Intention Activator

Manifest your Top Ten Intentions

with this 10x-Power  Energy-Healing Audio

You don't just have one goal.

I'll bet you can think of TEN goals
in many different areas of life!

You've probably got goals for your...

Health. Money. Love. Fun. Work. Time.
Travel. Home. Purpose. Spirituality.

With most methods of manifesting, you can only do ONE at a time...

But I've discovered a"Morphic Formula" to Manifest MANY goals at once.
With no need to believe, visualize, or think positive.
In fact, trying to be positive can slow you down.

Your Mind is Multidimensional.
Why not use it to manifest multiple intentions? 

Don't just focus on 1 thing.

That's unbalanced. Every part of your life must work together congruently.

If you only focus on "manifesting money"… but you ignore manifesting health, love, great relationships & spiritual evolution… then you'll manifest a big imbalance!

Activate ALL your sacred desires… Now! 

Health & Vitality

Money & Abundance

Loving Relationships

Productivity & Creativity

Time to Enjoy Life ... and much more

I know this kind of manifestation works. After Source “downloaded” this new formula to me... I experienced a huge opening on so many levels! And... you can experience it too.

The Intention Activator

Intention Activator - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

An Advanced Manifestation Machine.

What it is: A 53-minute Audio – plus a "magic" chart, and an Ebook.

What you'll do as you listen: During the audio, you'll be guided to tune in to your Top Ten Gratitudes, and then to your Top Ten Intentions. You'll just follow some simple instructions, like "Write down your first goal" and then "Breathe like this" or "Feel into that part of your body" or "Imagine this image". (And you can't do it wrong! Even if you're not sure you're doing it right, it still works.)

How it works: My "Secret Morphic Formula" runs in the background, transmuting the Power of your Gratitudes into the Power to Activate your Intentions. (This "formula" is totally unique! At least I'm not aware of anything else like it.)

(This may seem complicated, but you don't need to deal with the complex stuff! I do it for you!)

What does The Intention Activator do? 

  • Transports your awareness… into a gentle, easy Flow - towards your Purpose(s).
  • Transforms your gratitude… into a 10x-power engine of manifestation & instant healing activation.
  • Transcends your blocks... & dissolves your doubts, hidden resistance, stuckness, limitations, and old patterns… effortlessly.

What will happen afterwards:

  • You'll gain immense momentum, in at least ten areas of your life!
  • You'll sense a huge opening of possibilities, abundance, opportunities, synchronicities, and support from the universe.
  • Your sense of "problematic limitations" will dissolve.
  • You'll find yourself in the Flow of your Highest Purpose. (Some call this "Law of Attraction" - but it's really your Purpose that attracts YOU to it.)
  • And if you ever find yourself OUT of the Flow (which happens to us all sometimes)... you'll know how to shift back to it, quickly and easily.

Your Intentions Gather Power...
to Become Real on ALL Levels.

What You Get in The Intention Activator:


1. The Intention Activator (10x-Power-Healing AUDIO - 53 minutes)
This is where the activation happens! Plus, use the audio again & again, whenever new intentions come up in the future.

2. The Morphic Manifestation Matrix PDF (Chart)
This is where the momentum gathers! Write your Ten Intentions on this chart as you listen to the audio, and the "Morphic Formula" starts to work its magic.

3. Transcript, Tips & How to Do It Yourself - PDF (26 page Ebook)
Lots of tips, FAQS, and a "cheat sheet" for how to do the Intention Activation process yourself.


Intention Activator Sale



1. Intention Activator: 53-minute Power-Healing-Audio
(stream or download)

2. Morphic Manifestation Matrix: 1-page PDF

3. Ebook: Transcripts, Tips & FAQ: 26-page PDF

Testimonials – Manifesting with Now Healing!

"Before, I felt blah & a bit hopeless. Now EVERYTHING feels open & possible. A new beginning of freedom, courage, travel. Body feels renewed."
- I.M.

"Heavy old patterns…
I watched astounded & delighted as they shifted."
- D.W.  

"Debt magically disappeared. I did Now Healing on debt I owed from 2011. I called the company, and they could not see anything that was owed. It works amazingly."
- M.M.

"Foreclosure – cancelled!!!"
- I.C.

What's Different about this New Way to Manifest?

