Follow Your Heart?

Self-help gurus advise you to listen to your heart. Do what you love, follow your dream. That’s all very well and good, if you have only one single calling at a time. But if you’re anything like me, multiple dreams are vying for your time and energy. Do you pursue them all, even if they pull you in different directions? Or do your just get overwhelmed, and tell yourself to keep dreaming?

My heart’s messages, my head’s instructions, and my gut feelings are like a constant twitterfeed. As my intuition has evolved from doing my healing work, I’ve gotten pretty good at discerning which of my many callings to heed.

And it’s not just my heart and soul calling. My kids call me during work. My healing clients call me during dinner. Seminars call me away from composing music, and vice versa. Not to mention the writing, the family, the necessary recharge time and the Daily Show. Even nature calls often (in all senses of the phrase).

Although I’ve deleted all non-essential actitivites, my heart still gives me many more suggestions than I can put into action. At least I’ve gotten to know what’s coming from my heart and what’s just noise. Now, if it’s not integral, I don’t do it.

We all have many gifts, many dreams. We can’t follow just one. Take your archetypical hipster-dad, typing his arthouse-slasher script at the KoffeeHaus. He’s a hot web designer, an inspiring pee-wee soccer coach, and his band rocks. But too often his circuits overload. If our hipster-dad can identify which of his gifts have the strongest heart connection, he’ll know which ones to act on – and his life will flow smoothly. He will live as his true self.

Do you know what your higher gifts are? Can your head actually hear your heart guiding you? One powerful breakthrough is to integrate your three major modes of knowing – mental, physical, and intuitive. Do it now – just say “Integrate head, gut feelings, heart” as you point to your Center. Do you feel that shift? Integrate with your heart and your life will follow.

By Elma Mayer. Originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.
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  1. Bonnie Mandell_Rice on December 21, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    I very much appreciate your posts and free energy healings They are powerful!

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