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Nedi Safa, Now Healing Certified Practitioner

Nedi Safa
Now Healing Certified Practitioner

Whether you are bothered by something physical or mental, I shift the energy patterns that have you repeating the same bad feelings and circumstances again and again. You get a broader vision of where you’re going and renewed energy to make that happen. Your best life doesn’t seem so far away.

If you have been stuck in your problem, if you want more out of your relationships, career,  body, or your spiritual life – shift happens. I move energy, that’s what I do.

I have a special interest in families and children. I know how hard it is to parent, having been a single parent of special-needs children. I am interested in brains that work differently, and in getting all people mentally fit to achieve their goals.

Nedi’s Experience and Training Includes:

  • Certified Practitioner and teacher of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics 2005
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Aura Therapy
  • Touch for Health
  • Feldenkrais bodywork
  • Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Original staff member of Now Healing
  • Pranic Self-Healing with Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui
  • Chi Kung studies with Master Yuanming Zhang
  • Treating people and animals on every continent since 2003
  • Experience teaching children with special needs and unique learning styles
  • Studied spirituality and healing in America, Europe, and South East Asia

Now Healing has expanded and enriched my work and is the most direct and accessible way to learn energy work. I would recommend it to everyone. I am honored to work alongside Elma Mayer, who is the best teacher of energy healing that I know of.

Testimonials for Nedi

"Thank you soooooo much!

For the first time in months I woke up this morning and feel some relief.

My knees are much better most of the pain is gone. Fingers too are better. Migraine is gone!  Slept for 12 hours and ate like crazy!"

- B.D.

“My ex-husband and I have fallen in love again. We sold our company for a lot of money & starting a new life.

Everything is completely different from 3 weeks ago when I called you and was at the end of my rope, living on people’s couches. How can I ever thank you enough?"

- T.M. Laguna Hills, California

“I continue to feel changes as the effect of feeling less overwhelmed.

Now I feel able to take action and get more things done.

Surprised how much easier my clients' issues have been clearing the last few days."

- Mary Choo, Western Australia

“Everything’s great! I can’t believe it! The family dynamic has totally changed. I don’t know what you did, but thank you so much. I’m stunned."

- Lorien Jones, Menlo Park, CA

"Almost unbearable pain on Friday night was practically unnoticeable Saturday.

- Christopher French, Los Altos, CA

"Thank you for the work you did on our dog.

The spark in his eyes is back, he is eating better, more playful…thank you."

- Greg Nelson, Mission Viejo, CA

"After you worked on [our Autistic Spectrum son] the other night, he immediately began making eye contact. He’s about 70% more connected. He seems 90% happier, too. He’s actually having long conversations with our guest!"

- E.I. Los Angeles, CA

"Nedi is very gifted. I don’t understand what she did, but does it matter? I told her about an ailment that has been with me for many years… I didn’t even notice it was cured until several weeks later. Then I realized it was completely absent."

- Kevin Wilson, Pasadena, CA

"My arthritis had me so bent over, that I recognized people by their shoes! Now I can look people in their face.

I am finding it easier to bend down, pick things up & do the daily little jobs."

- Brigitte Lundblade, Lithuania

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What to Expect in a Session with Nedi:

During a session, you’ll briefly state what is bothering you the most, and what your ideal outcome would be. I will ask you how you feel so you can compare later. I will be quiet while I scan for a sense of what needs strengthening or balancing related to your issue. I cannot tell the future and I do not make your dreams come true. That’s YOUR job. What I can do is help shift the energy that might be blocking you sub-conciously, so you can work on your goals with less resistance and self-sabotage.

The energy weakness is usually not what you think it is.

The purpose of my energy practice is supporting people in their life path. What do you really want? What if your desires are holy?

When you are following your true path, your relationships, career, and health bother you less as they all take their rightful place behind your spiritual journey.

We are all writing the story of our own life right now. There is no waiting for the one “right” answer of your true purpose. Your desires are your guideposts.

What might you experience? Here are a few stories of my healings since 2003 when I started this work.

One woman came to me saying, “I’m so terrified of flying. When I even think of getting on an airplane -Hey! What did you do? I’m not scared anymore! Are you done already before I even explained my problem!” I was indeed done already. We both laughed.

Another woman wrote from Eastern Europe, thank goodness I was at my computer at the time. She wrote, “My throat is closing up and I can’t speak. The people around me think I should go to the hospital, but you’ve helped me before and I trust in you.” I immediately wrote,”Go to the hospital, I’ll keep working!” She wrote, “Never mind. It suddenly went away. Thank you.”

