How to Heal Climate Change with Energy Healing [VIDEO]

How to Heal Climate Change with Energy Healing
– and what NOT to do!

You’ll actually DO an instant-energy healing (or more precisely, “morphic resonance healing”) – for the planet – as you watch. Learn how to heal climate change with energy healing:

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What’s in this video:

There are four things in this healing video: Two rants, one about why we’re doing this kind of instant-energy healing for climate change, the second rant is about what not to do when you want to do healing – including a mistake I almost made, then third, I’ll stop ranting, and we’ll do an actual healing process for global warming, climate catastrophe, fires, floods… and that healing process is highly effective and you’ll be able to do with me right in this video. And finally, fourth, I’ll tell you how you can use this Now Healing process on anything, your aches and pains and problems, your mood and mind, love and money, time and space, spirit, energy, matter, that’s all! And I’ll give you some links to get more free healing.

Ok, so here’s the first of the four things, my rant on…

1. Why you need to do healing for climate change & why it works

I want to lovingly yet firmly remind you that it’s time for you and all of us to take action to heal the larger global situation of climate change that you are in, that affects your body mind spirit energy space and time now, this situation of climate change surrounds you right now, you are living in it, you are part of it, it comes into your body in the form of air, water, earth minerals, the fire element of temperature. It surrounds you with weather and fires and droughts or storms and floods – and it surrounds your loved ones and the birds right outside and the fish in the waters and the trees, etc.

You are in the thick of it, and it’s time for you to own that and do all you can on all levels that you are able – it’s all hands on deck – and we each need to choose several things that we individually can be effective at doing, and do them.

I’m here to help you with I’m good at, teaching and guiding you how to do instant-energy healing and morphic healing.

And healing on that level is necessary but not sufficient. It’s necessary do healing on the energetic levels because everything has energy and everything resonates with everything else, so…

Doing energetic healing for climate change helps to support healing on all levels:

Like doing physical healing for the planet. Because physical matter has energy and resonance, and expanding awareness and public policy healing and city planning and changing the corporate behavior of big oil companies and chemical engineering for solar batteries and immigration policy for agricultural workers and healing right-wing climate denial and tons of other stuff.

We can do this kind of instant-energy healing or more precisely, morphic healing, on anything, and it will shift the energy and resonance of anything and everything – sometimes the shifts are subtle, sometimes they seem miraculous. But this is not about magically manipulating reality to get what you want, or manifesting your personal ego’s intention. Which leads me to rant number two…

2. What NOT to do

When you want to do healing for anything, whether it’s for a stuffy nose or healing the whole earth, here’s a common mistake that makes energy healing much less effective and mis-aligned with integrity and Wholeness.

Don’t do healing from the vantage point of your well-meaning ego, or what I call your local self, your personal feelings, your preferences, your logical assumptions about common sense, your wishful magical thinking or your science-based logic.

This is not about imposing the seemingly-logical solutions that your local mind has thought of. Whether you’re wanting to heal climate change for how it affects you or your community locally, or a global healing for the heat trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gases…

It’s not about healing the problem on its own level.

It’s not about praying for rain in a drought or for an end to rain in a hurricane, or for cooler temperatures in a heat wave or for warmer temperatures in a freeze.

Of course if you’re in the middle of a life-threatening emergency…

like evacuating from a fire or flood, where you need to act immediately and locally, that’s a different energetic process for doing emergency energetic triage, that’s more complex than what we can do in this video.

But when you’re not in immediate life-threatening danger…

and you have a relatively peaceful moment to sit and do the healing process we are about to do, you want to avoid doing it from a localized mindset, you want to avoid falling into your ego’s preferences and personal opinions and even prayers for a specific preferred outcome.

Prayer and intention can be great but this is different, this is not about manifesting what we want, it’s not about trying for any solution that you or I can think of with our local minds. Our egos may think we have a solution, and in rare cases that may be true, if and when our local ego is fully Aligned with the Universal Mind. But we can’t just assume that it is Aligned, we have to actively Align and connect with it – and I’ll show you how to do just that.

Because this is not about making assumptions about what you need to do…

even if they’re seemingly logical solutions like let’s pray for rain or do weatherworking to change the weather or geomancy or geoengineering. This is not about manipulating reality with magic or technology or the force of our will or our unwavering belief or anything related to materialist causal localized egoic thinking. This is neither magical thinking nor mechanical thinking.

