About Now Healing

The Higher Purpose of Now Healing

... is to make it as easy as possible for you to Plug Directly into the Healing Field.

And shhhh... The secret ulterior motive is for you to not only activate healing and Wholeness for yourself...

... but also to heal others, and groups, and ancestral & collective traumas, and all life-forms, and ecosystems, and human systems, and humanity's relationship with the planet, and the future of the planet itself.

Can Healing Really Be Easy?

We've been told it's complex & difficult.

  • Medicine says healing requires rigorous training & scientific proof.
  • Spirituality says you need intuition, higher awareness & inner power.
  • Religion says you need faith, miracles & submission to a deity.

But Healing actually happens independently of all of the above.

You can "plug in" to it anytime.
Like... Now!

If Healing means “Making Whole” then how can that be easy?

With instant connection to the larger field of Wholeness!

You can learn to do this effectively. It will take just a few minutes, using simple Now Healing techniques.

Most people experience shifts right away. Experience it Yourself!

Try it Now: Free Healing Audio

What is Now Healing?

An Instant-Energy Remote Healing Method that's customizable, so it works on any issue or intention.

Now Healing  works remotely in space & time. It allows transformation at light-speed. With no need to spend years in training.

With simple processes & easy instructions, you can quickly create real changes – for any area of life.

A Space of Instant Wholeness that is always available to you, anytime and anywhere.  What is it? The Larger Field of Healing and Wholeness that already exists everywhere!

When you connect to this field, you automatically begin to resonate with it. Simply becoming aware of its existence will instantly tune you to become a resonator of the healing field. (Try it! You can probably sense it... Now!)

Simple & Accessible, yet Deep & Infinite. Yep, it's a Powerful Paradox!

Anyone can learn to do this kind of  Instant Morphic Healing.

It sounds complicated, but when you try it yourself, you'll see how easy and effective it is. Because shifting the morphic resonance of an issue or goal is much faster and easier than shifting the energy, matter or mind component.

What Now Healing is NOT

Note: We are NOT aligned with conspirituality, the Q-anon disinformation scam, the great awakening gaslighting, and other fascist bullsh!t! This is a safe space of inclusion and compassion, where all are welcome! Hmm, actually, almost everyone is welcome, except for bullies, bigots, and deniers, unless they are repentant and willing to heal!

It is not medical healing. We do not diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medication or supplements, or give medical advice.

Please read the Disclaimer.

We do not touch clients. This is remote spacetime healing.

We do not work directly on physical matter, or on the biochemical, mental, emotional, or spiritual levels.

Instead, we work on the level of  energetic & morphic resonance.

It is not energy healing,  spiritual healing, or intuitive healing. It's not about "healing with energy" or sending energy through the hands, heart, mind or spirit.

Instead, we connect directly to the Healing Field via morphic resonance. That's all! Now you know everything!
(And of course, with Now Healing, you can  heal your energy, spirit, intuition, awareness, and move Qi, etc. But you can also do lots more!)

It's not a Belief System, a Guru or Master-based System, or a system of Positive Thinking.

It is a self-empowerment process that eliminates the middleman, the master-healer, the guru.

You don't have to believe in it. It works whether you believe it or not.

You can do it yourself, even when you're not feeling particularly positive or spiritual or good. That's when you need it most!

How is Now Healing  Different from Other Methods?

In your journey to heal your body, mind and spirit... and to improve your relationships, abundance, manifestation, creativity, productivity...

And to evolve in your spiritual growth, higher purpose, intuition, psychic ability, awareness and your power to sense energy...


You've probably tried several Energy Medicine techniques:

Tapping or EFT. Reiki. Reflexology. Acupuncture. Qi Gong. Tai Qi. Yoga. Pranic Healing. Chakra Balancing. Crystals. Homeopathy.  Flower Remedies. Essential Oils. Affirmations, visualization, manifestation... and probably many more.

All of those are wonderful... But...

Now Healing works on a whole different level – Beyond "Energy" 


It's not "energy healing" or "spiritual healing."

Because it's not just about healing your energy & bio-field, chi, chakras, or auras. Or spiritual connection. Or belief, thoughts, emotions. Or mindfulness, meditation, relaxation.

Of course, all those things are super-important to heal. But individually, they are not enough. Each of those is only a small part of the larger solution. Each one is just a small fraction of the vast cosmic realm that is entangled with your problems or issues or intentions.

In addition, this is not just about healing WITH Energy. It’s not about transmitting energy through your hands, or transmitting love from your heart, or sending white or violet light, or blasting you with chi like a kung fu master, or zapping you with a bolt of magic energy from a wizard’s staff!

So if it's NOT about Energy, what is it?

What are we healing with? What's the mechanism for healing? What's the technique?

It’s simple:

Resonance with The Healing Field!

The Healing Field already exists, everywhere. And it's not just energetic, it's morphic!

So... we do healing the easy way: we simply connect to The Healing Field, and then let it do all the work!

How to connect to it? You "tune yourself up" to it, using the principle of Morphic Resonance.

There! Now you know everything!

Not Just "Energy Healing" – it's "EVERYTHING Healing"!

For true healing, we need to be in Alignment with EVERYTHING – all at the same time! Because everything is inter-related. Everything can either support – or distort – everything else!

That's why we don't just heal your "energy" or chakras or chi.

We heal EVERYTHING: Energy. Matter. Mind. Spirit. Personality patterns. Relationships. Family. Financial health. Productivity. Creativity.  Your larger life purpose. Your resonance with all of Space, Time, Dimensions, Collective Consciousness... and the entire Cosmos.

And don't even get me started on the inter-relationship between each of those elements! Yep, we heal that too.

The goal of Now Healing is... for you to be in proper Alignment with EVERYTHING. On all levels and dimensions!

And to connect you – instantly – to that infinitely large field of Healing & Wholeness.

However... sometimes we have blockages or disconnects from that Healing Field! Those disconnects often manifest as fear or stress or stuckness... or  illness or discomfort... or a sense of lack, money blocks, relationship problems, and other big life issues.

That's where Now Healing comes in, to make it easy to get unblocked. It's simple to get Aligned with Wholeness... with Now Healing!


Who is it for?

Now Healing operates on the premise that anyone can do this, without special ability, faith, belief, or scientific proof. (Those are all great, but not necessary.)

  • Advanced healers: You'll love these new instant-energy tools that you can integrate with your existing techniques. You'll expand your horizon of healing far & wide, with fast & powerful results. Just give it a go and see!
  • Beginning healers: You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn the basics, and do effective instant-healing. You'll get up and running - incredibly fast. It no longer takes months or years to do healing. When you plug into The Healing Field, it can be virtually instant.
  • Non-healers: Ha! Just kidding, there's no such thing as a non-healer. Because Healing is an innate ability for any being with any kind of conscious awareness. And Now Healing is designed to make it incredibly easy and accessible to all. So just try it for yourself!
  • People who assume they need a healer:  I love to see those folks get their minds blown when they discover they can do power-healing for themselves, in minutes.

The Bottom Line: Now Healing is Instant Morphic Healing. Try it for yourself!