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This work is so amazing, very powerful. I had a whole list of issues going on for 15 years with doctors not knowing what is happening to me. To my amazement things started to shift almost instantly. A New Me was born.” 
  —D. Marie

Heal Your Situation is fantasticI was feeling extremely stressed over financial pressure… My situation went from a 10 (worst) ... down to a 0 (no problem). My body felt so calm and relaxedNo more sleepless, stressed out nights for me!”

Elma, this is your MasterWork! AWESOME! THE BEST YET! These sessions are both an expansion of and distillation of all the elements of Now Healing from your other programs. I had multiple light bulb moments and flashes of clarity"
  — Penny M., Virginia

powerful and healing experience. The rapid succession of shifts that seemed to light up my nervous system was indeed intense! Amazing. Your guidance was so incredibly thorough!  I love it, and I am deeply grateful.”   
  —Meredith, Los Angeles

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