Unlike "old-school" Law of Attraction, there's NO need for: 

  • Belief, trust or faith.
  • Positive thinking
  • Visualizing the outcome
  • Feeling like you already have it
  • Feeling good before you do manifestation

Those are all lovely… IF you can do them easily.
But if it takes a lot of work for you to get into all those "pre-requisite" states... then you're mis-directing your manifestation energy.

And there's certainly no need for "The Secret." It's a load of BS & spiritual gaslighting! Don't get me started.

Some old-school is great! But I was guided to create an update. 

I love several "classic" manifestation methods:

  • Abraham-Hicks is inspiring.
  • Orin's Manifesting with Divine Will is transformative.
  • Gabrielle Bernstein is great for clarifying the basics.

But I've been miraculously guided to "Now-Healing-ize" the Law of Attraction. To bring it into the realm of "Instant Healing."

Which makes it especially effective for me... and folks like me.

This even works for skeptics (like me!)

Here's a bit of my story - do you resonate? 

Before I became a healer & teacher of healing, I would have had a lot of trouble with all those Law of Attraction & manifestation methods. I wouldn't have understood a darn word that Esther Hicks, as Abraham, was talking about. I would have pooh-poohed Gabby Bernstein as silly pop psychology.

See, I wasn't born one of those "Can Do" optimistic American folks. I was born in Eastern Europe, the daughter of skeptical-scientist-holocaust-survivors. In the old country, back then, all this positive thinking stuff would have been mocked mercilessly. "Feeling Good" is for drooling dreamers, and "Belief" is for dupes of disinformation or opioid-of-the-masses-addicts. And don't even get us started on "Having Fun"! We just don't do that! We are serious, not silly children.

Even now, I'm still a natural skeptic. I try not to believe anything, if I can help it! Because True Knowing is much better than Belief. Instead of trust or faith, I prefer direct multi-dimensional experience.

With Now Healing, I can get to True Knowing - instantly. Beyond belief!

And for my inner skeptic, I am satisfied with the proof of my personal experience... Plus the experience of tons of my healing students... that positive thinking is not necessary or even always desirable to aspire to.

In this work, we don't go positive. Or negative. Instead, we go to Center. Zero. No Mind. Non-attachment. Hey, don't worry, it's not forever - all it takes is a few seconds! And then zap, zoom, pow, you are in... The Space of Instant Wholeness & Cosmic Creation!

So that's it, in a nutshell. Now you don't even need this program! (Unless you want my new secret special proprietary unique one-and-only "Morphic Formula" for activating your Top Ten Intentions all at once!)

And even if you're not a skeptic... Or if you've already had great experiences with
Law of Attraction... This is just simply faster & easier!


In this program, you don't need to be hopeful or positive, to get started. Unlike most manifesting methods, those are not required here. You simply need to be willing to let go of negativity for just a few seconds. You'll get energy-healing Alignments for that as you listen. It's easy, when you only have to do it for a short time. And then, you'll build momentum, so it becomes easier and easier to snap out of negativity, and plug into your creation & manifestation power! You'll learn that it's not about "maintaining permanent positivity." Instead, you'll learn how to take quick "dips" into a Centered state, effortlessly.

It may sound a little woo-woo at times, but don't let that throw you! Even though this program was designed for people who have already done at least a little work with manifestation... (it's not a beginner's primer or "manifestation for dummies")...

It will still work for beginners. Just do the simple process, as instructed in the audio. Set your questions aside as you listen. Afterwards, read the Frequently-Asked-Questions section in the ebook - that will answer a ton of your questions. (And later, if you want to learn more about introductory manifestation, that's great! This program will give you a huge hyper-boost in your ability, when doing any other method. You don't have to "study" beginning manifestation first, before you do this more advanced program. You can do it in any order, backwards or sideways - it's not a linear process from a to z!)

No, there are no guarantees. If you're looking for a magic genie-in-a-bottle to grant your exact wishes... that's not how this works! When you insist on a specific outcome, you will actually block & misdirect the momentum of manifestation. Paradoxically, the more you "let go of results," the better results you will get. In this program, you will learn a super-effective method to get non-attached to results - easily - and let go of your local personality-self's limitations, fear, resistance, and mis-direction.

