Heal Your Situation:
Deep Healing for Any Pain or Problem

Heal Your Situation – 9 power-healing sessions for any complex or chronic issues

What's in each session?

This is Now Healing's most intensive & comprehensive program...

Designed to be used for multiple issues, difficulties & diagnoses.

Especially the stuff for which you've "tried everything"!

Use this program again & again...

For ALL your complex issues, chronic patterns & recurring trauma-triggers. Or... just simple aches & everyday annoyances!

You've probably tried everything to find the cause of your problems, right?

But it's not about the cause!

What you might think of as the cause of your problems or pains is hardly ever just one thing. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't just have one single root cause.

Healing methods that try to pinpoint the root cause (like a childhood trauma or chakra blockage or biochemical deficiency)... are way too simplistic.  Because... What caused that root cause?

(And with all the work you've already done... if there were just a simple, single source for your problem... you would have healed it by now!)

Every "problem" is actually a much larger Situation. And it is energetically entangled with everything in the universe – and all of space & time.

In this program, we Disentangle ALL of that... with a revolutionary new way to Heal Your Situation.

This deep healing worked wonders for me & my clients. Can it work for you? Watch:

Activate deep Healing for your Entangled Situation…
without giving up your power (or lots of energy, time & money)

I don’t think 'Miraculous' is an overstatement.

This has given me the only relief I’ve had in 8 years in a toxic relationship.

I cannot believe the outcome... I felt a complete shift.

I woke up and the issue was resolved. I can’t thank you enough for Heal Your Situation...
Amazing program.

—Linda D, Colorado

Free yourself from desperately seeking specialists, or:

  • Running around to different experts who give you conflicting advice  (but who don't look at the larger context of your many entangled issues)
  • Wishing for powerful miracle-workers, shamans, or gurus to save you
  • Chasing elusive root causes

These Healing Sessions fully empower you to...

Plug In to the Healing Field – Directly – Yourself.

  • No need for private sessions with energy healers or therapists.
  • No need to seek different specialists with conflicting cures. ***
  • No need to pinpoint the so-called “root cause” of your problem or get an elusive or unhelpful diagnosis. ***

You can untangle the many different knots that hold you back from automatic healing... simply by using this program.

With this program...

You'll be able to take care of a big chunk of your healing needs, yourself.

***Of course, if you have a medical emergency or serious symptoms, please seek medical help!
Read the Disclaimer!

Do you have hidden blockages to healing?

We all do sometimes! But we are often oblivious to them.


However, these powerful audios work at light-speed to:

  • Unblock your connection to the Healing Field (not just for your body & mind, but for your energy, time, space & everything!)
  • Unravel your HIDDEN distortions (that keep you stuck in unwanted situations)
  • Unleash your INNATE power (to revitalize your body, mind, money, love… and whole life)

Open yourself up to the flow of the Healing State.

How can you access the Healing Field directly?
It's actually easy.

In this program, you'll get step-by-step guidance.

You'll be able to:

  • Plug yourself into the healing field, for "automatic" healing.
  • Evaporate buried blockages that bind you to your deepest problems
  • Receive instant healing Alignments for your unique pains and limiting patterns
  • Remove your resonance with disease, doubts & self-sabotage
  • Open up ALL areas of your life, to freedom, flow & ease
Heal Your Situation - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

Allow Healing to flow into you...
with ease.
(Feel it already happening... Now!)

Why heal Your “Situation" – not just a "Problem"?

Why you should not treat each symptom or struggle as a separate issue – and get a "specialist" for it:

We’ve been led to believe we should consult highly-trained specialists to treat each individual pain, pattern and problem in our lives separately. But even so-called “holistic” specialists often ignore the distant resonances and unknown entanglements that keep your problem in place.

And even worse… If you have more than one pain or problem… you’ll spend way too much of your energy, time and money chasing down specialists for each individual problem!

