Are You Ready to Heal?

You might assume that if you want to heal, then you are Ready to Heal.
But your conscious thoughts, assumptions and expectations are not a good indicator of what’s actually true!

If you’ve “tried everything you can think of”… but the same old pattern repeats itself… then the disconnect is probably beyond conscious awareness!

How do you know whether you are really ready… to:

  • “Do it Yourself”  – Be a Healer?
  • “Be Healed” by someone else?

If your answer to the questions below is “Yes” or “Maybe” then it’s likely that you are ready. And even “No” responders and hardened skeptics will often experience dramatic shifts! It’s just more fun, and a lot less drama, if you answer “Yes.”

Are you ready to upgrade your patterns and habits? I’m not talking about will-power, determination, resolve and discipline. I am talking about letting go, getting neutral and non-attached, and allowing yourself to interact differently with the universe ­ from a vantage point of Wholeness, of Alignment with your Infinite Self. Are you ready to upgrade those old patterns?

Are you willing to change? Shifting your head to the side by a few centimeters, or taking a small step in any direction -­ these tiny changes will alter what you perceive. You may see and hear things that were not apparent before. Similarly, shifting your thoughts, assumptions, expectations and energy field, will also reveal new realities. Now Healing shifts you into a space of easy neutrality, allowing you to access infinite possibility. Are you willing to experience a change in your point-of-view?

Are you able to allow new possibilities and let go of attachment to outcome? If you expect certain results, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. All expectations are limitations, on some level. If you need your healing or your goals to take a specific form; if you need to know with certainty what effects are guaranteed; if you insist on a timeframe (How long will it take to heal? How long do I have to live? When will my money manifest?); if you have a limited checklist of acceptable outcomes -­ you may want to rethink and release -­ or seek help elsewhere. Are you able to let go, to allow more open-ended wholeness into your life? Are you ready, willing and able to evolve into your true self, even if you’re not sure what that entails?

Who can Do Instant Healing – does it take special talent or ability?

I developed Now Healing in order for you to be able to shift the energy of any situation, in a way that’s as easy, clear – and dare I say “logical” –  as possible.

The ability to shift energy does not take special talent. It’s a normal human ability that’s been ignored for too long. (If I can do it, then anyone can!)

Kids as young as six years old have easily learned to do it effectively. I’ve taught doctors, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, hypnotherapists, psychologists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, teachers, accountants, lawyers, hairdressers, musicians, actors, cooks, athletes, computer programmers, college students, retirees, and many others, to use Now Healing. Healers can integrate it into their existing practice.

Who can benefit from Now Healing?

Anyone! Even if you don’t know or understand how, your energy can shift to create improvement in your life. Babies, animals and skeptics all can get results, regardless of their belief or disbelief.

Non-humans can definitely benefit. ­It’s useful for shifting the energy fields of  plants, ancestors, bodies of water and other ecosystems. I’ve personally used it with amazing success on fixing many (but not all) plumbing problems. However, I have not had much success with fixing cars or computers… although others do report good results in those areas!

What’s the Easiest Way to Actually Align with Healing?

What’s the next step? Now Healing offers two pathways: “done for you” and “do it yourself”.

The Most Comprehensive Way to Get Healing, to Release Blockages to Healing

…and have healing “Done For You” (with your participation). This product takes you through a powerful process to Align with Healing, on all levels, and for any issue: Heal Your Situation – Guided Healing for Any Pain, Problem, or Pattern

The Easiest Way to Learn to “Do it Yourself”

The Now Healing 101 Course

Heal Your Situation

9 Deep Healing Sessions
for Any Pain, Problem or Pattern

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