Then, you will Align with something much better than your personality-level wishes: Your Infinite Self's Purpose and the higher qualities you love the most! (For example, peace, adventure, inspired activity, quiet calm, kindness, leadership, sacred solitude, abundant community, wisdom, beauty, truth, humor... and whatever you resonate with most.)

The energy shifts are instant, and ongoing. But the timing of actual manifestation into physical reality is impossible to predict. As you use this program, you discover how to let go of time pressure, for best results.

We apologize that we do not have translations available. If you can understand basic English, you should be OK. Even if you do not understand every word, you will still get the necessary energy shifts, because the audio contains energetic shifts which are beyond words. However, if you will be frustrated by the language barrier, then this program is probably not for you!

Apologies, we do not currently have a way to to accommodate special needs for hearing or vision. You will not get the complete benefits of this program unless you can both write down your intentions and follow the instructions in the audio while it is playing. If you do not have someone who can help write & read it to you or sign it for you, then this program will not be fully effective for you.

This audio takes just 53 minutes to jump-start an enormous unfolding activation & creation process. While some of my other programs do have short "Fast Zap" 12x-power audios that take 8 to 12 minutes, this specific program requires more time, because you'll need time to tune into each of your ten intentions, while I do a huge number of Alignments for those ten intentions.

If you're thinking, "Wow, 53 minutes, that's too long, I'm too busy…" then ask yourself whether you are actually willing to do what it takes to activate your TOP TEN intentions… or whether you'd rather keep them in the realm of wishful thinking.

If you're willing to do what it takes, then the universe will meet you at least halfway! More like 99% of the way. But if you're not willing to take just 53 minutes, consider that you may be telling the universe, "No thanks, I'm not going to put any energy into this, I'll just stay where I am." (Geez, c'mon, it's only 53 minutes, for 10 life-changing Intentions! Do ya want me to peel yer grapes too? Haha! But seriously, this program has already peeled those energetic grapes for you. And you'll luxuriate in 53 lovely minutes of manifesting huge stuff!)

The Fine Print – Disclaimer & Guarantee


Now Healing is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Please consult your licensed medical provider for diagnosis, treatment, medical & mental health care, advice, etc. Now Healing is not medical healing and makes no claims of medical cure. (It is energetic and morphic healing.) It is intended as a complementary modality, to be used in addition to medical treatment and common-sense healthy & preventative behaviors, but it does not replace them. Please use common sense! By using Now Healing, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof, and you hold harmless Elma Mayer and/or Now Healing. By using Now Healing, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions and actions. Read the full Disclaimer here.

Not sure whether this program will work for you?

Please try the free sample first, because if you get a good shift from the free sample, it's very likely that this program will work for you. Then... Ask your Inner Guidance!  Breathe in to your Center for a full breath or two. Tune in to your Higher Self / Infinite Self. (You may already feel better, just from that!) Now ask your Higher Self: "Will this program give me substantial or useful improvements in my life?"  If you get a "Yes!" or if it feels right, then go for it! If not, don't force it. Honor the answer you get.

Satisfaction Guarantee

WHAT TO EXPECT: Your energetics & resonances WILL shift as you use our programs... but the results and "outcome" will be non-linear and won't necessarily make logical sense. You may or may not perceive the shifts with your conscious awareness. It's essential to be non-attached to specific results. (You'll learn how to get non-attached, as you listen to these audios). It's a paradox, but in this work, the more you let go of "needing" an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need! You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you're "trying" for. You may well get the results you "want" – many people report that they do! But if you're the kind of person who will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy this product, and seek help elsewhere.

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you have given this program an honest try, and you are not happy with your purchase of this program for any reason, you qualify for a refund within 30 days. No questions asked!

REFUND POLICY & INSTRUCTIONS: To request a refund, email us at within 30 days of purchase. Please include the email address with which you purchased. If possible, please include your receipt.

  • Digital-only products qualify for a full refund.
  • Physical products qualify for a refund minus a 20% restocking fee, and you pay for return shipping. So if there's any chance you may want a refund, it's best to choose the digital version.

Refunds are limited to one per customer every 2 years.

ANTI-THEFT & ANTI-PIRACY: This product contains energetic anti-theft & anti-piracy protection. If you buy it with the intention of using it & returning it in order to get your money back, or if you make unauthorized copies, it will not work for you, and you'll create bad karma!

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