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My inbox is crammed with essential updates from people I respect. Health gurus, science-and-spirituality seekers, heart-centered marketers, enlightened bloggers and transcendent tweeters… they all have important information that I need, right now.

If I ignore this constant flow of wisdom, I might miss something vital that could make my healing more effective, my income higher, my love life hotter, and probably even save me from pandemics, super-volcanoes and disasters of every kind. If only I had time to process all that info! Then I’d always make the right decisions, take the right actions… unlike now, where I’m a big gaping hole of confusion, ignorance and overwhelm.

Then I remember. Oh yeah, there are at least a googolplex of terabytes of information out there – most of which I will never know. It’s obviously impossible to access even a tiny fraction of it, with my conscious mind, in real time. And that’s OK.

Information overwhelm is not the result of too much available information. It’s the result of confusion – an inability to discern what information to follow. So how can we know what to pay attention to, and what to let slide?

Most of us feel that our choice of who to follow and what to read is a random process, a winding path of internet clicks branching out into serendipity. We are pleased when we stumble upon something useful, feeling that we were guided by intuition or luck.

Discernment Requires Alignment!

This whole seemingly-chaotic process can be streamlined and Aligned with higher purpose. We can get into a state, a space, an energy field… of Disecernment – a state of Alignment with knowingness. It’s actually quite easy. Anyone can do it, in about two seconds. We’ll do it, below.

Alignment connects you to the universal mind. It is a state beyond left-brained knowing. Indeed, it’s even beyond the whole-brain model, beyond the standard thinking of your local conscious mind, personality self and conventional ways of knowing. It’s also beyond the standard view of intuition, with its implication of right-brain fuzzy guesswork and mushy feelings. It’s beyond Self altogether.

Alignment is a state of super-conscious connection, where we don’t sort information strictly through the thinking mind. There are other effective ways to process information, for the purpose of choosing what to allow into our awareness. Information can bypass the thinking mind, with its opinions and assumptions.

Making Decisions – How to Discern What to Learn

Let’s say you’re presented with a choice: for example, let’s say that tonight, there are two different teleseminars on how to get more clients. They both sound good. How do you choose? Simple: you tune into each one, and feel into it. Whoa, that sounds pretty woo-woo. Except that you’ll find it will probably work out, if you follow a couple of basic guidelines!

This isn’t about “If it feels good, do it.” It’s not about whim-based decision, regardless of evidence. I’m talking about a reproducible way to tune into and classify energy, via our sensory inputs. We filter lots of information through our sense perceptions, including and beyond the five senses they taught us in elementary school.

Enhanced Sense Perception – How to Perceive Clearly

We perceive the world through feeling it. But let’s not confuse emotional feeling with physical feeling, even thought the English language does! I’m talking about actual physical sensations, the way your body feels – as a useful way to make decisions.

For instance, a gut feeling – an actual sensation in your solar plexus – can be a precise measurement, if you’re practiced at this kind of discernment. Your gut can sense energy, by feeling comfortable and strong, or uncomfortable and weak. Similarly, a muscle test can discern the strength or weakness of an energy field, based on the way the muscle feels: strong or weak. Muscle testing is a rudimentary way to test energy, like the training wheels for real intuition.

These kinds of binary tests – a physical distinction between strong whole connected energy, and weak blocked disconnected energy, can be an exact gauge of energy, with a bit of practice. (Learn how to do this, in the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course)

Your physical sensations don’t often lie. If a pot is hot, or a towel is wet, you’ll know by touching it. If a food is rotten, you’ll likely be able to smell it before you try it. If a book is too high to reach on the shelf, you can gauge it by looking. You can usually trust your senses to give you fairly accurate information about the world.

Senses don’t just correspond to obvious sense organs. Humans have more than five senses – direction and time are some obvious examples. Our so-called intuitive senses are just as real as our sense of direction – they just happen to be under-utilized, misunderstood and often ignored.

Your senses can help you process all the information available, on a universal scale ­– from gauging the truth of the opinions of experts, to the way that you discer­n the energy field of one teleseminar over another. Integrate all your senses and capacities with your mind, to discern the appropriate truth course of action. Align with Highest Self.

Try it Now! Instant Discernment.

The Process: How to Align with Discernment

Alignment a state of connection with the universal mind. It’s your instant internet connection to all the information in the multiverses. You’re centered, balanced, neutral – your discernment is undistorted by assumptions, opinions and expectations.

It’s actually quick and easy to get into Alignment. No meditation, belief, or orange robes are required.

Step 1: Center. The access point for your internet connection to the universal mind is conveniently located in your Center. Focus your attention on the base of your spine, then move your attention quickly up and out the top of your head. This Aligns your physical body, spinal nerves, brain and mind with your chakras, meridians, energy field and Highest Self – with super-conscious knowing.

Going to your Center will integrate all your senses and capacities with your mind, so you can discern the appropriate truth course of action. It also Aligns you with your highest self – your Infinite Self.

Step 2: Observe. Locate the information you want to gauge – briefly focus on, say,  those two teleseminars you want to decide between. Find the energy of the information, not the information itself. Ask your Infinite Self to determine if this info is something you should pay attention to.

Now tune in to your physical sensations. Does your gut feel nice and whole and strong when you think about that bit of information – that one teleseminar? Or does it go weak and disconnected and fluttery? Feel free to test the energy in any way that works for you. Your eyes might land on the right choice. You may hear “yes” or “this one” in your mind’s ear. You might just have a sense of knowingness and rightness.

Two important points:

1) Go with the first observation you get. Don’t second guess yourself! Using the first observation will reinforce this kind of intuitive-sensation-knowingness, allowing you to become more and more accurate and effective. Practice! You’ll get better over time.

2) Be non-attached and neutral to whether or not you get “the correct answer.” This not only helps you relax and observe the energy more clearly, it takes the focus off your expectations and puts it on the actual truth.

So next time you’re not sure of what class to take, what tweet to follow, what blog to read, you know what to do. Rather that succumb to overwhelm, go to your Center and Align with your Infinite Self. Tune in to the energy of the information. Then you can discern what to tune out!

All this – and much more – is covered in the Now Healing 101 Home Study Course. Try tuning in to the course! Sense whether it will benefit you. If your physical senses feel disconnected or weak when you tune into it, it’s probably not a good fit for you. But if your enhanced senses feel nice and whole, it’s a “Yes!”

How did this work for you? Did you get a better sense of how to discern energy?
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  1. Margi on September 14, 2013 at 6:53 am

    Elma such a valuable offering. It comes at exactly the right time for me. I have been in an overload situation and I end up deleting most things to ‘get them out of my hair’. The truth is we have absorbed and know alot more than we accept. Fear keeps me from doing things under the guise of needing more information. I am already ‘clearing the clutter. We need to trust our energy mind who is holding information we are not even aware of until we search our mind and others ask us things.

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