Because there is no such thing as an isolated problem, pain, or difficulty

All of your "issues" are actually much larger Situations.
For example...

If you have Physical Pain…

… You don’t just have an injury, inflammation or infection! You probably also have issues like…

  • Fear that the pain will worsen with age, or self-blame that you somehow “attracted” it (even though you’ve done everything right).
  • Loss of freedom – you stop going to your favorite yoga class because others might judge you as old and out-of-shape… so your life gets even more limited… so you work fewer hours, then go into debt.
  • Side effects from medications…. uncertainty about which treatment options will work… and whether you’ll even be able to pay for them!

If you have a Financial Problem…

… You you don’t just have overdue bills or debt. You probably also…

  • Argue with your spouse about money. But even if you solve your finances, that will not heal how you relate to your spouse in other life areas.
  • Lack confidence in your ability to get a new job that pays more… and allows you to live your life Aligned with purpose and fulfillment.
  • Lose sleep because of anxious mental loops… so you experience fatigue, sugar cravings, lack of productivity, and spiritual dissatisfaction.

You can see how all your problems are small parts of a much bigger picture.

So instead of healing each small part — let's heal your entire situation.

Holographic Healing...
from the tiny hidden roots to the cosmic big picture

Heal Your Situation is a deep healing program that Aligns your situation from both the wide lense of the big picture, and the in-depth specific bits.

It heals you from every possible angle… not just the standard “holistic” areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.  There’s also time and space. But most importantly, it heals morphic habits and patterns, and the resonances and entanglements between all things.

This is the most thorough and comprehensive way to heal. We heal top-down, bottom-up, inside and out, past and future… and the entire universe.

It sounds complicated, but no worries… in Heal Your Situation, I take you through an easy guided healing process.

Yes, you really can get customized healing – and and you really can heal all your many different issues –  without the need for private sessions with energy healers. The simple tools you need are all right here in my Heal Your Situation audios.

“I am blown away by the quality & content of this program.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to it!

Instant astonishing shifts.

I felt lighter & clearer after the first few minutes.

It really, really works!”

—GS, New York

I know this really works... because I use it myself!

I’ve experienced – and healed – pain, illness, family trauma, money woes...

Elma 30 Years Ago - Heal Your Situation - Now Healing

In 1991, I got Lyme disease. Even though I tried all kinds of conventional & alternative medicine, it didn't really improve until I did this kind of instant-energy healing on it, in 2003.

For instance, Lyme disease. Need I say more? Oh, there's much more!

I've also had a really rough relationship with my mom. Plus my parents & grandparents were holocaust survivors with untreated PTSD, and then we fled a totalitarian regime when I was a toddler. So that's a big bunch o' epigentic distortion, to say the least!

And then there's just life. Stuff happens... that needs healing.

So even though I have healed greatly from all those issues…

There’s always more to heal.

That's why I still do healing on myself – every day. 

It not only heals me, it uplifts & re-tunes me to Wholeness, daily.

For example, I use it to…

  • Upgrade my body to more freedom & flexibility
  • Expand my mind, spirit & creativity... and elevate my state
  • Manifest money & abundance, enjoyment & evolution
  • Nourish & ground my relationships
  • Align my life's work, healing the planet, and my business (Now Healing) with its highest expression and divine will
Heal Your Situation

This is me in 2016, when I created this baby for myself, and for everyone like me who wants a big boatload o' healing for lots of different things! I still use these tools daily.

I needed this myself – and so did my clients!

Heal Your Situation - Happy Customers - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

"I was in a desperate financial situation. Constant pain in my heart, back & neck.

I felt a sudden improvement in emotional state. More clarity to find solutions, with detachment. I felt movement, bubbles bursting around my energy field.

Miraculous pain relief.
Alignment, grounding, safety, confidence, serenity, hope. Immense gratitude for this beautiful work.”

- Monica, Brazil

" Wow! This is brilliant!

I worked on food cravings – completely gone now!

I will be using this over and over again.

