Got Trauma Stuck in your Body or Soul?

How many of your ongoing issues are caused by
hidden trauma stuck in your body?

According to research on the neurological effects of trauma… the true number is probably close to ∞! (That’s just a small exaggeration.) A huge range of chronic conditions can manifest from having “trauma stuck in your body.”

Guided Healing Call - Disentangle Trauma stuck in your body and soul - Physical & Emotional, Childhood Wounding, Ancestral & Global Trauma - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

How does hidden trauma show up in the body? Pain, brain fog, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, elevated stress hormones, high blood pressure, and addiction, to name just a few.

What kinds of trauma are we talking about? So many kinds! Emotional abuse, childhood wounding or punishment, accidents, wars, disasters, systemic abuses of race, class, sex, gender, etc…

Even if these traumas don’t trigger the obvious symptoms, like PTSD, anxiety, anger, or low self-esteem..

They can all still have far-reaching influence on your neurological resilience, relationships and success – and of course, on your health and mood.

In this article:

You’ll learn some common assumptions about “stuck trauma.” (It’s not just stuck in your body!)

And more importantly, you’ll learn about a remote-healing process that’s unique, effective & easy.

Can trauma be physically stored in the body?

Yes, according to current thinking. But that kind of thinking can be misleading, especially if it’s magical or pseudo-scientific thinking. Or its equally-misleading opposite, mechanical thinking, which assumes that everything has a fundamentally material, physical cause. However, just because the body can seemingly “store” trauma, it doesn’t mean that trauma is primarily a physical or neurological issue. There are many other non-physical places where trauma can get “stuck” – in addition to the body.

Ancestral or generational trauma can echo over time, through epigenetic effects, not just through a mechanistic view of DNA as merely biochemical. Trauma can even resonate throughout the bio-fields of various organs, systems, the entire auric field, and even non-biological places and spaces. Therefore, the physical mechanism for “trapped trauma” – even if it correlates with stress hormones, brain function, or neurological dysregulation – is not the most important feature for actually healing trauma.

What is the best way to release trauma from your body?

There are so many trauma-informed approaches available. Which one is best? Is it a woo-woo method of energy healing, inner child work, Family Constellation Work, Internal Family Systems, breathwork, EMDR, psychedelic therapy? Or is it a more mainstream method of psychotherapy, neuroscience, or even stodgy old psychiatry? The answer is that all these methods might be barking up the wrong tree. Some make the mistake of assuming that trauma is primarily stored in the body. Others make the mistake of assuming it’s all in the mind. Or the energy field. But trauma has nodes of entanglement in ALL those areas. It’s not enough to single out just one.

What are some common assumptions about the causes of trauma, and how to heal it?

For mainstream methods, a seemingly-reasonable assumption is that the trauma stuck in your body is actually nervous system deregulation, as described by polyvagal theory.

This neurological deregulation results in a wide range of effects, like out-of-control cortisol levels, fight-or-flight stress, decreased heart rate variability, a dorsal vagal state, anger, depression, shutting down, freezing, or dissociation.

For so-called alternative methods like acupuncture, the assumption is that trauma stuck in your body is correlated with specific organ systems, like fear being associated with the kidney system, grief being associated with the lung system, anger with the liver, etc, as described in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Epigenetics tells us that it’s not just about you as an individual. Collective past trauma and multi-generational trauma are widespread.

But ancestral traumas are not just stuck inside DNA or gene expression.

So… is asking “How to release trauma stuck in your body” even the right question to ask?

Nope! Because it might stop you from looking beyond the body! Because…

What appears to be trauma stuck in your body, or DNA, or neurology… can also be stuck in your SOUL…

… and your biofield, aura, energy channels, chakras, etc.
… and many more places.

Trauma can even be stuck in specific locations even further outside of your local self – in space and time, through geopathic stress, and morphic memory.

But it’s not just about trauma that’s “stuck” or “trapped.” It’s about morphic resonance and entanglement! (Scroll down for more on that.)

Got Questions about Hidden Trauma? Please Comment!

The new consensus is that it’s all about trauma stuck in your body.

But… Is it true that mainly “The Body Keeps the Score”?

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk describes this in his excellent book. He talks about both a top-down and a bottom-up approach, a holistic approach, which is great.

But he seems to have some unexamined assumptions that are still somewhat anchored in materialism, about what holism and “top-down” really means.

The top is not just the brain/mind, or social connection. The top is the entire universe, or really, the multiverse.

The bottom is not just biochemical neurotransmitters, it’s the zero point field, it’s spooky action at a distance, quantum entanglement, and non-local behaviors of matter and mind and psychic and morphic resonance. Not to mention bio-energy fields and flows.

