3 Ways to Untangle Double Binds that Block Healing

What Happens if you have Hidden Double Binds that Block Healing?

Double binds* don’t just block healing on the level of psychology or mental health. They don’t just cause self-doubt due to a traumatic childhood of narcissistic abuse, or provide a secret self-sabotage of “secondary benefits” to staying stuck. They’re not just about mental loops of conflicting beliefs. Your double binds that block healing can affect ALL areas of your life – including your physical health. And they can unconsciously block your healing efforts when you try common lifestyle improvements like diet, exercise, meditation, and more:

double binds block healing

Hidden double binds affect ALL aspects of healing. Not just in Mind, but also Body and Spirit – as well as Space, Time, Energy, Money, Success, Love, Life Purpose, Creativity, Intelligence, Attraction – and anything else you can think of!

Because it’s all interconnected, on the level of energy and resonance.

That’s why it can be so hard to heal one area of life (for example, your body)… if you have hidden resonances with a conflicting pattern in a different area of your life. You’re probably well aware that there are entanglements between seemingly disparate parts of your life.

For example, your poor sleep negatively affects your health, so you vow to go to bed earlier. But… you also have money worries, so you vow to work harder and later into the night.

These conflicting vows have many other secret strands of influence. They affect your self-esteem, the vibes of your work space and bedroom (feng shui), a sense of spiritual scatteredness, how you model lack of productivity for your kids, and that pesky lower back pain.

So… how to untangle all those entanglements? We have ways!

*What are Energetic Double Binds that Block Healing?

“Double bind” means different things in different disciplines, from psychiatry to cognitive behavioral therapy to NLP. But for our purposes (instant-energy healing), it doesn’t matter whether these double binds that block healing are conscious or hidden, mindful or denied, or whether they originate from childhood trauma, ancestral epigenetics, or polarity reversals. The bottom line is double binds are much easier to heal on the level of “energy” rather than “psychology” – because it’s quite easy to shift their morphic/psychic resonance:

How to shift these energetic blockages?

Now Healing has lots of solutions! For example:

  • Do one of these Three Techniques (that are powerfully effective, according to thousands of Now Healing members!)
  • Or if you’re not yet ready to commit much time or effort, you can still benefit from one of our free Instant Alignments like this one: Turn On your Healing Switch

Do your Healing Intentions Feel Blocked?

Healing blockages can appear to happen when we pursue a healing intention of any kind – but we are conflicted about the outcome. Or when we have so-called secondary benefits to not healing.

That makes it easy to stay immobilized in a möbius loop, bouncing between no-win contradictory extremes, unable to move forward and heal. Double binds keep us trapped in a trauma-tarantella, a dilemma-dance of opposites.

I don’t like to brag… but I’m the world champion of getting caught in gnarly double binds!

clearing contradictions

My personal special talent involves what I call “yeah-buts” and “what-abouts.” I’m so good at this! I can beat anyone on the planet in having never-ending objections to healing, and finding the negative underbelly of all beauty and blessings! Challenge me, I dare you.

Here’s an example of my self-talk after a miraculous healing session: “Well, Elma, now you’ve miraculously healed your issues a, b, c… Yeah, but what-about issues x, y, z that will happen tomorrow?!?”

That’s why I’ve had to become an expert at clearing my contradictions… and that’s why I created these 3 tools.
Because I desperately needed them myself!

I’ve tried everything.

And there are several methods that I love, and that work wonders, for releasing my double binds and reflexive loops.

For example, I find tapping methods like EFT to be super effective. (Of course, I’ve Now-Healing-ized my tapping solutions, by adding various Now Healing Commands & Alignments!)

Another fave method is my buddy Rudy Hunter! Yep, he’s a method unto himself!

But beyond those wonderful methods…

I was guided to create this triple-pronged portal into POWERFUL multi-dimensional clearing of double binds:

double bind healing

Top 3 Ways to Clear Double Binds & Loops – all at once:

You can easily learn these Instant-Energy Morphic Healing Now Healing techniques:

  • The Triality Alignment – Because it’s not enough to only clear a double-bind from a position of duality. You need the leverage of something outside the duality. Like… Triality! Which then launches you into multidimensionality!
  • The Circle of Light Rays – a powerful healing image that’s super easy to use.
  • The Now Healing DisentangleTM Command – if you’re on the Healing List and you’ve been paying attention, you KNOW how powerful this one is! It goes deep and wide.

Where can you learn these 3 techniques?

Get these 3 tools when you join my Guided Healing Calls

… along with my juiciest Top Ten Tools for instant healing!

Best of all, you won’t just learn these 3 tools – you’ll also “receive” healing from them.

And at the very least,
even if you do nothing else from above,
make sure you are signed up for the Healing List…

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  1. Evelyn mason on July 30, 2023 at 2:47 am

    Thanks again Alma. I tried that triple pronged approach using you other healing tools it worked wonders..
    I love it…💚💚💚💚

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