6 False Expectations that Healers have of Ourselves

We healers have high expectations of ourselves. Some of these expectations are true – like, we can change reality instantly!

But others are wrong! How can you tell which ones are the false expectations healers have – feedback loops in our mental chatter? If you look at your assumptions with Aligned awareness, it’s obvious which are true or false. But sometimes we forget!

So here’s a reminder… of what NOT to assume. (There are lots more than six, but you get the idea!)

6 False Expectations Healers Have

1. We are Miracle Workers… therefore we must make miracles happen every single time. It’s not enough to simply “do” the healing work that we are called to do. Oh, no, we have to manufacture major miracles on demand. If we don’t fix everyone, and rescue the planet, right now…. then we have utterly failed.

If ten clients are happy with their results, yet one client still complains of anything less than a complete cure… then we are total frauds, obviously! And even if we’ve mostly gotten over this nutty, stressful line of thinking… even if we are usually Centered, neutral, and non-attached to outcome… I’ll wager that occasionally, this warped vision still pops up and wallops us. (Especially if we are working on, say, my mom.)

2. The Holy Grail of Healing is Imminent. It’s the next healing modality we have yet to learn. We are always searching for the perfect healing method. If some cool new system or technique comes along, we cannot live without it. (Or maybe we fear – or we have been told by some egotistical guru – that we’ll be left behind if we don’t keep up with the latest method.) In any case, there’s always something bigger and better coming soon… but right now, there’s some missing secret we must discover.

3. The Opposite of the Above – There is One True Healing Modality. The one that we practice! All the other ones are wrong, ineffectual, slow, or stupid. Funny thing is, we can hold #2 and #3 to be true simultaneously. D’oh!

4. We Must be Perfectly Healed Ourselves, with no pains or problems, in order to call ourselves true healers. Otherwise, again, we are frauds.

We’ve bought into the judgemental aspect of “Physician, Heal Thyself” on some reptile-brained level. Of course, we know – on a higher level – that we embody the perfection paradox (we are already Whole, and at the same time, we are always becoming more Whole). Yet we are still occasionally embarrassed to have aches and pains and imperfections. And we better hide that ugly underbelly.

5. We must Always Believe, Have Confidence, and Totally Trust our Healing Ability. I cry BS! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in a healing session and thought, “No way is this going to do any good at all, this will never work, the problem is just too big.” And then voila, things shift and heal quickly. Or conversely, the ego-devil on my shoulder says “This is a piece o’ cake, I’ll show them what a brilliant healer I am!”… and then thud, no improvement.

That’s why I prefer to never believe anything… because what my local self believes is immaterial. I don’t listen to my egoic local mind’s chatter when I’m “doing healing” – because it has no idea what it’s talking about!

Fortunately, our local selves are not the ones doing the healing. When we remember to Align with that awareness, things go much more smoothly.

6. Master Healers are Gifted with Special Rare Powers. That’s an archaic paradigm that is no longer helpful. This is a new age! Healing is an innate human ability. We can all plug into our power source, and Align with Wholeness, instantly. And that’s what healing is: the flow to Wholeness.

So don’t let the fallacies, fear of fakery, and false expectations fool you. You are a healer, whether you know it or not!

It’s just a matter of bypassing your local expectations, and plugging into the power source of healing… occupying the field of instant connection to Wholeness. Where there is no difference between “doing” healing and “being” healing.

How? There are infinite ways to enter the state. Here’s a super easy one:

Come from your Center and command “I am Now Healing!”

Then observe the expansion to Wholeness that happens automatically. Wholeness is a powerful evolutionary attractor – all it takes is a quick decision to become aware of your connection to it… and there you are! Whole!

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  1. An on April 5, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Awesome!!! : )
    Exactly my thoughts and feelings – all of what you have described.
    This article is very encouraging for me. Thank you very much!
    I wish you lot’s of joy, Elma!

  2. Ellen on April 5, 2016 at 7:11 am

    Elma, I don’t consider myself a healer but what you said certainly resonates with me. I got myself overwhelmed with the various types of healing avenues out there and people have tried to convince me to try “so and so’s” program when “so and so’s” program doesn’t always resonate with me. There are some, your’s of course, and others that I truly feel are aligned with my spiritual being. Someone gifted me one of your programs which I love cause it’s relatively easy. I also love Rudy Hunter’s work and there are others also that I feel good with. Anyway, I can also relate to #4 because I would love to be able to heal others but definitely feel I am in no position to take on this work as I have been working on myself (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) for years. Right now my focus is on my health, fighting cancer and it seems the chemo is no longer working effectively. The person who gifted me your program has been doing healing work on me. I have definitely felt shifts and different things going on. I am letting her know what is going on and know I have to be open to receiving help. This is a very informative blog Elma and thank you for positing it.

  3. Anne on April 5, 2016 at 4:58 am

    Thank you for this wonderful article! It was just what I needed this morning as I get up and get ready to go to the chiropractor because nothing I have tried has taken away the chronic back pain even though I know in my heart it can be healed. Because of that, I shy away from trying to heal others rather than to try to teach them what I have learned about healing.

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