Why Align your Personality – with Life?

Align your Personality

Why Align your Personality with LIFE? Because being fully alive is not just about a healthy body & mind. Your personality patterns must also Align, to support your best life.

Do you know if “who you are” – on all levels – is fully congruent with life? Are your daily doings, habits, patterns, and your very BEING… all truly IN TUNE with your best life — and life itself?

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Do you sense that your “Self” is Aligned with life? Or Not?
And if you did the full guided healing, what shifted for you?

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What does that even mean?

Well, think about “who you are” — and “what you do” — and how you usually “show up” for others, and for your life…

All of that needs to come together – in a pattern of “doing and being,” otherwise known as your “personality.” And all of that needs…

To support your best life!

And an even more ephemeral-yet-essential state:

To be Fully Alive!

So, what do you think? Is “who you are” and “what you do” fully congruent — and IN TUNE with — LIFE ITSELF?

Or are you out of tune with life, and resonating with… death? Non-existence? Or just NOT being fully alive?

Here are a few experiences you might have…

If your personality is Aligned…

… and your personal patterns are generally in tune with life, then:

  • What you do daily tends to feel right and natural, more often than not.
  • You usually feel at home, with a sense of belonging in the world, and connectedness to others
  • Balanced ego
  • Confidence is not even an issue – it’s your natural state.
  • You often get into “Flow States” where your intuition follows a higher logic, and your logic is creatively energized.

If your personality is NOT Aligned with life, then:

  • You tend to focus more on your traumas, problems, past mistakes, or fears of the future, rather than your enjoyment of life
  • Your self-esteem suffers: you are hard on yourself, with negative self-talk and self-critical internal dialogs, and feel like you need to fix yourself.
  • You feel indecisive, or powerless, or stuck.
  • You feel like an outsider often – out of place, alone, or misunderstood.
  • You crave attention, or approval, or external validation, in order to feel worthy (or even feel real!)
  • Whatever you do, your habits, actions, decisions, feel ineffective or mis-aligned
  • You experience self-sabotage, external sabotage, betrayal, or just feel like you have to struggle, push, and fight for every little success.

It can even contribute to physical pain or chronic mystery illness.

Yes. But please note that we’re not talking medically, scientifically, or psychologically here! And we are not blaming pain or illness on personal failings! We’re talking about morphic resonance – fields of influence that, over time and across levels, can coalesce into reality.

It’s not just obvious correlations, almost clichés, that make statements like this seem reasonable: “low self-esteem can lead to bad posture and hunching which leads to spine compression and nerve impingement and back pain.”

Yep, morphology can be morphic!

The “Pain Body” is morphic: personality & physical patterns that inform each other

It goes deeper than a simple correlation between your personality and your physical form. There are much more subtle relationships between patterns of the personality that resonate in physicality.

For example, in trauma-informed energy medicine, it’s common to assume “causation” when psychological patterns seem to result in physical patterns. But in truth, it’s beyond psychological, as I describe below.

So… What to do?

Your personality is not fixed. It is an ever-evolving pattern of who you are, on multiple levels, over time. It’s a morphic field that extends from the past to the future. And morphic fields morph!

Although your entire life (your body-mind-energy-spirit-DNA-history-etc) has condensed into grooves, habits and practices — and although those patterns create physical density – form that flows into the future with inertia — it still flows!

Your life pattern always ebbs, flows, eddies, meanders, pools, stagnates, then cleanses itself – like a river within ever-changing banks. It can be a general pattern that chugs along fairly predictably, or it can be turbulent and chaotic like a river in flood, or stuck and stagnant, clogged with weeds or channeled into concrete by outside forces. But it keeps flowing.

You might have preferences for your personality – perhaps you prefer to be peaceful, calm, and consistent – or creative, wild, and free – or comical and light – or serious and studious – or cozy, inside a beautiful solid home, or adventurous, traveling, exploring, experimenting with all of the above and more.

But no matter what, like a river, your personality patterns want to be ALIVE. In tune with life!

Well, obviously, to Align your Personality with Life — quickly, effectively, and beautifully — I suggest that you do it the easy way: the Now Healing way!

Here’s how:

Guided Healing - relationships

When: Now!
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What: in this Guided Healing, we Align your Personality – to uplevel…

  • Your self-esteem, confidence, and inner power
  • Your relationship with yourself – really, with ALL your selves
  • Your being
  • Your doings
  • How you show up to the rest of the world
  • Your relationships with others
  • Your hidden “fractal patterns” and “sacred geometry patterns” that you can use to RE-TUNE yourself to life
  • Your physical body symptoms & “pain body” that are entangled
  • PLUS… get a powerful healing for YOUR specific healing intention!

Are you Aligned with Life on All Levels? Or not?
How do you know for sure?

Please add your comment below!

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  1. Maryanne on December 21, 2023 at 9:22 pm

    Thanks for all you have done for me NOW and in the past. Sometimes we need to be nudged back into our healing lane ❤️

  2. Salmaan on December 21, 2023 at 2:24 am

    I would really like to receive the healing! NOW healing has been changing my life completely!
    It has really helped with fast instant healing whenever I need. its been a gift to all of us following!

  3. Malik Shiner on December 7, 2023 at 11:03 am

    That healing call was a beauty and a privilege. My intention shift was dramatic: it was to soften my heart because as I age I feel my habits of the heart hardening in an unwanted tendency to ossify. Afterward my heartspace is alive again, fully integrated with my enlivened personality and highest self. Thank you.

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