Ancestral Healing for Higher Health: Your Family Tree of Life

Why is Ancestral Healing having a heyday?

Because many of us are increasingly aware of intense Ancestral Influences – both positive and negative. I personally feel a deep need for both ancestral healing and upgraded guidance – from my parents who survived the holocaust, and ancient bubbes and zaydes who succumbed to countless pogroms & tribal traumas – to my guide & great∞ grandpa, the Maharal of Prague (1525-1609).

Ancestral Healing is enjoying a huge surge with so many methods: Ancestral lineage clearing, shamanic rituals, past life work, psychedelic journeys, family constellation work, energetic karma clearing…

But the Now Healing method is different. Learn more…

How to Do Ancestral Healing, to Heal your WHOLE Life

How to do Ancestral Healing with your Family Tree of Life - Now Healing with Elma Mayer - Ancestral Lineage Healing, Generational Trauma, Epigenetics, Family Constellation Work

Got Ancestral Influences? We all do!

We might experience ancestral influences as negative, or positive. Supportive or distorting.

But mostly, we don’t even know they’re there – they are hidden, yet all-pervasive.

We know that ancestors influence us genetically, through DNA. But that’s just a tiny fraction of their impact.

There’s new evidence for epigenetic effects from ancestral traumas, violence, oppression, genocide, family dysfunction, etc. These traumatic effects get passed down through many generations.

Then there are psychic influences: positive guidance, abusive patterns, energetic illness patterns, miasms, karma, or even “curses”.

The energetic echoes can reverberate in all areas of life. And not just genetically or epigenetically. Not just through karma or trauma.

We are increasingly aware of the powerful repercussions of our ancestors’ patterns, their wounds, their strengths, their resonances through time and space, matter and mind.

Try the Now Healing Way to Do Ancestral Healing… with the
Family Tree of Life

The Family Tree of Life is an energetic / morphic Now Healing tool. It is fractal, holographic, and multidimensional – yet super-effective and elegant in its simplicity.

I’d love to guide you to do it yourself – so you can Align with Higher Health on ALL Levels.

What is it?

A Multidimensional Morphic Metaphor we use to do instant-energy WHOLE LIFE Healing.

What does it do?

It affects everything. Your health, body, energy, mood, mindset, confidence, abundance… and the subtle (and not-so-subtle) vibes you broadcast.

You can use it to heal: energetic distortion, psychic intrusions, blockages, and so called “negative energy” and “self-sabotage”, to transform any turbulent patterns into coherence and flow.

That includes coherence of your relationships with family and ancestors.

And Alignment of your ancestral influences with your physical body, brain, nervous system, digestion, circulation, immune system.

When all those energies and resonances are coherent, they provide powerful pillars of support for your WHOLE life and higher health – on all levels.

But the Alignments extend far beyond the level of physical matter.
Or energy, mind, or spirit, for that matter!

This is NOT about

  • Your normal old-school “relationship healing” or “ancestral healing”.
  • Healing your specific ancestors, or your ancestors healing you (although that can certainly be a side-effect of this work!)
  • Making contact and communicating with the souls of the departed with mediumistic messages or guides, or past life regression. We don’t need to do that, in order to do big-picture ancestral healing!
  • Shamanic rituals, ceremonies, spells, smudging, meditation, altered states, or psychedelics. Instead, we use the higher field of Healing and Wholeness, accessing it with the instant-energy Now Healing tools that anyone can do.
  • Karma clearing, trauma releasing, forgiveness. (Of course, those things can clear and transform through the Family Tree of Life. But we work on a much larger scale… that includes everything in the universe, not just karma or trauma or drama!)

This IS about

  • Healing your WHOLE Life: body, mind, spirit, energy, love, money, time, space, and more…
  • Dissolving distortions and blockages that come through DNA, epigenetics, psychic and morphic resonances, morphic fields of body parts & illnesses & physical patterns, mental and emotional patterns, etc.
  • Tuning up the “frequencies” and fields and flows of your Family Tree of Life, to support your Life & Health into congruency and coherence.

How to Do It?

Join Guided Healing Calls - Now Healing with Elma Mayer

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Align with Higher Healing: Your Relationships, Family & ANCESTRAL HEALING

Get Healing for your WHOLE Life, with the Family Tree of Life

What’s in this powerful hour of Guided Healing:

We invoke this new “energetic tool” – to Heal your Family Tree of Life, including:

  • All its fractal & sacred geometry patterns branching out into other dimensions
  • 5-Element theory
  • the Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • the Holy Oak
  • the Seeds of the Future
  • the Energetic Flower Essences of the Tree of Life…
  • PLUS… YOUR individual energies, tuned up for your WHOLE Life, Body, Mind, Spirit, Energy, Love, Money and More…
  • AND your Higher Health on ALL Levels!

How to Get this
Guided Healing for Ancestral Healing… & Much More?

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Many of my members don't attend live, because they are in distant time-zones (Australia, New Zealand, Asia).

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Plus, advanced healers have needs too! We've got our own stuff to heal and improve, and we sure could use some healing support for our own lives! It's so important for our self-care, for us to receive healing support, not just give, give, give all the time! So yes, if you're a healer, please allow me to support you with healing for your personal stuff, plus plus cool tools you can use in your practice, plus guidance from Source for your Life & Biz!

The free healings are powerful, and you can get huge transformation from them.

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The Guided Healing Membership goes much deeper & longer than the Free Healings! There's much more content & more individualized healing.

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Elma Mayer, Founder of Now HealingHi, I’m Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing. My higher purpose is to amplify your innate instant-healing ability – whether you are an advanced healer, or just starting out. And shhh, just between us: my secret ulterior motive is for you to not only heal yourself and your loved ones, but the entire planet! Tens of thousands of people have used my Now Healing tools to do incredibly effective instant-energy healing, with ease. And you can too. Let's do it now!

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