Perhaps the most dramatic story I have is of a man who was shot in the head by drug smugglers. He had been completely paralyzed for 14 months when his wife wrote me. The next morning she wrote that for the first time he moved his left arm and tried to speak. I was so moved when I heard that, I cried.

More Testimonials for Nedi

"Wow!!!! Thank you so much, I love it. I am 66 and have difficulty with loud sounds or two people talking at the same time. I get totally distracted and confused. I can't complete anything, I lose my train of thought. I transpose letters... colors, etc.

Thirty years ago I had bone marrow transplants, chemo brain, pollutants like lead, mercury amalgams, petrochemicals, neurological problems. Thank God for you, Great work."

- Yolanda, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Thank you for the lovely and warm healing. You opened new ways to see and to be. Makes me feel so relaxed and happy.

Your energy and love activated an inner cleaning process on several levels. The day after I felt pure joy in life, based on safety and believe in a good future, as if there is a deeper inner knowledge that the universe is good for me.

I feel that finally, the life I always dreamed of is now unfolding his beauty. I feel gratitude for my past, as it made me ready for this wonderful future... It all made sense.

Thanks for opening new dimensions in my energie field. My days are coloured more intens bright because of your help."

- Gerd Baetens, Belgium

“Nedi is a fantastic healer. It feels very natural and relaxed to have a session with her. Amazing results. I got a lot of positive changes. The pressure lifted off my shoulders.

She worked on my brother, who has multiple disabilities both mental and physical. He can’t talk and didn’t make progress in the last -20 year. A few weeks after the session he is much more relaxed, happy, easier to handle. People say he is much more communicative (in his own way ). Amazing change in his sleeping pattern.

She also worked on my mother who had colon cancer. They wanted to remove part of the colon. Minutes before the surgery the doctors changed their mind and did surgery on her liver and didn’t touch her colon. Bad news, they found liver cancer. Good news, no trace left of colon cancer.

- Luc VDS , Belgium

“Heartfelt thanks for your compassion in quickly arranging a healing for Barbara who had the brain artery collapse. I am happy to say she sounds and feels better than she has in months. She slept well for the first time in a long time. Her voice and speech is clear, strong and vibrant. Her energy and mood are bright and clear.

It was such an urgent situation that Now Healing was the only modality I trusted to be able to make an instant difference. Thank you for your extraordinary skill and healing expertise. This has been a true lifesaver."

- M.A, London, England.

Session Details

How to Schedule an Appointment: First, Please Reserve a Session.  After that, Nedi will contact you by email to schedule your appointment. She will reply within one business day.

Healing Session by Phone with Nedi - Now Healing
  • Same day appoinments are not available. Sessions are not a substitute for medical care or urgent care. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or your local emergency department. Please read the disclaimer below.
  • Sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or Zoom. (If you prefer, you may do an Email Remote Session for yourself or someone else.) Nedi will arrange this with you after you Reserve your Session.
  • Sessions are 25 minutes long.
  • Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

Questions? Contact Customer Service on our Support Page. We will reply within one business day.

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After you reserve your session, Nedi will contact you by email to schedule your appointment. She will reply within one business day.

FAQ - Frequently-Asked Questions about Sessions

Yes! This is remote space-time healing. If you enjoyed the free sample and experienced shifts and improvements, you'll know that it can really work.

Our Phone / Skype / Zoom sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions – and they’re much more convenient, with zero travel and almost zero carbon footprint!

All of our sessions are done remotely. Energy shifts at the speed of light, so distance is no object.


Please try Nedi's free sample above, to get a feel for her style. , If you get a good shift from the free sample, it's very likely that this will work for you.

Then... Ask your Inner Guidance!  Breathe in to your Center for a full breath or two. Tune in to your Higher Self / Infinite Self. (You may already feel better, just from that!) Now ask your Higher Self: "Will a Session with Nedi give me substantial or useful improvements in my life?"  If you get a "Yes!" or if it feels right, then go for it! If not, don't force it. Honor the answer you get.

You’ll briefly tell Nedi what you want to improve, and she will probably work silently for a while. She’ll follow the information she gets from observing your energy field, which may not coincide with the information you give her verbally – because often, your conscious mind is not aware of the energetic blockages that need to be cleared.

The energy can shift very quickly, within moments or minutes. Sometimes people notice a change within a few hours, or the next day. Occasionally, people won’t notice any change at all… but that happens pretty rarely.