This program is life changing.”

—David G, Olympia WA

“Heal Your Situation is fantastic! I was feeling extremely stressed over financial pressure…

It went from 10 (worst) to 0 (no problem).

My body felt so calm and relaxed.

No more sleepless, stressed out nights for me!”


If you have many kinds of issues to heal...
You don’t have spend a fortune on many different products!

With standard old-school healing, to meet all your needs, you might require FIVE separate products or healing sessions, for:

1. Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and bad habits.

2. Emotional traumas and karma.

3. Money, abundance, attraction, and manifestation.

4. Family relationships, and soul-mate attraction.

5. Body issues, pain, chronic illness, allergies, aging.

That's too many darn healing products!

I’ve created a total, comprehensive, deep healing solution. Because I understand…

  • The pain, fear, and overwhelm of multiple mystery symptoms, and hypersensitivity to the world.
  • The stress, anger, and disappointment of running to a dozen different specialists, and getting conflicting answers – none of which work.
  • The super-human effort it can take to just barely function each day...
  • How each separate symptom or problem (whether it's a small annoyance, or a huge catastrophe) adds distortion to your entire life...

Instead, use ONE solution – that works on Everything.

What does this program work on? You will... 

Disentangle all your inter-related negative stuff:

  • Body issues, aches, allergies, and any physical ailments & discomforts (see disclaimer below)
  • Habits and behaviors that keep you in a rut
  • Sluggish thinking and depressed vitality
  • Fear, worry, and doubt that keep you from being kind to your loved ones
  • Stuckness, self-sabotage & procrastinating on living your purpose
  • And tons of hidden distortions and disconnects

Re-integrate & Activate all the good stuff:

  • Feel safe & joyful living as your true self, in your beautiful body!
  • Allow flow and receptivity to life’s blessings
  • Open to love, abundance & inspiration
  • Create your highest expression
  • Align your innermost essence… with your outermost effectiveness.
  • And best of all, you'll be empowered to heal anything, anytime.

Melt away old blockages... to reveal your highest self 

  • Activate and energize your ideal states
  • Clear and invigorate your magnetism
  • Evaporate anxieties so you can charge forward with greater ease
  • And unblock your body's self-healing patterns

This program is UNIQUE. There's nothing else like it.

It’s a new flavor, frequency & fractal of Wholeness

Heal Your Situation - Now Healing Logo All Rights Reserved

You can use it to

  • Heal yourself and others… without needing learn a healing modality.
  • Heal any situation… without having to pay for multiple specialists or practitioners.
  • Get WHOLE healing, not just for your “parts”… so that your body, mind, spirit, life — and the ENTIRE universe — all Align to support your healing and Wholeness.

And it works wonders on anything and everything.

What's in Each Session

Heal Your Situation - Digital Version

Digital Version: Stream Online or Download

Each session is fully customizable for any situation that you bring.

Heal Your Situation – Guided Healing for Any Pain, Problem or Pattern - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

CDs & Book, plus Digital Version

Each session unfolds the hidden components of YOUR situation.

Session 1   (47 minutes)
What brings you here? Align it now!

  • Learn how to discern & observe your situation for optimal healing
  • Expand your awareness & your undistorted perception – of your body, mind, mood – so that you accurately identify your blockages & disconnects.
  • Clear all the entangled components of your situation & Reintegrate them.
  • Enter a state of instant healing & Wholeness
  • Discover an easy template you can use, to heal any situation

Session 2   (48 minutes)
Activate highest healing

  • Find out whether you are blocked from Healing. (You might be surprised.)
  • Quickly get non-attached to outcomes, so you can get better outcomes!
  • Activate your highest expression of healing that applies to you
  • Watch what happens when you simply Align your entire situation with Wholeness!

