Align your Body’s Matter & Energy, for High-Level Healing

A NEW way to do Integral Healing:
Align your Body’s Matter & Energy!

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Align your Body's Matter & Energy

Most healing methods ignore this! Why is it essential to integrate & Align your body’s matter & energy?

Because if your physical processes & systems are not Integrated with your energetic fields & flows, then you tend to Disintegrate!

But seriously, puns aside… how does this work?

How can you Align your Body’s Matter & Energy?

  1. Stand up straight, stop hunching, and strengthen your core. Haha, just kidding. Sure, adjusting your posture has an effect. But it’s haphazard and scattershot, for integral healing results. While yoga and qi gong are a nice solution because they do actually give you powerful body-mind integration, the downside is that they are slow to give results. They approach Alignment through the level of matter moving through time and space. A much faster solution is to approach Alignment on the energetic and morphic levels, using instant-energy healing, for example, Now HealingTM . Another benefit: it engages your physical core effortlessly, through an energetic process of higher awareness at light-speed!
  2. Think only positive thoughts and wear crystals for chakra balancing. Uh, nope! Sure, crystals are cool, and good thoughts are lovely. But again, they don’t approach the energy level directly, they begin with mind and matter rather than energy. A better way that will allow your energy fields and flows to shift much more quickly and easily, is to access them directly, as described below.

Why is it easier to Align your Body through Energy, rather than Matter?

Because matter takes time to change. Energy, however, works at the speed of light – or in this kind of instant-energy healing, it works at the speed of higher awareness. In other words, pretty darn fast compared to taking Pilates or Yoga classes or having a chiropractor do a spinal adjustment. The easiest way to do this kind of instant-energy healing effectively is to use the Now HealingTM Commands and symbols…

These “morphic healing” tools are designed to work fast. Even if you are not confident in your healing ability, you will shift energy the very first time you try it. (See below.)


Here’s the missing piece:

It’s actually much easier, and much faster, to…

Align BOTH your Energy AND your Matter… simultaneously!

Why do this? Well, if you don’t, here’s what happens:

What Happens…

If your Matter & Energy are NOT Congruent (Mis-Aligned)?

Can you tell whether your energy & matter support each other? Or distort each other?

Here are just a few ways that your body’s health and vitality might be affected, when energy & matter are NOT Aligned:

  • Sluggish or deficient energy can fail to “penetrate” and “animate” your matter… resulting in physical weakness.
  • Chaotic energy can confuse your physical coordination, body functions, mobility and activity… and not feeling at home in your body.
  • Misplaced matter or toxins can block the proper flow of energy to other areas of your body… with “referred” pain or weakness – or susceptibility to illness, infection or weak immunity.

Most healing methods get much too specific – while completely ignoring the big picture of higher-level congruency of OVERALL matter and energy.

But with Now Healing, there’s a fast and elegant way to Align ALL of your matter & energy!

It’s SO simple…

But most healing modalities totally ignore this.

Most healing techniques needlessly dive into details and specifics first, instead of using the power of big-picture simplicity. They omit doing this much simpler, higher-level Alignment.

So… before you spend years studying the vast realms of energy medicine, delving into which of 114 chakras, 70,000 nadis, 14 meridians, 8 extraordinary vessels, or 7 aura layers you need to heal…

Do this simple process to Align your Body’s Matter & Energy on ALL Levels, instead!

To learn how, join the Guided Healing Call below.

Want a quick taste right now? Try this:

Try it for yourself – do instant-energy healing:

Here’s a fast, free healing that you can do right now, to experience this for yourself:
30-second Healing – Spine Alignment.

Or, go deeper & higher… to create huge integration & healing for yourself…

Discover the NEW Integral Alignment – Join the Full Guided Healing:

Guided Healing Replay:
Align your Body’s Matter & EnergySimultaneously!

Experience a NEW instant-energy healing process, to activate health & vitality…

You’ll get a Detailed Scan of your Matter & Energy,

Get instantly Integrated, Balanced & Centered in your Matter & Energy – for all parts of your body, organs, cells, processes like digestion, circulation, etc…

Plus Alignments for YOUR Highest Healing Intention for your body / health / vitality.

Align your Body's Matter & Energy

What will happen in this Guided Healing:

  1. You will choose your most important Healing Intention for your body or health. We will Align it – on all levels of matter & energy.
  2. We’ll do a Detailed Scan, to locate any distortions, then Align your Body’s Matter (structures, organs, tissues, cells) & Energy (meridians, chakras, aura, bio-field)…
  3. Plus, a big-picture high-level Re-Integration of your entire body’s Energy & Matter.
  4. You get a 1-min. Take-away Tool to use repeatedly, for fast self-healing.

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  1. Malik Shiner on June 17, 2023 at 3:39 pm

    Most def not aligned, I can tell because I habitually feel ‘over my head’ and living my life in mental, philosophical and airy energies. I look forward to be more naturally grounded with this next healing call. Grateful in advance!

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