Trauma Healing

How to Do Trauma Healing with instant-energy healing and remote healing. You’ll find free healing videos, articles & more. Now Healing techniques are designed to help you make energetic shifts for all kinds of trauma, including traumatic memories, hidden traumas from childhood abuse, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, neurological deregulation, collective trauma, epigenetic effects, addiction, and more. Trauma has far-reaching entanglements on all levels, for example heart rate variability, heart coherence, ventral vagal tone, autoimmunity, cortisol levels, inflammation, anxiety, stress, not to mention self-esteem, relationship issues, and so on. Now Healing is not just about healing trauma stored in the body or mind, or inner child work, or polyvagal theory, or therapies like EMDR. Those are great, but they’re only a small part of the big picture of trauma healing. Browse our healing resources and try it for yourself.