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Instructions: Do the 3-Step Process below. (The first time, it may take you a minute or two. But after that, you'll be able to do this fast – it will take about 30 seconds to create enormous  shifts in your energies & resonances!)
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Step 1. Tune in to your answers that you just submitted, about what you would love to create, and what you want to stop creating. Hold these intentions in your awareness for about 15 seconds. (If you cannot remember exactly what your answers were, no worries! Simply tune in to the fact that you HAVE an intention to create the life you want, whatever it may be! )

Step 2. Look at the Healing Image below. Say the written words* aloud or silently. When you say the word "Now," and see the star-shaped image,** allow the energy of this Healing to enter you. Sense it "clicking in" to your Center.***  (This step should take about 15 seconds.)

Got questions about how to do this? Here are some brief hints. (You'll get lots more tips & healings in your email inbox soon!)
* The written words in the image are a Now Healing CommandTM. To learn more, scroll down and join Guided Healing!
  ** The star shape is called the Now Healing Circle of Light-RaysTM, also known as the Now Healing Sunburst or Starburst.
  *** Your Center is the vertical line or tube that connects your heart, gut, pelvic floor, third eye, crown, etc.

Healing Image:

GHM Light Up-Free Healing Image4

Step 3. Allow that shifts are happening on all levels of reality... Now! You may or may not sense energy shifting inside you and around you, but allow that changes are happening... Now! Notice what you are becoming aware of, and also, become aware of more than you are currently noticing! Notice Wholeness... Now!

Please note: many shifts are happening beyond your local awareness – including in the past, future, and non-locally throughout space and time.

Great! Go forth and create! (Stay aware of new inspirations, ideas, and new, Aligned ways to express your higher self and purpose in life!

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