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This program is no longer available.
Try This Instead – you will get similar results:
Now Healing 101

The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics is a powerful, easy Instant Healing method. It gets consistently amazing results, even for beginners. Yuen Method is one of the main foundations of Now Healing.

Watch a sample of my coaching style.

  • In this video, I’ll teach you basic Yuen Method, in about 6 minutes!
  • Get a healing demonstration, and a sneak peek into the coaching program.


Please note: the 4-hour “Introductory Course” described at the end of this video is no longer being offered. Instead, I am offering this private Coaching Program.

Private Coaching Program for Yuen Method Students

You Get:

  • Three 45-minute Coaching Sessions (by phone – no need to travel!)
  • Recordings of each session, so you can review as often as you like.
  • Your specific needs addressed! Each session is individually tailored for you.
  • Energetic corrections that actually improve your ability to do Yuen Method.

You Should Not Do this Coaching Program If…

  • You want to sit back and get healed. This is not like having private sessions with a practitioner who works on “healing” you. There are plenty of practitioners out there – doctors, acupuncturists, alternative healers, Yuen Method Practitioners, etc – who are amazing healers and who are willing to help you in private sessions. But this is not for you, if you expect to sit back and receive healing.
  • You have a hard time with rapid change. If you insist on having improvement and evolution happen slowly, so that you can take time to process, this program is not for you.

This Program is Right for You, If:

  • You’re ready to take a quantum leap in your own healing abilities – and learn to heal yourself and others, instantly and easily.
  • You’ll allow fast results – with no need to process, analyze or over-think. You’re able to accept that healing has gone high speed. If you like fast computers, instant messaging, and an infinite amount of information at the click of a key (instead of carrier pigeons, or a message in a bottle) – then you’ll like this!
  • You’re willing to allow healing to be easy – with no need for struggle. You’re willing to let go of the belief that there must be a difficult healing crisis, hard life lessons to learn, or a steep learning curve. You sense that there’s got to be an easy way!

Are You Experienced… or Not?

This program works for all levels of experience, including:

  • Beginning healers with no prior training.
  • Experienced healing arts practitioners who want to add this powerful modality to their tool-kit.
  • People who have already taken a workshop with Dr. Yuen… but want more clarity, understanding, and corrections to actually do it themselves!

Program Curriculum:

  • Learn to use the basic Yuen Method techniques of Testing and Correction, effectively and immediately.
  • Get energetic Corrections for being able to actually do Yuen Method. This is beyond mere learning!
  • Learn how to create instant change – for any kind of pain or problem.
  • Access the power of Neutrality, quickly and easily.
  • Find and correct the root cause of any problem or pain.
  • Access your Intuition, in a systematic, reproducible way.

What are the Benefits?

  • Save time and money! Improve your Yuen Method chops, without having to spend $900 on a full 3-day workshop.
  • Understand what Dr. Yuen is talking about, if you do attend a Yuen Mastery Seminar – rather than spending the weekend scratching your head and wondering what the heck is going on, like many people do!
  • Enhance your Yuen Method abilities – If you’ve already taken a YM workshop but don’t quite get it yet, this program will get you up to speed.
  • Enhance your other modalities – Add Yuen Method to your Matrix Energetics control panel. Integrate it with your Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Reiki practice, etc.
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home – no need to travel!
  • Get clear, step-by-step instruction.
  • Get the audio recordings, so you can listen and review, as often as you like.
  • Best of all, you’ll be able to do basic Yuen Method treatment
    on yourself – and on others – by the end of this program…
    even if you never take another Yuen Method class again!


Enroll Here

Yuen Method Coaching Program – by Phone

This program no longer availabe.
Try This Instead: Now Healing 101


About the Instructor

Elma Mayer has been a Certified Yuen Method Practitioner and Instructor since 2005. She has taught Yuen Method workshops, demonstrations, Introductory courses, and Level 1, 2 and 3 courses – to hundreds of students throughout Southern California (and the world, via teleseminar). Many of her students have gone on to become Certified Practitioners themselves.


