Don’t ignore this odd way to heal… EVERYTHING:
Align your Space and Feng Shui

Why is this incredibly powerful way to heal so often ignored? Because it seems indirect. After all, if you have a health issue, money worry, or relationship problem… your first thought won’t be to “Align your Space and Feng Shui”!

But if you do, it will support every part of your life.

Guided Healing to Align your Space & Feng Shui

Let’s Align the energies of your home…

to support your Highest Health – on ALL levels:
Body, Mind, Energy, Love, Money, Creativity, Time…

Let’s make it easy to HEAL your Space & Life

(Beyond old-school space clearing rituals. Beyond negative energy clearing, clearing clutter, smudging with sage, using crystals, incense, sea salt or Himalayan salt lamps, feng shui cures, intention, etc.)

This is not just clearing negative energy, or unblocking Qi.

Let’s create true Coherence…

between your space and your LIFE.

Does your Feng Shui secretly sabotage your life?

Ask yourself:

  1. How healthy is your space/home, on the level of MATTER and the physical realm (fresh air, light, green spaces, toxins, etc)?
  2. How healthy is your space, on the level of MIND, emotions, mental health, family / roommate relationships, etc?
  3. How healthy is your space, on the level of ENERGY and PSYCHIC RESONANCE? (Does your space feel good and healthy and support your energy? Does it have the qualities you want, like peace, or inspired creativity, or loving relationships, or romance, or is it an exciting social hub that people love to visit, or a sacred space of solitude, or a healthy garden environment for thriving plants, butterflies, and bees? )

Learn to discern…

Do you have “energetic space” issues that secretly subvert your health & life?

If you have chronic or long-term issues that you’ve tried everything to clear, then…

You may have hidden distortions & blockages in your space.

A NEW Way to Align your Space and Feng Shui, to Support Highest Health

This is beyond traditional feng shui and space clearing.

In this powerful Guided Healing, we use “applied morphic resonance” to heal the interrelationships between your space and everything in your life.

We will:

  • Scan & Align your space and feng shui, to support your body, mind, emotions, relationships, abundance, creativity, purpose… and WHOLE Life.
  • Tune up the morphic resonance of your space with Higher Health on ALL levels. To improve… everything!
  • Create Coherence between your space and the flow of your life into the future.
  • Align your healing request – bring whatever you most want to heal! We will Align the energy & resonance of your Space to support the highest expression of your intention.

If this resonates with you, please join us to…

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You’ll get:

  • The LIVE Guided Healing Call (or Replay) to Align your Space & Feng Shui. Each healing call (or Replay) contains healing for ALL parts of your life: body, mind, spirit, energy, money, love, time, space… and YOUR specific healing intention in the moment.

  • NEW LIVE Healing Calls on the first Saturday of every month.
    Give me your Healing Request – every month!

  • INSTANT ACCESS to over 120 Healing Replays, in the Guided Healing Library.

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  • Bonus Short Healings: INSTANT ACCESS to Quick Start Guide (18-minute audio) + Short Energizers (6-min. audios) + short videos

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Disclaimer: This is not medical care or treatment. See disclaimer here.
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  1. Patricia Sayegh on March 3, 2022 at 1:44 pm

    Thank you for offering this program at a very reasonable price. I love and appreciate all the effort that you extend to everyone. I have followed you for years and always enjoy your teachings. Look forward to the Saturday calls. My issue is a skin issue. Don’t know what to call it but like a callas or fungus. Can’t seem to get rid of it. Shows up on my hands and feet. Can get painful at times. Looking forward to getting my space in order too.

    Grateful for the healing assistance in this session as well as all the others.

  2. Anna on March 3, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you Dear Elma : ) what a wonderful and magical call it will be!!! I will not be around to participate, but will listen from the Replay.
    My issues are physical, emotional health – in the space I live in and in the space of others : ) interacting with my mind and my being in a powerful way! whatever I will experience from this fascinating healing session – will be huge! Much love and gratitude as always!!!

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