Yuen Method Coaching Program

We have no Yuen Method classes or coaching scheduled at this time.

We are only offering Now Healing products, since Yuen Method recently changed the requirements for teaching YM, to require teachers to pay a monthly fee of $297.  I still love YM, and would love to teach it, like I did for many years under the old requirements – but not under the new requirements. If you’d like to learn from Dr. Kam Yuen himself, visit yuenmethod.com or YMSeminars.

Instead, try this: Now Healing 101


Watch a sample of my coaching style, from back when I was teaching YM.

  • In this video, I’ll teach you basic Yuen Method, in about 6 minutes!
  • Get a healing demonstration, and a sneak peek into the coaching program.

Please note: the 4-hour “Introductory Course” described at the end of this video is no longer being offered.


About the Instructor

Elma Mayer has been a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner and Instructor since 2005. She has taught Yuen Method workshops, demonstrations, Introductory courses, and Level 1, 2 and 3 courses – to hundreds of students throughout Southern California (and the world, via teleseminar). Many of her students have gone on to become Certified Practitioners themselves.


Q: How is Yuen Method different from Now Healing?

A: Yuen Method is one of the main foundations of Now Healing (the other main influence is Orin – and there are lots of additional flavors in the mix, including Matrix Energetics and lots more.

So which one should you learn, Now Healing or Yuen Method?

Since I don’t have any Yuen Method courses currently scheduled, I recommend the Now Healing 101 course. The Now Healing 101 course is great for you, if you want to get started in moments, and if you like to learn on your own, by reading a manual and listening to audio recordings at your own pace.

Here’s what one person says:“I feel that Now Healing encompasses everything I learned in Yuen Method in its own unique way and expands it. If someone wants to learn about energy work, I send them to NOW HEALING.”
Nedi Safa, Now Healing Practitioner, Yuen Method Certified Practitioner

Or – Take classes from Dr. Yuen himself. Dr. Yuen is a brilliant master, and I heartily recommend taking his classes, if he’s doing the teaching. But even though he’s amazing, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually “get” how to do it.

In my Now Healing courses, I’ll make sure you can walk away actually knowing how do it – both by teaching you the steps, clearly and systematically, and by giving you energetic alignments to really “get” it. I pack in as much info as possible. I try to accommodate many learning styles – especially the step-by-step left-brained approach.

If you do the Now Healing 101 course, you won’t learn Yuen Method itself – because I want to be very respectful of Dr. Yuen’s intellectual and spiritual property. But you will get similar instant healing results!