Life Purpose vs. Getting Sh*t Done

  • How to balance your Purpose and Productivity?
  • How to integrate them, so they support each other?
  • What’s the “Secret 2-Second Trick” to getting this balance right?

Which of these wins the daily contest for your attention:

Life purpose vs. getting sh*t done?

For me, it was a toss up. A tussle. A tug-of-war. Sure, I knew what I was “supposed” to do every morning. My favorite spiritual productivity gurus advised this nice orderly routine:

1. Meditate. 2. Create. 3. Decimate To-Do list.

Because that’s what highly-effective people do, right?

But I kept failing. If I had a large looming deadline, or was overwhelmed, stressed, or otherwise out-of-tune with my highest self, then… when I sat down to my work-day, I struggled over which one of these I “should” be doing:

a) Do I take some “me” time, to focus on my higher purpose? Or…
b) Or do I get off my butt, and get some damn sh*t done already!?!

So I did neither one well. Because while trying to do one, I was distracted by the other.

And this still happens to me occasionally, if I forget to use my “secret 2-second Centering*** trick”.

I vacillate, instead of meditate. 
I dither, instead of DO. 
I’m pissy, peevish, and un-productive. 

If I try to clear my mind, it whines back: “Elma, you don’t have time to tune in to your purpose, you’ve got to hurry and get to work.”

But if I try to get to down to work, it nags: “Elma, why didn’t you meditate, you big dummy! You’ll never have the focus or inspiration to do your tasks, in this crummy state you’re in!”

In this sorry state, neither BEING or DOING satisfying. Let alone effective.

I don’t feel at one.
I don’t get sh*t done.

But then I remember how to turn it around…

Instead of wavering between two extremes of “spiritual basking in life purpose” vs. “taking productive action to create real change”… here’s what I do:

Come to Center*** 
(That’s my 2-second instant healing “trick”)

But… how?

Getting Centered is not what you may think it is. It is not what the spiritual gurus teach as discipline or ritual. It does not require meditation, mindfulness, concentration, or a clear mind empty of thoughts.

Getting Centered is actually instant. It’s a light-speed connection. But in human terms, it might take a tiny bit longer…

Getting Centered takes 2 seconds – IF you do it the Now Healing way***

It’s kind of miraculous! Now, every morning, when I remember to Center before I get to work… I’m no longer in a tug-of-war. My Purpose and my Productivity no longer battle with each other for attention.

  • Instead of flipping back and forth… I flow.
  • Instead of scattered focus on momentary shiny objects in my to-do list… I allow guidance from Aligned Intuition.
  • Instead of wavering… I ride waves of inspiration and creation.

The Best Productivity happens when we are “plugged in to purpose” with our higher awareness. 

The Best Life Purpose happens when we “take action” and live our purpose in a real, tangible way.

I would love to show you how to actually balance your “Life Purpose vs Getting Sh*t Done”… in a deep, effective way.

If you are ready to allow these opposites to support each other, rather than distort each other…

Join me in a LIVE
Guided Healing Call, and…

*** Discover my 2-Second Centering “Trick”

Plus, you’ll get powerful Guided Healing to:

  • Live your Spiritual Life Purpose
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  1. neda safa on July 25, 2020 at 7:05 am

    Very timely for me. Thanks.

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