Blogue & Musings

The Now Healing Blogue is Elma Mayer’s Blogue & Musings & Rants on instant-energy healing & spiritual growth & post-new-agey stuff. NOTES: 1) The term “Post New Agey” refers to eclectic developments that grew out of spiritually & politically progressive peace/love movements, but it emphatically does NOT include right-wing, white supremacist and neo-fascist tendencies, Q, conspirituality, spiritual gaslighting, or cult BS! 2) What does “Blogue mean?” It’s just a fun way to spell “Blog” – like “Dialog” can be spelled “Dialogue.” This Blogue is a Web-logue of Elma’s Monoblogues, Illblogical Musings, Phaux-Pythonesque-Philosophies, Rants, and Random Thoughts.

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