Testimonials for Elma’s Yuen Method Courses

This was great and transformational.
Evelyne Llorente MD, Fountain Valley CA

It was spectacular. The best experience of the many modalities that I’ve taken.
Cathryn Hartt, Acting Coach, Dallas TX

Wonderful. Very high quality of knowledge, experience and practice. It has already changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Thanks a million.
Dianna Burdick, Massage Therapist, Ventura, CA

This is the best I have learned to date. Anonymous, Camarillo CA

This class was extremely helpful on every level. Patti N., Los Angeles CA

I learned so much! Lou E, Sherman Oaks CA

I had bleeding and abdominal pain. The gynecologist found an ovary cyst. For three months I tried herbs, birth control pills and some healing sessions. I participated in Yuen method 1, 2 and 3 [with Elma]. When I went to the hospital for an ultrasound in July, my ovarian cyst was gone!! I believe that it helped me escape an operation. I remember a wonderful time in workshop. I am practicing Yuen Method remotely for my family and friends.
Nao, Chicago IL

This class was phenomenal. I am so grateful to come away with powerful techniques. This was my initiation into the quantum age! Everyone should do this not only for themselves but to heal the planet as well.
Anonymous, San Diego, CA

I find myself wanting to work with it ALL THE TIME. it is a real blessing to have found something I can begin doing NOW!!!! This is so accessible. I have also noticed evolution in my own life and finding that I may have gotten more than I was aware of out of the class. How fun! Anonymous

This was a wonderful class. We were taken through the process step by step with emphasis on everyone getting the techniques.
K.G., Retired Teacher, South Pasadena CA

Great class. Felt confident when I left that I can do this work.
Judy Calvin, Thousand Oaks, CA

I am fifteen years younger. Diabetes is gone. I have had tremendous gains in prosperity, relations, health.
Buck Haegele, Woodland Hills, CA



Q: Why get coaching from Elma, rather than taking a weekend workshop with Dr. Kam Yuen?
A: Here’s a quick description from Elma:
Dr. Yuen is a brilliant master, and I heartily recommend taking his classes, if he’s doing the teaching. But even though he’s amazing, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually “get” how to do it.

In my Yuen Method classes, as well as in my Now Healing courses, I’ll make sure you can walk away actually knowing how do it – both by teaching you the steps, clearly and systematically, and by giving you energetic alignments to really “get” it. I pack in as much info as possible. I try to accommodate many learning styles – especially the step-by-step left-brained approach.”

To take courses from Dr. Yuen, go to YMSeminars.

The Yuen Mastery Seminars contain the latest information from Dr. Yuen – but it’s all based on same the basic techniques that you’ll learn in this coaching program.

Q: Does this program count towards YM Certification?

A: No – but it sure can make your YM experience easier, because you’ll get up to speed quickly! (However, you may be able to use the hours spent in this program as part of your 100-hour practice journal.)

Q: How is Yuen Method different from Now Healing?

A: Yuen Method is one of the main foundations of Now Healing (the other main influence is Orin – and there are lots of additional flavors in the mix, including Matrix Energetics and lots more.

If you do the Now Healing 101 course, you won’t learn Yuen Method itself – because I want to be very respectful of Dr. Yuen’s intellectual and spiritual property. But you will get similar instant healing results!

So which one should you learn? I offer you two choices:
a) Since I don’t have any Yuen Method courses currently scheduled, I recommend the Now Healing 101 course. The Now Healing 101 course is great for you, if you want to get started in moments, and if you like to learn on your own, by reading a manual and listening to audio recordings at your own pace.

Here’s what one person says:“I feel that Now Healing encompasses everything I learned in Yuen Method in its own unique way and expands it. If someone wants to learn about energy work, I send them to NOW HEALING.”
Nedi Safa, Now Healing Practitioner, Yuen Method Certified Practitioner

Or, b) if you want individual attention, hand-holding and private coaching, enroll in the Yuen Method Coaching Program.

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