’s Purpose
as it Evolves and Gathers even more Morphic Momentum. Let the Purpose Carry your Calling.

Oct. 17 – Module 8
Embody your Super-Powers
 into your Matter & Movement. Physical Power Flow that translates into Right Action,Behavior, Integrity, Productivity & Creativity

Nov. 7 – Module 9
Know your Power
– Bring Universal Power into your Mind, for Higher Awareness, Clarity, Focus & Flow, Integration of Aligned Mind & Body

Nov. 21 – Module 10
Upgrade your Archetypes, Power Patterns, Personal Power & Personality,
BE and Behave as your Powerful True Self. Choose & Change your Aligned Archetypes at Will.

Dec. 5 – Module 11
Ground your Practical Power
into Everyday Life, to Enjoy, Create, and BE Powered

Dec. 19 – Module 12
Integrate your Infinite Potential,
 for your Purpose & Promise. Amplify & Activate the Effortless Flow of your power in the world & Expand it into the Future – and into your next goal/ project that you want Source to “Power Up” and launch.

Note: These are general themes that will bend to your needs. If you have different needs for that session, no worries, you can bring whatever you want – and we will work on that!




(from a similar small-group-mastermind participant)

“Everyone else’s issues were magically custom made to heal me too. The group synergy was amazing in every single call.

Tons of miraculous improvements.

With my husband, lots more cuddling & hugs.

My bank balance added an extra zero with no extra effort, as clients just seemed to flow in out of nowhere.”

– E.L., CA [/one_third_last]

Is this “VIP” Program Right for You?

This is designed for you if…


> You want personal “VIP” attention from Elma.

> You are ready to step fully into your power – and take your next evolutionary leap. (Ok, maybe not quite fully ready – you may have some fear or hesitation! But no worries, that’s what this program is for – to make it easy and safe for you!)

> You want sustained support over 6 months of intense transformation.

> You enjoy “mastermind” group synergy… and co-creating with other like-minded (and like-hearted and like-spirited) beautiful people.

> You are ready to dive deep into healing ALL PARTS of your life…
yet you see the advantage of healing the WHOLE.

> You have several – or many – issues that you would like to heal and improve.

> You are ready to commit your time and and energy to invest in your Transformation!

Note: If purchasing this program would give you more than a little “financial discomfort”, please consider wisely! There are many other Now Healing programs that will be hugely helpful to you, at a much lower price. Only do this if you truly sense that this can help you substantially, and you feel fairly comfortable investing in yourself!


(from a similar small-group-mastermind participant)

This was truly a transformation.  My body, mind and spirit have been freed from the past, worry for the future. Greater clarity, joy, health and a renewed relationship with self … is shifting my relationship to everything else:  time, space and relationships with others.   

The ease with which these shifts unfolded was unbelievable.  

This program had a powerful impact – Transformation is palpable & effortless.

Feel very shifted about belonging/family… centered and grounded… Wow- that’s huge!

Strides on procrastination – feeling in flow… ease… NOTICEABLY improved.

I have effortlessly decluttered several key areas in minutes. Very decisive,  effortless. 

The best part was learning how to perform the shifts ourselves. This knowledge is so liberating.”

– KS, Calgary AB, Canada





Your Ultimate Power Program:

6-Month Intensive Small-Group “VIP” Program

Starts July 18 2018. Check back soon for future dates

Dates: Wednesdays July 18 & 25,  and then every first and third Wednesday from August through December (August 1 & 15, September 5 & 19, October 3 & 17, November 7 & 21, December 5 & 19)

Time: 10am Los Angeles, noon Mexico City & Chicago, 1pm New York, 6pm London, 7pm Berlin, 10:30pm Mumbai. [Non-U.S. times will change depending when local daylight/summer times end.] Calls are usually 90 minutes, but may run to 2 hours.


What You Get:

Twelve Modules (Intensive Small-Group Healing Sessions)

  • Each Module is a 90-minute to 2-hour Group Call with Elma, twice per month for 6 months. You’ll get personal attention for your issues – in each call. Each Module will activate different aspects of your power, and different life areas, to support your individual goals. See above for Module Schedule & Topics.

Twelve Email Support / Personal Remote-Healing Sessions

  • “VIP Access” Email Sessions
    Ask Elma anything you want… healing requests, questions… and get “remote” healing Alignments – for yourself (and… for your family too – a huge value).

Plus, Never-Before-Offered, Wowza… Six Private Sessions!

  • What??? SIX One-on-One Phone Sessions with Elma?!? YUP! This is the only way to get any private sessions with Elma… And SIX of them, WOW. She’s never done that before, holy moly, that’s amazing… if she does happen to say so herself! 😉  One session per month. All sessions must be completed by December 31, 2018.

Price – two options:

  1.  $5,000 one-time payment (Save $1,000)
  2.  Or $1,000 per month for 6 months

Value: priceless & infinite!  Because When you are fully flowing & Aligned with universal source power… everything becomes possible. And easy.
(Also… This is the ONLY way to get personal healing from Elma, plus “VIP” email support – for yourself and your family.)

How to Apply:

Read the Requirements, and if you meet the requirements, please fill out the application below.

If you are accepted into the program, you’ll get instructions for how to reserve your spot.

Applications must be submitted by July 7.


1. Fill out the Application below, by July 7 2018. Space is limited in this small group, and the group may fill up before the application deadline – so apply as soon as possible. If you are a good fit, and if there is space available, you will be notified within about one week, with instructions to reserve your seat.

2. Pre-requisites: You must have completed at least one of the programs below,
 well before the first Module. If you want to participate but you have not yet completed the pre-requisite, please start working on it now… so that you can be finished before this program begins! Why? Because Your Ultimate Power is an advanced, accelerated program for folks who have already had experience with the basics of Now Healing. Any one of these will fulfill the pre-requisite requirement:

  • Heal Your Situation (Full 8-Hour Version)
  • Now Healing 101 Home Study Course
  • Energetic Detox
  • The Seven Transformations
  • The Healing Helix
  • Enhance Your Senses
  • Guided Healing Teleseminars – you must have been an active participant for at least 8 months, or listened to at least 8 different teleseminars.

Please note: These programs are sold separately. Go to the Shop menu to purchase.

3. Please plan to attend all the calls live. If you miss a call due to an unforeseen circumstance, you can listen to the replay, but you will not receive specific Alignments for that session. Unlike my other live calls, for this program you may not participate only by listening to the replays. You must commit to participating live.

4. You must call in by phone or Skype, so that you can speak during the calls. Unlike other Now Healing teleseminars, you may not participate only by webcast/chat.

5. Timezone Issues: Apologies, but this program is probably not suited to those in East Asia or Australasia – unless you’re a natural night-owl.

Got Questions?

Email us at Or… Fill out the application, and ask your question by typing it into the last box.

Submit Your Application Below

Applications are no longer being accepted.
Check back soon for future dates.

Space is very limited – there are only a few spots open in this small group.

Your Ultimate Power – Program Application

What would those “best possible results” be worth to you? In other words, how much money would you actually be willing to put on your credit card right now, if you were guaranteed to get your best possible results? (Don’t worry, I won’t change the price of my program based on your response! This is just so that I can see how much real value you place on realizing your goals.)

If you were going to pay either $1000/month for 6 months, or $5000 up front for this program, how much discomfort (emotionally and financially) would that put you in, on a scale of 0-10?

Please note: if your discomfort level is high, you will probably not be admitted to this program. But please go ahead and complete the application anyway – I really want to know where you’re at!  
Elma will personally read your application. She will get back to you via email within a few days, to let you know whether you have been accepted into this program.