Session 3  (74 minutes)
Clear the Mind Field

  • Clear away thoughts and self-talk that keep you from healing
  • Transcend your beliefs, assumptions, inner skeptic, and hidden objections
  • Overcome your attachment to specific needs and conditions for healing
  • Purge your history and unnecessary attachments to it
  • Scan your entire Mind Field, to repair ALL disconnects and distortions

Session 4 (63 minutes)
Scan & Align your Body:
Total Body Reintegration

Even if your situation is not primarily about your body, this Total Body Reintegration will strongly support the healing of your situation and enable you to more easily handle stress. We Align your...

  • Spine, nerves, brain, heart (physical and energetic)
  • Organ systems, organs, glands
  • Functions, fluids, metabolism, hormones, senses, and digestion
  • Structures, tissues and cells
  • Qi, energy meridians, chakras, auric field...  and much more.

Session 5 (39 minutes)
Scan the Universe for Entanglements

  • Align everything outside of your body (known and unknown) related to your situation…
  • …This includes: matter, energy, time, space, psychic resonance, morphic memory, external minds, collective consciousness
  • Plus... relationships, ancestors, future generations
  • And many other field phenomena (that most healing methods ignore).
  • Because... everything in the universe can entangle with your situation!

Session 6 (55 minutes)
Create Your State

  • Identify the most important question to ask, to allow healing into your life
  • Upgrade your story, and program your ideal outcome
  • A deep and powerful Sacred Geometry Alignment
  • Create your new vibrant state – and learn to sustain it
  • Recap of the Basic Protocol for use on any situation

AND you also get…

Session 7 (Seven Audios @ 6 minutes each*)
Fast Zaps: Seven 12x Power Alignment Audios

A totally unique, proprietary NEW healing technology!

*Each 6-minute audio contains 72 minutes-worth of healing!

  • Use these Fast Zaps of instant healing for super-accelerated results.
  • Save Time! Exponentially powerful healing – in just six minutes
  • Receive incredibly fast, high-potency Alignments (144 per minute!

Session 8 (31 minutes)
Heal While You Sleep

  • Absorb the healing as you doze off. Powerful and easy multi-layered healing.
  • Program yourself to heal as you sleep
  • Assimilate powerful healing techniques not only into your subconscious, but on all levels

Session 9 (21 minutes)
Healing Others: How to use this program on behalf of other people

  • Receive easy instructions on how to share and run the audios for others
  • Pay forward the gift of healing to those you love
  • Please note: This is not a course in “how to heal others.” You will be using the audios on behalf of others, and learn how to apply the Alignments to them – it's simple.

Book (76 pages)
Worksheets, FAQs & Transcripts

  • Gain deep new insights and inspired answers as you track your progress with your customized worksheet (it's not "just" a worksheet, it's a healing tool in itself)
  • Quick answers to all your questions about Heal Your Situation
  • Refer to checklists, tips, tools, plus transcripts of the Introduction audio and Healing Others audio as you listen

Ten Transformation Templates

These ten templates are super-powerful shortcuts to healing... loaded with personal healing Activations. They’re designed to be used in written form, even when you cannot listen to your audios.

  • A handy guide that's great for "visual" people who enjoy the written word. Go at your own pace!
  • You'll learn to heal yourself, with these powerful checklists of Alignments.
  • Use them anytime, on any issue – for yourself, and your loved ones.
  • An instant “energizer” at your fingertips, at a moment’s notice.

Total Audio Running Time: 8 Hours

Heal Your Situation is BETTER than private sessions.

And much more affordable!

(8 hours of private sessions with me would cost $2788!)

Heal Your Situation is intended to replace or significantly reduce your need for private sessions with energy healers and therapists—and the big expense in time and money that comes with them.

Private sessions with me are not available unless you are accepted into my advanced mentorship program for $697 per month.

And even if you were.. or even if you did spend thousands of dollars on private sessions with another practitioner...  you would still want all the cool stuff that comes with Heal Your Situation: the complete scans of body, mind and universe, the Fast Zap 12x Power Alignments, the Sleep Session, the How to Heal Others Session... and the amazing Bonus, Ten Transformation Templates)! In fact, this program can be used to fulfil the pre-requisite for my advanced mentorship program.

