Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers [VIDEO]

How to do instant-energy healing for YOUR river? Watch the video below: Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers

Now Healing Earth

Heal your local river, right now… by following along with the Guided Healing Video below – Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers.

What will happen? You will tune in to the energy field of any river of your choice… and you’ll do a healing for it, by shifting its energy field & morphic resonance.

Note: This is NOT guided meditation. It’s instant activation!

What River Are You Healing? Please Comment Below!

We use the Los Angeles River as an example. (Even if you live on the other side of the planet, you have probably seen this river in lots of Hollywood movies, like Grease, Chinatown, and Terminator 2.) Like many urban rivers, it’s all flood control concrete channels. But amazingly, nature is coming back!

If you want to support river healing on the physical or mental levels, join your local organization, like the “Friends of the LA River.” ( But in this video, we are not going to work on matter or mind. Instead we will work with energy / information / morphic resonance to change reality!

Now Healing Earth: Urban Rivers – watch:

Want Healing for Fracking?

You can use the energetic tools from these videos and apply them to Fracking in your area. I intend to make a specific “Now Healing Earth: Fracking” video… soon. It’s number 12 on my list of 538 incredibly important and urgent things to do immediately! 😉 But in the meantime, please feel free to shift the energy now – just come from your Center, and tune in!

There’s So Much More You can Do…

See Related Video – Now Healing Earth: Mountain Streams

And… obviously, there are zillions more Alignments that could be done.
What else are you noticing, that could use Aligning or Disentangling?

Take a moment, after you watch the video above, and simply tune in, and shift the energy  – in whatever way comes into your higher awareness.

Want to learn more?

Join our NOW HEALING EARTH Free Virtual Healing Circle – Scroll Down!

No Experience Necessary.

In this healing circle, you will create real, effective energy shifts. Just follow along with the simple process. Anyone can do it.

What is Now Healing Earth?

A virtual healing circle – and not just “remote” healing, but “Remote-Space-Time” healing!

Through videos, free healing calls, and occasional live events, Now Healing founder Elma Mayer invites you to participate. You will Plug In to your innate healing power… to create real healing for our planet.

We will do Alignments for:

  • Climate change
  • Water healing – oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, polar ice melt
  • Air, atmosphere, storms and weather patterns
  • Fires, drought, volcanic activity
  • Life-form healing from plankton to whales to endangered species
  • Humanity’s relationship to earth
  • Our fear of future catastrophe
  • And anything else on earth that you are inspired to Align!

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Now Healing Earth

Now Healing Earth

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Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing Hi, I’m Elma Mayer, Founder of Now Healing. My higher purpose is to amplify your instant-healing ability – whether you are an advanced healer, or just starting out. (And shhh, my secret ulterior motive is for you to not only heal yourself and your loved ones – but the entire planet & humanity's relationship to it.) Let's do it now!

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  1. Elma Mayer on September 19, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    The Los Angeles River has undergone huge changes in the two years since this video came out. There’s so much more awareness of its beauty and use, in the community at large. Angelenos are now legally allowed to kayak certain portions of it – which was unheard of, earlier. Parks and walkways are opening everywhere. And the river is healing, in all senses of the word. (I’m not taking full responsibility, obviously! This video – and the healing that you have done – is a part – and a whole – of the nested hierarchies of morphic fields of this situation.)

  2. Elma Mayer on September 14, 2014 at 9:41 am

    @Theresa, here’s an explanation:
    Thanks for your blessings!!! I accept!!!

  3. Theresa Kelly on September 10, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Dear Elma,

    There are no words that can express my gratitude for what you are doing for the planet and beings on this earth…may all the blessings you freely to give to all return to you 10 fold.

    By the way, I’m not sure if I am doing things correctly when you refer to ‘center’…would that be my belly button area or my heart chackra…please advise when you get a chance.

    Many, many thanks,

  4. Barbara on June 27, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Hi Elma!
    I’m a newbie and have started with your site and a download. I’m definitely feeling the shifts and it almost seems that I’m conditioning a shift when I think of your healing videos. It is now how I begin my day.
    Can’t wait to join the inner circle and take your at home course. After discovering this page to heal mother earth I feel now like a contributor. I just joined which is people from all over the world using their intention together for 15 min. I don’t know exactly how it goes but I think including your intention would be awesome! Thank you for all you do! Barbara

  5. Elma Mayer on November 10, 2012 at 7:30 am

    Thanks Albe! Yes, of course, you’re right! Like water itself, the individual flows of reality are really one/whole. We can certainly tune in to ALL waters. The microcosmic and macrocosmic levels are all equally accessible. Sometimes “working top down” is called for, whereas other times, we are called to “work bottom up” or “middle out” or whatever! And thanks for the reminder and vote of confidence, to get my 538 to-do’s to “flow” too!

  6. albe on November 10, 2012 at 7:04 am

    Hello Ellma,

    You are amazing, incredible and extremely aware and sensitive and I thank you for all your work. May I ask if it is possible to reduce your list of 538 incredibly important and urgent things by grouping things like healing ALL waters of the earth – instead of individual river. Since we are ALL ONE and you help us to achieve our wholeness without focusing on each atom or molecule – Why not continue the wonderful format you have created for every thing. I love your beautiful videos, which I use daily and so does a friend of mine and we are getting exciting results. Gregg Braden in his “Lost Mode of Prayer” says the secret is not asking for but rather seeing all energy shifts as “already done” and giving thanks. To me, that is exactly what you are doing. Again, t;hank you sooooo much and bless you for sharing so freely.

  7. Marion Kastner on September 5, 2012 at 10:48 am

    Hello Elma,
    I,am receiving your emails for several years now and I am so impressed of everything you are doing.
    I feel the shifts every time. And every time you have something new, your ideas are infinite and so is the unuverse of course, you would probally say. Thank you so much for sharing all this with me and I will send it to others too.
    I love you!
    Marion Kastner

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