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The Alignments are powerful healings that you can customize for yourself.

They are usually fairly short – some as short as 30 seconds! So you can fit them into your busy life.

Some of them are videos, others contain easy written instructions, and there are even a few audios.

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Well, it’s kind of a big deal. It's Free Healing, for a whole year, fer goodness sakes!

Actually, it’s 52+ Free Healings, plus tips and tools you can use yourself.

  • What kind of healing? Fast & powerful instant-morphic healing across space & time, of course!
  • What kinds of things does it work on? Whatever you need in the moment, and for the flow of your whole life, of course!
  • How can it help you? Well, imagine all the ways your life would improve, if you got easy new Alignments with Universal Healing Field – every week!

You know that Healing wants to heal you, right?

But... maybe you forget to take advantage of that? (We all do, sometimes!)

Well, I'll remind you, when you subscribe. And even better, I'll show you effective ways to Align with Healing – every week for a year!


Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing

Howdy! I'm Elma Mayer, founder of Now Healing.

My purpose is to amplify your innate healing ability.

So that we can ALL resonate with Wholeness, and repair disconnection from Wholeness... and so that we can amplify healing for ourselves, our loved ones, and the whole planet.

And... I am true to my purpose... whether you buy anything from me, or not.

  • If you never pay me a cent, I will still give you tons of free healing that is fast, simple, and basic – so you don’t have to invest a lot of time, energy & money into doing healing and being healed. (If you want to repay me in a non-monetary way, then please share this Free Healing Alignment page, so your friends can get free healing too. Thanks in advance!)
  • If you DO want to go deeper and buy my paid programs, that’s even more fantastic, because you’ll get exponentially greater value, depth, and powerful healing results that are worth tons more than the money you’ll spend! You’ll be helping yourself, your loved ones, your business and education and success, and the entire planet. And for me personally, you’ll be helping me to have the financial resources to create more healing programs rather than needing to get a different job which wouldn’t leave me the time or energy to create new healing programs.

Either way is fine, just see what resonates with you!

You'll notice that after you do a Free Healing Alignment, I will politely offer you one of my paid programs that is related to the topic of the free healing – but I will never, ever pressure you, or use fear- or guilt-based tactics to try to get you to buy anything, because that's just yucky. You'll do what's right for you, and that's right by me!

So either way, whether you never buy a program, or you buy them all, please help me to happily fulfill my purpose:

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