Meditation vs Productivity – Heal your Inner & Outer Focus

Healing Demonstration with Elma Mayer and Paul Wong:
Meditation vs Productivity

Watch and Get Healing! Elma Mayer and Paul Wong do healing demonstrations on each other – for Inner & Outer Focus, to improve meditation as well as productivity. You will get healing too, as you watch!

Please note: the captions may not be accurate!

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Paul and Elma are opposites, in a lovely yin/yang fashion.

Paul is a devoted meditator and has spent the past 2 years immersing himself in hours of daily meditation, in Arunachala, India.

Whereas I use “instant meditation” to get into that state, but I don’t spend a lot of time.

And even though we both love the way we do it ourselves, we both also want a bit more of what the other one has!

So we gave each other a healing of opposites:

He worked on me for meditating longer with inner focus… and I Aligned him with outer focus & productivity.

And you’ll get the healing you need, as you watch the video above.

Please Comment Below – What is your experience with Meditation vs Productivity?

Is one easier than the other for you? Or do you balance them in proportion & right timing?

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