Scholarship Application for
the Guided Healing Membership

What is this scholarship?

We are happy to provide scholarship financial aid, for the following reasons:

  • Low-income or financial hardship
  • Weak currency exchange rate in your country
  • Reparations for BIPOC (Black-Indigenous-People of Color) who are descended from enslaved or colonized people

What is the scholarship amount?

If your application is accepted, you will get a reduction of $40, for your first month of membership.

The regular price for the first month is $67. The scholarship price is $27.

From the second month on, the price is $27 per month.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • If you can comfortably afford to pay, please do not apply, even if your country has a weak exchange rate, or you are descended from oppressed/marginalized people. Thank you for helping out other people who truly need the financial help, by not claiming a scholarship if you can afford to pay!
  • If you simply want to save money (and who doesn’t, right?) or you just don’t want to pay full price, please do not apply. Thanks for being Aligned with integrity, and for helping support others who truly need the financial aid!
  • If paying regular price for this program means that you will not have enough money for necessities like food, shelter, transportation, medicine, clothing, then by all means, please DO apply!

You will need a credit card.

We cannot accept Paypal, cash or checks, for this program, sorry.

If you really have no way to make payments, no worries, we still offer you a huge amount of powerful healing: Please help yourself to our free program, “A Year of Free Healing Alignments”.

How long does the application process take?

Please allow several business days. We cannot guarantee same-day or next-day approval, so please plan accordingly.

We cannot apply these scholarships retroactively, and we do not offer refunds for applications submitted after purchase, so please plan to send us your application well in advance of purchasing.

What happens after you apply:

Within a few days, we will let you know by email whether your application is accepted or not. If it is accepted, you’ll receive instructions for how to purchase the program.

Fill Out the Application Below:

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