Heal Your Situation is by far the most effective, and most affordable way to get a comprehensive, customized session from me – in a box!

In fact, in many cases it's better, faster, and deeper than private sessions. Because the exclusive 12x Power Alignment audio technology cannot be done in a live session, it only works in a recording.

It is a small investment, for infinite rewards... in your healing and Wholeness. You will use it again and again – on ALL your issues, FOREVER – so it keeps on saving you money... for your children, parents, spouse, and yourself.

When you consider that a trip to a healer can cost you
HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for a single session...

suddenly the savings you’ll realize become enormous!

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Heal Your Situation

Hard Copy
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Heal Your Situation – Guided Healing for Any Pain, Problem or Pattern - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

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Heal Your Situation

Digital Version
(MP3s & PDFs + Online Access)

Heal Your Situation - Digital Version


More Raves for Heal Your Situation

"Elma, this is your MasterWork! THE BEST YET!

These sessions are an expansion and distillation of all the elements of Now Healing from your other programs.

I had multiple light bulb moments & flashes of clarity on my situation & the Now Healing process.

I experienced unexpected magic: I switched situations in the middle of session 1, thinking “sleep” was too big an issue, and nothing had ever helped it anyway.

To my delighted surprise, not only did my new specific situation go down from an 8 to a 1, my sleep has been much improved this week in quality, quantity, dreams, and daily energy levels!”

- Penny M., Virginia

"I have been studying energy work for over 20 years. Elma Mayer is one of the best healers out there. Frankly, I'm astonished that she would choose to reveal her method with this degree of depth & thoroughness, as few in her position ever do.

No other program that I know of covers the anatomy of a problem & its solution in this kind of depth. Just listening to this is an education in itself on the inner nuts & bolts of the secret realms of effective energy healing.

This program is an extensive course on energy healing, in and of itself.

And it really works - it is the only system you will ever need to heal anything & everything in your life - no matter how big or small.”

- CS, New York

"My anxiety over my family's financial distress was high. The mental looping I experienced, searching for a root cause to remove, beating myself up over "could haves" and "should haves" were just kept at bay by my optimism and tools I use as a coach and energy healer. Now, though, after working with Heal Your Situation, I feel calm, detached, and steady. Thank you Elma, for yet another powerful program!”

- Anne Smith, Maine

"A powerful and healing experience. The rapid succession of shifts that seemed to light up my nervous system throughout the sessions was indeed intense! Amazing. Your guidance was so incredibly thorough! My ‘situation' was that I have been too sick to heal my home, and now my home is too sick to heal me…very intertwined, after years of chronic illness and domestic neglect. It seemed impossible that I could ever catch up. After Session 2, I spent ten hours straight working on the house, and had to force myself to stop in order to listen to Session 3. (That irony was not lost on me.) While physically demanding, there was a noticeable lack of resistance, and a mental clarity that is often missing. It was a pleasure to have that experience so quickly! I love it, and I am deeply grateful.”

- Meredith, Los Angeles CA

"I am so much in awe for what you were able to create again. I allowed your crystal clear voice to guide me through each step. It’s like a journey where not only I could observe the incredible intricacy of each tiny bit of my situation with the whole Universe but I could also feel a general wellbeing taking place all over my body as we moved forward. There I remained with the wonder of a child. This healing process is so complete that whatsoever situation you chose to work on has no other choice than become whole again and with that lots of other things are getting cleared too, just as a side effect. Wonderful and simple! Thank you from all my heart. God must really jump for joy for all what you create !!”

- Silvia Mayrhuber, Rome

"I never felt so at home in my body before, and the energy is still buzzing. My unemployment situation with all its judging, panicking and despairing has morphed into quiet, without the nagging feeling of not being and doing enough. Phenomenal. A wonderful and complex package!”