Of course, the body does keep the score. But that’s not all that keeps the score!

In my experience of working with innumerable clients since 2005 (when I founded Now Healing)…

What really keeps the score … is ALL of the above & MORE!

It’s the entire multiverse, that keeps the score.

But How? Through morphic resonance, psychic resonance, patterns of memory and momentum. Everything in the universe seems to be entangled with trauma.

How can you possibly heal trauma, when it’s so far-reaching?

If trauma is so widely entangled, wreaking havoc on so many systems…

How and Where do you begin to heal it?

How to Heal Trauma Stuck in your Body, Soul… and the Multiverse?


DISENTANGLE TRAUMA – the Now Healing way!

Hidden resonances stuck in your body, soul, space & time… can manifest as chronic pain, autoimmunity, brain fog, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, addiction, self-doubt.

You’ll learn how to clear trauma, on ALL Levels – using the powerful Disentangle technique.

We will work on ALL levels:

Guided Healing Call - Disentangle Trauma Physical & Emotional, Childhood Wounding, Ancestral & Global Trauma - Now Healing with Elma Mayer
  • Physical & Emotional Trauma
  • Childhood Wounding & Repressed Memory
  • Ancestral, Tribal, Global, Collective & Epigenetic Trauma
  • Even if you don’t think you have any PTSD, physical or neurological stress caused by trauma… let’s clear your hidden morphic resonances to lighten up your life.
  • PLUS… Bring YOUR healing intention to be Aligned!

How to get this Healing? Learn more below…

[Also, please comment below! Do you assume you have hidden trauma, or not?]

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  1. Elma Mayer on April 28, 2022 at 11:52 am

    @Evelyn, yes! See the answer I wrote for @Raquel – it applies to you (and all of us).

    I am happy to help, so please help yourself to all the healings here! But even better… remember this: Instead of looking for a “healer” to help, you can always plug directly into the healing field, starting at your Center. Request help there, first. Then notice what starts to shift.

    Love and Wholeness,

  2. Elma Mayer on April 28, 2022 at 11:46 am

    @Raquel, let’s Align with the awareness that the most direct way to get “help” with releasing these traumas is to plug directly into the healing field… Now! – and ask for help there! So get started on that right away, and then notice the large number of synchronicities and serendipities that happen, to help you, starting… Now… and continuing. And of course, we will do specifics during the Guided Healing Call.

    Love and Wholeness,

  3. Raquel on April 27, 2022 at 3:42 pm

    Hi, Elma,

    I recently discovered that I still hold in my body the trauma of being let go from my job, when I was almost “at the top of the mountain”.
    Another thing, not related to the first matter, that is still not OK is a surgery I had last year, on my left hand. I still feel my finger rigid. To make it move, I have to put more strength and it still moves slower than the rest of the fingers of both hands. Can you help me with these?

    Thank you!
    Looking forward for the call.

  4. Evelyn mason on April 24, 2022 at 10:19 pm

    alma can you help Tinnitus mine is so bad

  5. Elma Mayer on April 22, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    @Elizabeth, here’s a specific Alignment for you right at this moment, which I sense will lighten things up a bit: Disentangle your known traumas from the unknown ones, and Disentangle remembering and forgetting with your mind and body… Now! (I recommend doing this Alignment yourself a few more times over the next few days.)

    We’ll do lots more like this in the live Guided Healing call. If possible, report back to me when you’re posting your intention for the May 7 call, and let me know what your noticed from this. Or email me!

    Love and Wholeness,

  6. Elizabeth Stratton on April 22, 2022 at 11:38 am

    Hi Elma, I had many traumas as a young child, ie: Being left alone in my home, wile the older children went places. I was very scared and ended up having Acute , Chronic Anxiety Disorder. I had Therapy and thought they were all gone, but I FEAR THEY ARE STILL HANGING ON SOMEWHERE. maybe in my body? I GET NERVOUS, AND NOW HAVE PAIN NEARLY ALL THE TIME IN MY HANDS AND FEET, DUE TO DIABETES-MYALITIS (WHICH I NO LONGER HAVE). I ALSO SUFFERED A DEEP CINICAL DEPRESSION,. AFTER WATCING,AND (LISTENING TO HER FIGHT FOR BREATH) AS MY 5 YEAR OLD NEICE DIED OF LEUKEMIA. iT WAS HORRIBLE TO BEHOLD. THANKS, ELIZABETH~

  7. Elma Mayer on April 21, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    @Melissa, if your daughter doesn’t seem to resonate with “releasing the trauma” on her own, gently show her that she can work with trauma as “energy” or “pattern” or symbol or metaphor first, rather than working on its own level, as a specifically emotional release, or by mentally coming to terms with it. And let’s send her energetic Disentanglement… Now!

