Heal your Hidden Psychic Influences [VIDEO]

Why is it essential to heal your hidden psychic influences?

Heal Hidden Psychic Influences

Because almost ALL healing blockages are due to unconscious resonance with hidden psychic influences. (Over 85%, in my experience!)

And it’s not just about subconscious beliefs, negative thoughts, or mindset.

It’s about the entire multiverse of Matter-Mind-Energy-Spirit-Space-Time, on all scales!

NOTE: No AI was used to create this content. This content was created by HIII (Human & Integral Infinite Intelligence).

Watch the Video: Have you noticed the HUGE INCREASE in unwanted psychic resonance these days?

How does unwanted psychic resonance affect you?

Any part of your life that can be distorted by hidden resonances:

  • Your physical body can be weakened – to produce chronic pain or other mystery symptoms. Maybe you just don’t feel at home in your body, or don’t enjoy your physicality. Or you struggle with addictions and cravings – but are they really “yours”? If you’ve been trying to heal yourself or your body, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place!
  • Your mental field, mood, emotions, sense of self… whether you’ve been working hard to heal, or working hard to ignore and stuff down your feelings – maybe they’re coming from outside of you!
  • Your relationships, success, life choices, and your entire future… are all subject to waves of influence from the past, or the vast sea of hidden energies!

It’s highly likely that you are unwittingly taking on…

  • negative collective thought-forms
  • ancestral traumas from ancient tribal customs
  • geopathic stress
  • feng shui energies
  • your neighbor’s irritability

It’s an ocean of psychic influence, and you’re soaking in it!

But it’s obviously not about simple cause and effect… for example, your neighbor’s pissy mood doesn’t “cause” you to be in a bad mood. And it’s not about “attracting” your neighbor’s mood either. Instead…

Hidden psychic influences: morphic resonance.

Even though “morphic resonance” is still scientifically controversial, it’s as good an explanation as I can find, to explain hidden psychic influences that happen over time and space.

You could also imagine it as waves of interference patterns. (“Interference patterns” being a morphic metaphor, not necessarily a literal scientific fact! Here’s a discussion of morphic metaphor, in this post about Energy Medicine.)

Even though this is explanation is still scientifically controversial, these patterns of morphic resonance are as good an explanation as I can find, to explain hidden psychic influences that happen over time and space. So…

How do you clear unwanted morphic resonance? With the basic Now HealingTM energy hygiene technique that I call “Morphic Maintenance.” This neutralizes the psychic schmutz that we all pick up regularly.

Because… especially if you’ve got stuff that’s bothering you physically or mentally – that you’ve tried everything on – it’s essential to clear the hidden realms of psychic influences.

Got stuff bothering you physically or mentally?

If you have a body issue, or mood disorder, or money worries… And if you’re trying to heal those things directly…

You may be trying to heal the wrong thing! Because what if the problem is not located inside your body? Or “inside” your mind, beliefs, emotions, or energy field?

You may be taking on negative energies – from outside yourself. So…

Do This Instead:

GUIDED HEALING: Hidden Psychic Influences

Saturday June 3 – Live Call & Replay

Easy Healing for Hard Problems: We’ll Scan & LIGHT UP your Psychic Space – to clear it fast & easily. You’ll get a massive, Light-Speed clearing of unwanted psychic influences for ALL parts of your life.

Because ~85% of the time, the biggest distortion, in ANY problem, is hidden psychic resonance. So we will scan and clear your:

…Body, mind, emotions, energy, health, happiness, wealth, love, social life, success, spiritual health…

Guided Healing Hidden Psychic Influences

What will happen:

  1. You’ll choose your healing intention and we will Align it on all levels, including psychic boundaries! (If you want me to read your healing intention, send it in before the live call starts!)
  2. We will Clear Unwanted Energies; Re-set your Boundaries; Balance your Psychic Resonances; and Re-Integrate your Inner & Outer Space
  3. We will Scan & Clear your major life areas for unwanted influences: Body, Mind, Emotions, Energy, Money, Love, Spirit, Space, Time

Join Now…

Join the Flow of GUIDED HEALING 

Get Personalized, Consistent Healing Momentum!

The Guided Healing Membership is super-affordable! You get:

  • NEW LIVE HEALING CALLS : 1st Saturday of each month at noon Eastern Time. Send in your Healing Intention for each Call.
  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Guided Healing Library – with more than 130 healings. (Value < $3500.00)
  • BONUS AUDIOS: Short Energizer Audios + Instant Energy Healing Quick Start Guide

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