The outcome is not predictable, and varies with each session. It’s important to be neutral to the outcome – let go of both low expectations and high expectations. Having no expectations allows you to perceive the changes that do occur more accurately!

Your energy will shift, but no other results are guaranteed. Outcomes are not linear, not predictable, and vary with each session.

Sometimes we get so-called “miraculous” instant healing. Often, we get substantial, tangible change that is completely satisfying. Sometimes, there is room for more improvement. Occasionally, the client won’t perceive any difference at all – but even so, there will always be shifts in the energy. Those shifts may not be perceptible to the client, but they are clearly present when we do energetic testing.

It’s common to get improvements in other areas, beyond what we consciously addressed in the session.

It’s important to be neutral to the outcome – let go of both low expectations and high expectations. Having no expectations allows you to perceive the changes that do occur more accurately.

Paradoxically, non-attachment to the outcome usually creates a better outcome!

There’s no connection between belief and outcome – this is not faith healing.

Please Note: if you will be dissatisfied unless you get specific results, please do not purchase a session, and seek help elsewhere.

Every situation is different. One session is often enough, if you have just one or two issues.

If you have lots of different issues, you'll probably do better with a 3-session package.

That said, even for one or two issues, it can be really nice to do a follow-up session or two, after the initial session! Doing one or two follow-up sessions is useful because some energy shifts may occur over several days, with more layers of your issues coming to the surface.

The number of sessions required is independent of the "severity" of your issue. We've had clients report major "miracle remissions" of serious illness after just one session, and we've also had clients report only minor improvements to very minor problems after several sessions – and vice versa.

Please be non-attached to the timing of your healing!

Be in a safe and relatively quiet space. Be in a comfortable position if possible. Please don't be driving, biking, or even walking in a situation where safety requires you to pay attention to your surroundings. You won't want to split your attention during the session!

Be prepared to describe what you want to improve very briefly. The more time you spend talking about the issue, the less time we have to work on clearing it!

You don’t need to give a detailed history. If the practitioner needs more information from you, they will ask you. Of course, if something significant pops into your awareness, please do tell the practitioner. We just don't want a lot of chit-chat! 😉

We’ll try to get as much done as possible, but we can’t predict how many issues we’ll be able to address.

If you have a medical diagnosis of your issue, please tell the practitioner. But be aware that from a Now Healing perspective, the medical diagnosis does not describe the energetic/morphic component of your problem, it only describes the medical effect of an energetic condition. We only work with the energetic/morphic component of your issues, not the medical cause or medical solution.

Because we use instant-morphic healing, a Now Healing session can give you many shifts in a very short time – much faster than standard energy healing.

Unlike allopathic or homeopathic medicine, and unlike talk-therapy, we do not require you to give us complete medical, psychological, or treatment histories. We do not need highly-detailed descriptions of your issues, symptoms, or past traumas – in fact, if you dwell on the description of your issues for more than a couple of minutes, it  can keep you energetically resonating with "the problem" rather than fully connecting to the healing field.

We want you to only very briefly touch on those details, for a minute or two, so that we can get to work scanning & shifting your energies & resonances directly. If we spend a lot of time talking about your issues, we won't have very much time to actually shift them! If we need more information, we will ask you. 

And of course, if something significant pops into your awareness during your session, please do tell us about it! 

The Fine Print – Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy


Now Healing  and Sessions with Nedi are not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Please consult your licensed medical provider for diagnosis, treatment, medical & mental health care, advice, etc. Now Healing and Sessions with Nedi are not medical healing and make no claims of medical cure. (This is remote energetic and morphic healing.) This is intended as a complementary modality, to be used in addition to medical treatment and common-sense healthy & preventative behaviors, but it does not replace them. Please use common sense! By using Now Healing and/or Sessions with Nedi, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof, and you hold harmless Nedi Safa, Elma Mayer and/or Now Healing. By using Now Healing and/or Sessions with Nedi, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions and actions. Read the full Disclaimer here.

No Refunds on Sessions

Private sessions do not qualify for refunds.  Please see the FAQ section, for "What to Expect".  If you will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy Sessions with Nedi, and seek help elsewhere.

Cancellation Policy

Please try to give Nedi 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. Important: please contact her directly, by email. (If you contact us via our Support page, we may not get the message in time to forward it to Nedi, so please email her, using the email address she sends to you after you reserve your session.)

If you need to cancel, you can re-schedule your session with Nedi by contacting her by email.

