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Align With Life

Are you fully Aligned with Life Force?

On ALL Levels? Body, mind, emotions, energy fields, spirituality, personality, people-relationships, money, purpose, world-service, etc?

I'd love to guide you in these instant-healing "secrets" to overcome your disconnects – and emerge into Alignment!

NEW Event: Saturday October 7* 

October 7 – Align with Life: Your Body & Health

Is your body fully "in tune with" life force? Are you Aligned with being fully ALIVE?
Join this powerful physical body Re-Integration – with LIFE itself!

  • YOUR specific Healing Intention for your Body & Health
  • Your local life-force (that circulates within your body systems, organs, cells, etc) to be fully embodied
  • ALL your "body parts" get a Scan & Align, to be in tune with the larger field of LIFE & BEING ALIVE
  • The morphic field of your Health – it must be Aligned with LIFE!

NEW Events  through February 2024* 

  • Are your thoughts & feelings fully Aligned with the flow of life-force – or are they following other flows that are not Aligned with Life?
  • Is your Mind Aligned with being Alive, when it creates your future?
  • Is your Knowingness in tune with Life - do you KNOW Life in an embodied way?
  • Is “Who You Are” in tune with Life itself?
  • Is “What You Do” Aligned with living life fully?
  • Do you resonate and radiate LIFE, in your relationships with other people?

Jan. 6, 2024 – Align with Life: Your Energy, Bio-Fields & Life Force


New Live Calls happen on the 1st Saturday of each month,
at noon Eastern Time:

9am Los Angeles; 10am Denver, Calgary, Mexico City; 11am Houston & Winnipeg; noon New York & Toronto; 5pm London; 6pm Berlin & Cape Town; 7pm Bucharest & Jerusalem; 10:30pm Mumbai; midnight Perth AU.
(Non-U.S. Times subject to change, depending on local daylight/standard times.)

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PS – What Happens in Each Call?

Get a NEW Healing Experience, Every Time you Listen.

so many miracles

In each call, you will:

  • Choose your Personal Healing Intention – for health, happiness, or whatever you want.
  • Activate your Intention, through several rounds of healing.
  • Align with your (hidden?) Higher Life Goals, individual purpose & world service.
  • Scan & Align your hidden energetic blockages, patterns & distortions – on ALL levels of matter, mind, energy, spirit, space, time, love & money.
  • Receive essential "Morphic Maintenance" for your energy field, space, time & Whole Life.
  • Get easy Take-away Tools that you can use yourself, anytime.

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