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Top 3 Essential Programs

Now Healing 101

Learn this revolutionary instant-healing modality, in just a few hours. Our signature course!


Signature Program Price: Never Reduces

Heal your Situation

9 Deep Healing Sessions for any problem, pain, or pattern.
With Fast Zaps & Heal as you Sleep.


Signature Program Price: Never Reduces

Guided Healing

New Live Healing Calls each month, plus Instant Access to the entire Audio Library (130+ healings)

$67for 1st month, then Save 60%

Subscribe for Live Calls + Library Access

Advanced Healing

The Healing Helix:
6 Essential Integrations

Learn Advanced Sacred Geometry with newly-emerged tools to heal the 6 integral parts of your life.


Get Healing

I Am Now Healing...

A Total Energetic Tune Up

Our first-ever program from 2009 still packs a big energetic punch!


I Am Now Healing...

ADD, Autism, Learning

For adults & children with cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral & learning issues.



Negative Thoughts

Easy healing for worry, doubt, mental chatter, self-sabotage, self-criticism & negativity.


Private Sessions

Sessions with Nedi

Healing Sessions with Nedi Safa,
Certified Now Healing Practitioner.
(by Phone/Skype/Zoom)

$90 per session. Save on 3-pack.

Sessions with Elma

Advanced Intensive Program
with Elma Mayer,
Founder of Now Healing.

By Application Only

Save $100

AHA!  Activate
Higher Awareness

Expand knowingness, intuition, inner guidance, psychic senses, PLUS  "normal" senses: vision, hearing, taste, smell

$197   $97

Elevate Your
Mood & Mind

Get inspired & motivated! Deep shifts & uplifts for: mindset, upset, low moods & heavy emotions. Elevate your state!

$197   $97

Energetic Detox

Body, Mind, Spirit & Environment

Pain, pathogens, allergy, environmental toxins, EMFs, ancestors, space clearing etc

$197   $97


Create with flow, focus & purpose. Manifest your goals with this totally unique process: the Morphic Momentum Matrix.

$197   $97

How can you know which program is right for you?

Wow, so many amazing programs! How can you tell which one will be most useful for you right now?

First, read the description and the testimonials for the program that you are drawn to. Click the Learn More button to find the details.


  • Try the Free Samples. Many of our programs have free samples, to give you a "taste" of what's in the full program. (Actually, it's much more than a taste! The Free Samples are designed to give you a real healing experience.) To see whether a program has a free sample, click the Learn More button.
  • Ask your Inner Guidance.  Breathe in to your Center for a full breath or two. Tune in to your Higher Self / Infinite Self. (You may already feel better, just from that!)
    Now Ask your Higher Self:

    • "If I use this program, will I experience substantial shifts or useful improvements in my life?" 
    • Tune in to the "energy" of the program itself. Does it feel light, exciting, hopeful, or inspiring? Does it feel like a big "Yes! Let's Do It!"?  
    • If it feels right and resonates with you, then go for it! If not, don't force it. Maybe this is not the right time, or maybe a different program will be better for you.

How can you be sure that a program will work for you? Again, try the Free Samples. If those work for you, then it's very likely that our programs will give you even deeper shifts! Also, make sure to read the "What Results to Expect" section at the bottom of most Program pages.

And in the rare case that you're not satisfied with a program, we have a very generous...

Refund Policy: Many of our programs have money-back guarantees, with no questions asked. See each program for its specific refund policy & conditions.

Disclaimer: Read the full Disclaimer here.