Copyright 2021 Now Healing / Privacy & Integrity Policy


  1. Karen Farrell on August 31, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    I listened to Nedi’s mp3 and noticed afterwards that i could think more clearly and absorb information with more ease. I also am anticipating a flight to go see my sister out of state and was feeling very anxious about flying. After listening to the mp3 the fear went away and i am now looking forward to my visit. I also had a personal session with Nedi and she is a joy. After my sessioin i felt so joyful and actually had a real glow to my skin! What a gift she is to the world.

  2. Myra South on April 16, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Nedi has been tremendously helpful with some challenges in my family\home life. She provided wonderful insights and I’ve been able to surf these waves with more grace and sa|ety. Returning to Love and Compassion is faster and easier. I deeply appreciate Nedi’s generosity, skill, sweetness, and smarts.

  3. Dr.Abeer on March 8, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    Heloo again,
    I allready told you that I notice improvement imy 3 years old autistic son, after hearing the MP3 created for autistic by nedi safa.. I also done a skype session with her 2 month back, his eye to eye contact getting sooo much better. He start to wave his hand bye bye. He says numbers very clear and counts. He look smarter.. thank you nedi soooo much..

  4. Dr.Abeer on December 23, 2015 at 9:48 am

    I am a physeicine and a mother of 3 years old boy diagnosed with autism.. i start do for him the mp3 Iam now healing for Autism that created by Nedi safa… and withen 2 weeks I saw improvement.. he start eye to eye contact.. start to try talking… thank you Nedi soooo much…
    I done for him call sesion with Nedi today. . I am excited to see the result… I will cone back to tell you…

  5. Vicki on February 25, 2015 at 7:18 am

    Since the mid 80’s I had an addiction to coffee,my addiction to coffee had gotten worse within the last 2 years due to working overnites and long hours it went from a med cup of coffee with 2 reg. sugars maybe 2 cups per day to 3-4 large coffee mugs with 6-8 tsps or more of reg sugar each mug. Within the last year I made a conscious effort to quit it was veryy hard, going to work smelling the coffee it seems like everybody dranked coffee, my coworkers would offer after a few no’s I would give in..I found the cravings the worst..

    So In Nov/Dec 2014, I decided to try Nedi, within 2weeks I quit drinking coffee, the last cup of coffee I had was on Dec 8th 2014 I experienced manageable cravings, when the cravings came about I did some disentangles & align with wholeness the cravings went away…I still have coffee in my cabinet….I am soooo happy you can’t imagine.

    Also, I had Nedi work on my son he had problems with focusing, math etc..he’s in a special program in school, my son is now getting reports from his teachers that they see major improvements all around, 1 of his teachers called and said she tested him and found he doesn’t need her services anymore in math. I was over joyed, his father and I see his awareness and intelligence is heightened. I thank Nedi for all of her help.
    Much love and Many blessings to you,

  6. Vickie Edwards on September 16, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    Hi Nedi,
    Working in the nursing field, I needed a change, I really wanted to do a different form of nursing than what I was doing I was stuck. Well…within 30 days after working with Nedi, one night 11p-7a shift, there was a pt on the unit that needed outside help from a different nursing agency, the helper came, I greeted him, It turned out 4 years ago he hired me to work for a different nursing agency prior to working on the current job, we worked together that shift he asked general questions about my job, he told me there were changes at his nursing agency and if I became interested I should fill out an application,,hmm!, I thought about it, It’s closer to home, mo’ money, work 3 days a week and I’ll be learning a new skill, I guess I’ll fill out that application (lol), Also, there’s some positive changes coming next years, I’m sleeping more peaceful etc…Nedi, you are a blessing.
    May you and yours be blessed with good health, wealth, love, joy and peace

  7. Falguni Shah on May 26, 2013 at 3:37 am

    Hi, i could never talk to the wives of my friends, never knew what to say in fear of their insecurities perceived or real. After listening, when i met them just said ‘hello’ to her and ‘welcome back’ to my friend with a different and true positive emotion for each one as was real for me. No fear, no scare. Thanks Nedi

  8. Rudy Hunter on March 31, 2012 at 8:50 am

    I just listened to Nedi’s new mp3 healing tool and found I made big improvements quickly in many areas of my experience. This recording covers a lot of ground with ease & grace. Just following along I found places to “clean up” in my daily life that I really appreciate. This recording would make a great gift for yourself and anyone you love. Thank you, Nedi for putting this terrific work out into the world!
    Much love,
    Rudy Hunter

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