I get very impatient with healers and new agey types who think “there’s a fire, I know, let’s make it rain” ignoring the threat of lightning strikes that start new fires elsewhere, or flash floods in burnt areas or what localized rain might do to the larger weather patterns. Haven’t these people ever heard the cautionary tale of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, where you think you know what to do from your limited ego, but it goes wrong.

I get equally impatient with the limited assumptions about what climate change is actually doing, like when well-meaning public servants and members of the media act like the story of these increasing climate emergencies is just about putting out the local fires, the individual human interest stories of climate refugees, of figuring out how to open cooling centers because people don’t have air conditioning in the arctic circle, or that the power grid might fail or spark fires in a high-wind event, or how to do managed retreat so your town doesn’t get washed away in the next flood.

Sure, those things are short-term localized solutions that may be necessary to stop localized suffering in the moment, but they’re not even close to sufficient. And they are kind of myopically short sighted and human-centric. You can’t air condition the oceans to prevent massive die offs of sea life, you can’t round up all the baby bunnies and butterflies into a cooling center. Climate change is infinitely bigger than even us aware folks can imagine.

For example…

Here’s a mistake that I made.

I thought, hmm, the entire system is warming. Oceans, atmosphere, climate. So let’s energetically remove some heat from the system, can’t we make an energetic chimney to remove just the right amount of heat to outer space– and then I stopped because I quickly realized what I was doing and what could go wrong, what if that chimney vented out too much heat and went out of control.

I know very little about the physical science of earth’s thermodynamics, just enough to be dangerous, and here I was trying to fix the problem on its own level which if it worked could create disastrous consequences, even with the best of intentions. If I had stayed attached to my brilliant idea that I thought up with my brilliant egoic mind, it would have been a huge misdirection.

That’s why we want to be non-attached to our well-meaning egos and our localized thinking when we do healing work. We cannot rely on our local minds and our magical or logical materialistic thinking to solve the problems for us.

So what’s the solution?

Well, why not take our well-meaning little egoic minds and expand them into an infinitely larger awareness. Minds can do that. And we don’t need mind-expanding drugs. This is an innate human ability, it’s a simple awareness muscle that we have that maybe has just atrophied a bit, so let’s wake it up right now, it takes hardly any effort or energy or special talent or concentration.

We can easily, instantly plug in to a direct connection with what you might call the Universal Mind – or I like to call it Wholeness or the larger field of Healing.

And by the way, that’s my contribution, that’s one of the ways that I can help to heal climate change and the suffering associated with it: I’m here to show you how to connect to that larger field of healing, how to quickly tune yourself into resonance with it – it’s very easy. So let’s do it.

My rant is over, so let’s do the third thing that I promised,

3. The Actual Healing Process

To begin, let’s get non-attached to our egos and expand our local minds by plugging in to that larger field of Wholeness and healing. The easiest place I’ve found to plug into it is at your vertical Center. How do you make the connection? With simple awareness. Just notice your vertical Center. Notice your breath going into it, into your lungs, notice your heart, your gut, your brain, your energy running up and down your entire Center.

And from there, we can flip on our circuits to connect us to cosmic Centered balance. Here’s how:

Do it with me now – say this command with me:

Align with Center… Now. And on the word “Now” click it in to your Center, just “click”.

Say this command with me:

Align my local mind with being Centered in the Universal Mind… Now.

Breathe that in, click it in.

Align with Center… Now.

And click that in, breathe that in.

Let that decision to Align with Center… Now just come in to your entire being.

Even if the decision doesn’t make any rational sense. Click that decision into your Center… Now.

Align with Center … Now.

The Center is both the physical and energetic place where you can plug into higher awareness… Now. It connects you instantly. Your everyday awareness is connected to higher awareness… Now.

Let go of your assumptions about what that’s supposed to feel like.

This is not a meditation or relaxation process, it’s an instant connection to Wholeness that you’re clicking into at your multidimensional Center… Now.

Let go of your expectations and opinions of what healing is, and what is required, just for now, just for the brief time that we’re doing this work. You’re welcome to come back to your opinions later but for now, our assumptions will muddy up this process, so let’s keep it clean and clear and let go of opinions, let’s Align with a clear and Centered awareness… Align with that… Now.

And just click that command into your Center like you would click the enter button on your computer. Or breathe it in. Either way works, or do both.

