Shift It Now!
A Powerful Instant Healing Teleseminar

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio Hosts a Healing Demonstration with Elma Mayer

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Experience Effortless Healing… for Your Issue or Problem!
You’ll get more than just Information in this free teleseminar… you’ll get actual Transformation! You will:

  • Receive an energy shift, for an issue of your choice.
  • Learn easy techniques to shift your own energy, instantly.
  • Heal in the comfort of your own home!

Many People Report Immediate Improvement – for All Kinds of Issues…
including pain, stiffness, injury, allergy, stress, worry, depression, irritability, past trauma, learning ability, relationship issues, self-sabotage, and any kind of life blockage. Align with your goals, and improve any situation… effortlessly and effectively, in minutes. It’s all energy… and it can shift at the speed of light.

“The teleseminar was amazing. My chronic lower back difficulties just melted away half-way through the call.”
Rudy Hunter, Healer, New York



“Elma, Your shifts are pure magic.”
Rick Lefever, Hypnotherapist, Oregon

“That was so amazing. I am awe-struck. I haven’t felt such a feeling of relief or brightness for so long. I also found that nearly everybody else’s issue directly related to me, which was amazing. I am astounded by your healing power.”
Paul, County Clare, Ireland.

“WOW ELMA, ANOTHER GREAT TELESEMINAR. Aligning feels sooo good. The ease and clarity is awesome.”
Marcia Rickert

“elma, what you have done… is an incredible synthesis of some of the leading edge technologies we have to date. the pureness and simplicity is the proof of its direct link to source. the material is some of the best i have come across. this class really demystifies healing work”
– Kai Liu, CA

“It was beyond fantastic. You keep outdoing yourself with each seminar! As you were reading the others intentions I was saying ooo, awe, I need that too. It is so great that I got the shifts in all those other intentions that I was resonating with. This work is fantastic! I have a much greater sense of calmness.”
Fran, California

About Elma Mayer
Elma is the founder of Now Healing. She takes energy healing out of the realm of the mysterious, and makes it accessible to everyone. Elma has taught thousands of people to do instant healing. She is a Certified Practitioner and Instructor of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, a Certified Matrix Energetics and ThetaHealing Practitioner. Her Now Healing technique is easy to learn…

About Now Healing
Now Healing teaches powerful, effective and instant energy healing – whether you’re an experienced healer or a beginner. Instant Healing is not just for saints and shamans anymore, it’s a teachable skill. The basic techniques take just a few minutes to learn. With only a little practice, you can start healing immediately.