3 Ways to NOT Process Negative Emotions

… and what to do instead! Watch now:

Three New-Agey & Self-Helpy Things NOT to do…

Because your “feelings” can sabotage your healing – unbeknownst to you!

Have you heard those unhelpful-but-popular clichés about “how to process negative emotions”?

Let’s bust those dumb myths! No need to fall prey to old-paradigm emotional drama.

Because you want a new relationship to your emotions that supports your WHOLE Life including but not limited to… Health. Wealth. Energy. Life’s work. Love. Family. Community. Creativity. Spiritual Evolution. And WHOLE Life.

Discover a NEW way to heal negative emotions & thoughts…

So they don’t sabotage your healing & your goals.

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for YOUR specific needs

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  1. Paula on February 26, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Elma, good one!. How about my way which is to process my emotions by stuffing them down with pasta and washing them down with a nice chardonnay. But joking aside I have tried your Now Healing and it does help alot if I remember to do it.

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