    Love and Wholeness,

  8. Elma Mayer on April 21, 2022 at 6:46 pm

    @Lori, I totally understand that perspective of feeling like “one big problem”. The blessing is that there is always a higher perspective! And we are powerful enough to Align with that perspective, whenever we remember or choose to do so. Ah, there’s the rub – remembering and choosing the higher awareness that’s always accessible, even when we’re resonating with the yucky stuff. So let’s not beat ourselves up when we forget to resonate higher, let’s create a new pattern/groove/habit.

    Also, the thing with giving your power away – your power is renewable, and just a matter of plugging into universal cosmic Light Power! Sure, you might not get the “old” power back, but that’s OK, look for the new power that’s right there, available at your Center, with the flip of a switch.

    We’ll do lots of stuff in the Guided Healing Call, to dampen the power of those old traumatic ripples and waves, and create new waves of Light and Higher Love!

    Love and Wholeness,

  9. Lori Biehler on April 20, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    Hi Elma,

    I feel like I am just one big problem. My perspective…trauma when I almost drowned when I was 3, I actually did and had a near death at that time. I think it find of blew out my circuits and central nervous sytem. Have been empathic and highly sensitive. Don’t have high emotional resiliency..feeling emotionally abandoned by my Dad again when I was 3. That year was not very good for me. Felt huge fear and separation and gave all my power away to the world outside of me. I have always felt very alone and that its been me against the world.

  10. Elma Mayer on April 20, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    @Lina, yes, definitely, we can be unaware of hidden trauma that’s still creating blocks. That’s what we will address in the Guided Healing Call Disentangle Trauma! We will scan every area of life, and I’ll show you a new way to use the Disentangle technique on the larger patterns and ripple-effects of Trauma.the lar

    That way, you don’t need to pinpoint an exact event, which is too hard and imprecise. Instead, you work on the field effects and standing waves!

    Love and Wholeness,

  11. Lina Rosin on April 20, 2022 at 10:39 am

    How would one know if any of the symptoms of current illness or not optimal health are related to “trauma” or stack/unprocessed stressors if there was no One clear event but rather build up through life course of many unpleasant things. Could one be unaware in human body of suppressed trauma that is still creating blocks or dis balances?

  12. Elma Mayer on April 20, 2022 at 9:34 am

    @Carol, yes, resonating with family trauma, and at the same time expending lots of energy to protect against it can create so much chaos! Not to mention all the general trauma bubbling all around us.

    I find that doing daily self-healing and self-tuning is an absolute must these days. If you don’t already do this, I advise creating a short practice for yourself that you can do easily, but consistently every day. For extra focus and inspiration, try adding the short healings in the Year of Free Alignments

    Love and Wholeness,

  13. Carol on April 20, 2022 at 8:02 am

    My family are mainly drug users & I am not, I am very lonely I don’t belong any where. I have suffered trauma

  14. Elma Mayer on April 20, 2022 at 7:51 am

    @Libby, yes, these traumatic events and stresses can all accumulate and seem to amplify each other. Even when we “clear” them, they sometimes continue to reverberate as patterns.

    That’s one of the things we address in Now Healing: the pattern as a wave that ebbs and flows through time.

    A good starting point to clear this would be to create separation between your higher flow of life, and this wave pattern – to Align with non-attachment to it… Now!

    Love and Wholeness,

  15. Libby on April 20, 2022 at 1:06 am

    My Father died suddenly when I was a teenager and although I thought I had got rid of the blockages related to that, I think maybe there is still something to clear.

    Three people I trusted and relied on to be there in my early life went off and it left me feeling abandoned.

  16. Libby on April 20, 2022 at 12:51 am

    I have a bad allergic reaction to high sulphur foods and sulphur drugs and if I have too much sulphur on any one day it makes me feel like I have been very seriously poisoned.
    A couple of my very close loved-ones have ongoing illness. One has continuing ovarian cancerous growths of a rare kind, has had two operations and has one pending. Another very close relation keeps having urine infections and has had to go into hospital and has now had a mini-stroke. These things are very stressful on a daily basis.
    I get a lot of musculo-skeletal issues relating to my back which cause pins and needles. back, knee and neck pain and dizziness.
    I love your treatments, and you are doing so much to help Humanity – thank you for all you do, dear Elma.

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