- Sonja S., Germany

"This work is so amazing, very powerful. When I started, I had a whole list of issues going on for 15 years with doctors not really knowing what is happening to me. I was in a state of overwhelm and despair. My issues seemed so huge that I did not have any expectations. To my amazement things started to shift almost instantly. I was surprised to see that I had blocks to healing, and that deep down, I thought that healing needs to take time and that it is normal and even desirable to have painful healing crisis. I had several Aha moments . . . and when I finally emerged from the other side of the last audio, a New Me was born . . . Strong, healed and Aligned with Wholeness. This work rocks. It is something to be treasured and kept preciously, as it can be used endlessly to shift any issue that crops up in our lives.”


"I’ve had remarkable results in less than one month. I applied [Heal Your Situation] on seven situations so far. It seemed they were queuing for being healed. I started from my gastrointestinal issues, having felt my internal organs numb since ever (without knowing that because my condition had become my normal state). The turning point for me was when I was listening to the “clear the mind” audio, and the “scan your body” audio, thanks to which while you were aligning the spine, nerves and the organs I could really start feeling my body, like for the first time since my childhood. So, I am enjoying my new state now and listening to my body with curiosity , as if my life had been given back to me. Many more things have shifted, like this sort of tension that I’ve felt around my body for ages, which is totally gone and much more…"

- Marzia

The Fine Print – Disclaimer & Guarantee


Now Healing is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. Please consult your licensed medical provider for diagnosis, treatment, medical & mental health care, advice, etc. Now Healing is not medical healing and makes no claims of medical cure. (It is energetic and morphic healing.) It is intended as a complementary modality, to be used in addition to medical treatment and common-sense healthy & preventative behaviors, but it does not replace them. Please use common sense! By using Now Healing, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof, and you hold harmless Elma Mayer and/or Now Healing. By using Now Healing, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your own healing, health, decisions and actions. Read the full Disclaimer here.

Not sure whether this program will work for you?

Ask your Inner Guidance!  Breathe in to your Center for a full breath or two. Tune in to your Higher Self / Infinite Self. (You may already feel better, just from that!) Now ask your Higher Self: "Will this program give me substantial or useful improvements in my life?"  If you get a "Yes!" or if it feels right, then go for it! If not, don't force it. Honor the answer you get.

Satisfaction Guarantee

WHAT TO EXPECT: Your energetics & resonances WILL shift as you use our programs... but the results and "outcome" will be non-linear and won't necessarily make logical sense. You may or may not perceive the shifts with your conscious awareness. It's essential to be non-attached to specific results. (You'll learn how to get non-attached, as you listen to these audios). It's a paradox, but in this work, the more you let go of "needing" an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need! You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you're "trying" for. You may well get the results you "want" – many people report that they do! But if you're the kind of person who will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy this product, and seek help elsewhere.

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you have given this program an honest try, and you are not happy with your purchase of this program for any reason, you qualify for a refund within 30 days. No questions asked!

  • Digital-only products qualify for a full refund.
  • Physical products (hard copies, CDs & books) qualify for a refund minus a 20% restocking fee, and you pay for return shipping. So if there's any chance you may want a refund, it's best to choose the digital version.

REFUND POLICY & INSTRUCTIONS: To request a refund, email us at info@nowhealing.com within 30 days of purchase, or fill out our support form.

  • Please include the email address with which you purchased. If possible, please include your receipt.
  • Refunds are limited to one per customer every 2 years.

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT... BECAUSE THIS CONTAINS ANTI-THEFT & ANTI-PIRACY PROTECTION: This product contains energetic anti-theft & anti-piracy protection. If you buy it with the intention of using it & returning it in order to get your money back, or if you make unauthorized copies, or share it with a bunch of people, it will NOT work for you, and you'll create bad karma! (It's OK to share your copy with people who live in your home, and with 1 other person who listens in your home, coz I know you love them! But just do the right thing, OK? )

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