Relationships: Change or Die?

Change or Die? No need to put it such stark and scary terms! Instead…

Flow & Live! It’s just easier that way. But how? Constant change can seem chaotic. Impossible to navigate. Especially when we react with resistance! But we can…

Re-arrange “Change” into “Flow”. Reframe it.  How? With simple awareness. Zoom out to a larger perspective, and it’s easy to see a change as pattern of Flow towards Wholeness. And then, from that expanded awareness, you notice…

Flows within Flows. Smaller, fractal parts interweave in a bigger pattern of life. One of those parts is relationships. Which also contains flows within flows!

Relationship Flow

Healthy change is vital, to keep your relationships alive. Love partners, life partners, parents, children, family, friends, colleagues, and a sense of deep belonging to a social group or tribe…

All these relationships will “sink” if they don’t “swim” in the…

Flow of time. We grow, learn, mature, and evolve. Our preferences and daily habits change and flow. Same with the other person! If you and your lover both change, but your relationship does not keep up… that doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship.

Flow of giving, taking, and receiving. Emotionally. Spiritually. Financially. Not to mention… sex! (Plus those other physical gives & takes, like caring for your runny-nosed toddler – they give snot, you take it away!)

Flow of your “relationship to relationships.” As a teenager, what you want in a romantic partner is very different from that of middle age. Healthy relationships constantly course-correct. So allow regular upgrades! Expand your awareness of what your “highest expression” of relationships is – right now, not 30 years ago.

Flow of your relationships as they relate to health, wealth, wisdom, enjoyment of life, home, fun, spiritual evolution…

Those are only a few of zillions of “Relationship Flows”. For each of these, you’d be wise to do regular “morphic maintenance” and course-correction… with a gentle course-correction of your oars as you navigate the stream

How to Keep your Relationships Healthy

Most Important: Be aware of the Flow! That alone is hugely healing. It allows easy adjustment, and keeps your relationships much healthier than most people’s.

But there’s more to do… and yes, you guessed it… we will do it!

How? In a LIVE healing call! (Or in a replay, if you miss it.)

Why? Because “Relationship Healing” is a big part of what I do in Now Healing. I find myself guided to re-visit this topic often – because it’s so essential ALL parts of life.

Every month in my Guided Healing Membership, we do relationship healing, as it relates to the monthly topic – and it always relates, because it’s INTEGRAL to everything!

In addition, over the years, I’ve done several GHT calls specifically for relationships. For example, a few months ago, we did “Your Relationship Resonance: Align your attraction & ‘vibration’ – for romance, life-partners, ancestors, mentors, clients, business partners, etc.”

And now…

Another one…
Love & Relationships Flow

How is this new call different from those previous topics?

It’s a very different angle! This time, we’ll be Aligning your Relationship Flow  – over time, space, in health and wealth, etc. We will heal the FLOW itself, so that:

  • Long-term partners, family, friends, and tribal connections get upgraded, to support YOUR highest Flow of life.
  • New relationships can come in to support you
  • Old relationships that are unhealthy are free to flow… away!
  • Your Flow of Love, Money, Time, Health & Healing… supported by relationships
  • And most important, your Flow of your relationship to your SELF… is always becoming more Whole!

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