So what’s happening?

Our local minds are tuning up with the cosmic mind so we can effectively do this work. Our local ego is Centering and getting balanced with the larger cosmic balance… Now. There you go!

Now that we are Centered, our minds and egos are Centered and flowing with the Universal Mind and the universal I Am, we are Centered in cosmic balance, so let’s do a healing process for climate change.

We are coming from infinite Wholeness and Centered awareness, rather than our ego or our personal beliefs or fear or anger or grief.

We’re going to do three Now Healing commands that sound simple but contain multitudes. say these with me.

Align with doing no harm… Now. (Breathe that in and click it into your Center… Now)

And now, with your larger awareness…

Notice the morphic field, the “energy field” of the earth’s rising temperature and Align it with its healthy morphic field, Align it with Centering into the morphic resonance of healthy temperature ranges that supports the health and and evolutionary ideal of earth and all living things on earth…

Align it with Wholeness… Now.

Align the climate with its Whole healthy ideal highest expression to support life on earth as it is… Now.
Align the whole earth’s systems with Wholeness… Now. Click that into your Center, or into the earth’s Center, if you like.

The Center is multidimensional so it kind of doesn’t really matter where you find the Center, inside you, at the Center of the earth, at the Center of the universe… So…

Aligning the whole earth’s systems with Wholeness… Now. And that Includes things like matter, mind, energy, resonance, flow, temperature, pressure, atmosphere, air, water, fire, earth, space, time, spirit, animal, vegetable, mineral, and all life… Align it all with Wholeness… Now. Come from your Center and just command: Align it with Wholeness… Now.

And whatever else is coming into your Aligned Mind, and your Aligned awarneess, it’s coming up to be healed and made Whole. So simply… whatever you are noticing, become aware of it, and Align it with Wholeness… Now.

Good. OK, so a lot is shifting and happening now. And also notice how you feel in your awareness. And notice the difference between your self before, and now, when you are Aligned with the universal mind.

That’s the difference between your Aligned mind and your local mind – a simple expansion of your local mind and local ego into Wholeness. It’s a simple awareness of larger awareness. It’s a simple awareness of Wholeness. Hmm, Wholeness exists! There it is! And that way, you resonate with Wholeness and healing.

There’s a lot more to experience on this topic, so here’s the fourth thing I mentioned at the beginning.

4. How to learn more and actually DO more.

If you’re new to Now Healing, I invite you to do any or all of these three things I’m about to mention, and each of them will give you a way to go deeper and can get more healing.

First, subscribe to the Youtube channel.

Second, join the healing list and get a free audio for your personal healing called Transform Any Problem Now, which applies these same Now Healing techniques to any issue or problem that’s bothering you, personally. The link is in the description [ ]

And third, join the free virtual healing circle at Now Healing Earth and you’ll get free access to tons of healings for the earth’s water and the water in your body, the earth’s air and your oxygenation and tons more, etc. The link, again, is in the description. [ ]

Thank you for expanding the healing field with me, this is Elma, with Love and Wholeness, signing off, for… Now.

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Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing Hi, I’m Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing. My higher purpose is to amplify your instant-healing ability – whether you are an advanced healer, or just starting out. (And shhh, my secret ulterior motive is for you to not only heal yourself and your loved ones – but the entire planet & humanity's relationship to it.) Let's do it now!

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  1. Star Davies on July 10, 2023 at 12:06 am

    Namaste &Thank You Elma Your talk was AWESOME,
    You are awesome ,so great also to apply this to personal matters
    you areally are a gift to the world & Earth Bless You

  2. Chris Smith on July 23, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Thank you.

  3. Mack Johnson on July 21, 2021 at 1:27 am

    Started the video in a stress and anxiety state about my living situation. It has lowered because I now know I have a method to align and balance NOW and appreciate that I can apply that to the external, that is, the earth and all of us. Thank you for the well-wishing vibe at the end, Elma.

  4. Richone Cancimilla on July 20, 2021 at 8:38 pm

    Thank you

  5. Casandra on July 20, 2021 at 7:48 pm

    Love elma. She is a wonderful human been. She is very giving . Lots of free healing when you sign in. Love the healing of our planet video. Thank you so much. Blessings to you and our earth .

  6. Carla Van Raay on July 20, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    This is essential learning for me. I wept for joy to have this tool at my disposal via Elma.

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