Pandemic & Panic – Personal & Planetary Healing for the Coronavirus Situation


The Replay contains powerful, personalized healing
for ALL aspects of the Coronavirus Situation:

Align all your Immune Systems
Be strong on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, etheric, collective & financial! Reset your resonance for immunity. 

Stop Taking on Negative Thoughts and fears from others. So that you don't resonate with illness, dread, and doomsday predictions based on both panic & statistics.

Clear the Virus Energetically
& learn what to do for prevention and symptoms (in addition to following medical advice & common sense!)

Activate Healing
by Aligning with the Healing Field. Transmute "negative energy" to its positive potential. (It sounds weird & woo-woo, but it's actually easy!)

Strengthen your Matter & Energy Your biology & your biofield both benefit from etheric filters that are not fear-based or defensive. It's not about "protection."

Heal Personally & Globally
Heal the planet and your loved ones, as you heal yourself. We're all in this together, whether we know it or not!

Will the Coronavirus affect you & your loved ones?

Even if it doesn't infect you physically, it still affects you... Because we are all interconnected. This is the perfect opportunity for you to be part of the solution!

The "Problem" 

The coronavirus situation has so many components that affect us (physically, mentally, socially, financially, etc) whether we're aware of it or not.
How on earth do we heal them all?


Panic & Fear Don't Help
They lower your immunity. And they infect others!


Ignoring & Isolating Don't Heal
Denial weakens you. Isolation prevents physical spread, but it doesn't Heal the larger situation.


Physical Healing is not Enough
Prevention & illness are not just medical issues.* (See disclaimer!)

The Solution

In this healing, you'll get powerful healing, and a Take-away tool to use anytime. Plus, listen to the replay again & again, for new shifts each time.


Learn a powerful instant-healing tool
It's the entry portal to immunity, and the Healing Field itself. (It's easy, you can do it in 2 seconds.)
A great prevention tool too.


Individualized Healing
For your specific needs, from cellular to cosmic. And you don't even need to know what those needs are! Everyone has different hidden triggers.
Clear yours on this call.


Healing on ALL Levels
On this call, we'll do mental, emotional, energetic, etheric, social, financial & morphic healing, at the very least! (See disclaimer!)
Turn on your healing power.

Don't just "Keep Calm & Carry On."
Be a Healing Force for yourself,
your loved ones & the Planet!

Join the Global Healing Call

Pandemic & Panic – Personal & Planetary Healing

What: Audio Replay contains all the energetics of the Healing Call
Why: Clear effects of Coronavirus on your Matter, Mind, Energy & Resonance
Price: Pay what you want, starting at $1.00


Free Sample - Healing Video

Watch Now and get Get Instant Shifts.

Did you get a shift from this free healing video?
Then you'll want to go even deeper!
So please...

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Replay: Contains all the healing energetics. Listen anytime.
Price: Pay what you want, starting at $1.00


Real Results

Sore throat and fear of catching covid - totally gone!"

“Great relief. This work blows me away!”

“Great relief. This work blows me away!”

“Elma, I loved when you said, "Be Whole in presence of feeling unsafe." This blew my mind, and I felt my center align"

“Wow, for the first time I feel like I can handle this crisis, not weepy and weak like before.”

Elma Mayer, Founder, Now Healing

About Us

Now Healing was founded by Elma Mayer, M.A., in 2005. We offer hundreds of healings on the website on every topic under the sun, including the legendary Now Healing 101 Course, and the popular monthly Guided Healing Membership. Tens of thousands of people have discovered the power of Now Healing. Elma's purpose is to further awaken your innate healing ability, with easy techniques to heal yourself, humanity & life on the planet.

Join the Global Healing Call

Replay: Contains all the healing energetics. Listen anytime.
Price: Pay what you want, starting at $1.00


The Fine Print – Disclaimer & Guarantee


Now Healing is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Please consult your licensed medical provider for diagnosis, treatment, medical & mental health care, advice, etc. Now Healing is not medical healing and makes no claims of medical cure. (It is energetic and morphic healing.) It is intended as a complementary modality, to be used in addition to medical treatment and common-sense healthy & preventative behaviors, but it does not replace them. Please use common sense! By using Now Healing, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof, and you hold harmless Elma Mayer and/or Now Healing. By using Now Healing, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions and actions. Read the full Disclaimer here.

Not sure whether this program will work for you?

Please try the free sample first, because if you get a good shift from the free sample, it's very likely that this program will work for you. Then... Ask your Inner Guidance!  Breathe in to your Center for a full breath or two. Tune in to your Higher Self / Infinite Self. (You may already feel better, just from that!) Now ask your Higher Self: "Will this program give me substantial or useful improvements in my life?"  If you get a "Yes!" or if it feels right, then go for it! If not, don't force it. Honor the answer you get.

Satisfaction Guarantee

WHAT TO EXPECT: Your energetics & resonances WILL shift as you use our programs... but the results and "outcome" will be non-linear and won't necessarily make logical sense. You may or may not perceive the shifts with your conscious awareness. It's essential to be non-attached to specific results. (You'll learn how to get non-attached, as you listen to these audios). It's a paradox, but in this work, the more you let go of "needing" an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need! You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you're "trying" for. You may well get the results you "want" – many people report that they do! But if you're the kind of person who will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy this product, and seek help elsewhere.

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you have given this program an honest try, and you are not happy with your purchase of this program for any reason, you qualify for a refund within 30 days. No questions asked!

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Refunds are limited to one per customer every 2 years.

ANTI-THEFT & ANTI-PIRACY: This product contains energetic anti-theft & anti-piracy protection. If you buy it with the intention of using it & returning it in order to get your money back, or if you make unauthorized copies, it will not work for you, and you'll create bad karma!

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