Stop Sabotaging your Health with Negative Expectations

stop sabotaging your health

How to stop sabotaging your health?

Your hidden, habitual negative expectations can secretly subvert your body’s innate healing – on all levels of matter & energy! But what to do? How to stop sabotaging your health?

How to clear unwanted looping thoughts? Or so-called “subconscious limiting beliefs” – that inadvertently block your body’s health & energy? Learn more >>

How on earth could this happen to me? I do self-healing daily, and I scan & clear my field for whatever I need, in the moment. But oops, I missed a spot! A big one – and it was taking a toll on my body, dragging down my vitality.

As my parents aged – rather ungracefully! – I regularly DisentangledTM myself from psychic resonance with their pain, physical conditions, negative thoughts, emotions, and self-talk. And for a few years after my dad’s death over 12 years ago, I did effectively clear these resonances.

But in recent years, probably triggered by my own newer thoughts of aging in my 60s, images of my dad dying began to echo again. But I did NOT realize how insidious and distorting these visual memories were! For example, looping images kept intruding, from my dad’s last months in a nursing facility. I found myself starting to inadvertently see myself into those pictures, with unwanted visuals insinuating themselves into my mind’s eye, of myself ending up helpless in a nursing home – yuuuuck!

Nobody expects subconscious self-sabotage!

From my comfy chair, even with diligent, daily self-healing, my mind sneakily started to sabotage me! Because, hidden among my normal everyday innocuous mind-chatterings, were nasty thoughts and images that kept surfacing, making me shudder. And even worse, I could feel myself slipping into a fearful and unwanted future!

When I realized that these thoughts and mental pictures were looping louder and louder, sucking my energy, and actually messing with my matter, I knew I needed to STOP them from further sabotaging my health and healing.

So I very consciously and purposefully focused my healing. And the universe responded beautifully… with these amazing, powerful healing processes that I will share, in my Guided Healing Events! >>

You’re probably unaware of most of your mind-chatter, whispering in the background. But you gotta clean it up!

Because your hidden expectations, repetitive subtle thoughts, memories, images & other mental patterns can:

  • Distort your energy
  • Block your physical healing
  • “Create” what you DON’T want, by projecting into your future!

Here are some common, cliché solutions that don’t work very well:

  • Think positive thoughts
  • Say affirmations and change your beliefs
  • Visualize your healthy body, or other Law of Attraction techniques
  • Love yourself more
  • Practice self-care with healthy boundaries

Even if you work hard at using those tools, they are not very effective to reverse the negative influences of hidden expectations. You can’t simply counteract “low frequency” negativity with “high frequency” positivity. Frequencies don’t work like that! You need to actually neutralize all those negative emanations that are under the surface.

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In this Full Guided Healing event, we will:

► Scan & Align your negative expectations for your body & health – both conscious & subconscious.

► Neutralize your Mind-to-Matter distortions – for all your physical matter, structures & functions – for example:
— digestion
— mobility
— brain function
— age-related issues… and much more (and whatever you’re concerned about!)

► Harmonize your hidden Mind-to-Energy influences. Because your bio-energies are exquisitely susceptible to your expectations, both “good” and “bad”. We will scan & Align your:
— auric field
— chakras
— channels & meridians

► Align your expectations with your intentions!

Join Now – TIME SENSITIVE! Send in your healing intention BEFORE the live event call starts on Saturday May 4 at noon Eastern Time (NY).

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