Like health and vitality, we often take Centeredness for granted. We only notice it when it’s missing. We may not even know why we are scattered, ineffective, irritable, depressed – but it’s usually associated with a lack of Centeredness. Why and how to get Centered?

Being Centered isn’t just a metaphorical condition. It’s a real state of being, even though it’s often intangible. On a physical level, lack of Centeredness can manifest as a wide range of symptoms, from spinal misalignment to clumsiness. Mentally, it can show up as mental chatter, forgetfulness, even ADD. Un-centered emotions can be overly turbulent or deadened. But physical and mental symptoms are just side-effects. The real problem is energetic.

How do our energy fields become un-centered? Just as environmental toxins and normal waste products unbalance our systems if not properly eliminated, energetic toxins can do the same. Most people are unaware of the effects. Resonating with other people’s stress, reacting to a grumpy co-worker, walking through a space where someone was traumatized… just because these toxic energies aren’t physically obvious doesn’t mean they don’t cause real problems.

Chinese energetic medicine (like the Yuen Method, which is based on kung fu, qi gong and shen gong principles) teaches that mentally “going” to the midline strengthens you instantly. But… the kind of Centering that Now Healing uses, does more than just strengthen your physical and energy bodies.

Getting Centered, the Now Healing way, snaps you back into your true self – your Infinite Self. It can automatically clear away distortion and negative energy. Centering re-sets a scattered energy field back to normal. And it’s applicable to any situation, and any area of life, both physical and non-physical.

Centering is a vital self-care skill, just like basic hygiene or nutrition. But unfortunately, most people don’t know that they can Center themselves, effectively and easily, in much less time than it takes to shower or make a salad.

Try it now. Say “Center” as you place your attention on your lower spine, and move your focus quickly up and out the top of your head.

Use this technique anytime – when you’re out of sorts, before you make an important decision, before you take any action. Do it when you first wake up – your day will flow better.

The more often you snap yourself back to Center, the easier it will be to discern when you’re out of balance. You may even experience automatic self-healing in other areas, because your energy field will be healthier and stronger. Take charge of your energetic self-care now – Ready, get Centered, go!

To learn how to Do It Yourself, for self-healing, as well as healing your family, clients and patients, take the  Now Healing 101 course.

By Elma Mayer. Originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.
© 2010 Elma Mayer.
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  1. Helen on March 14, 2016 at 2:23 am

    You are so right about not feeling centred at times and I had thought there must be a simple exercise to correct it which is what you have generously offered us and I thank you so very much.
    For me the shift is noticeable the next day or after I have slept.
    So glad to have been introduced to a you tube session of yours and I have my sister Janet to thank for finding you.
    Sincere blessings to you Elma.

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