Do you Assume that you’re Healthy… or Unhealthy?

An #InstantShift is an actual Energetic Alignment.... It's not just a soothing platitude. What shifted for you? Please comment below!

An #InstantShift is an actual Energetic Alignment.… It’s not just a soothing platitude. What shifted for you? Please comment below!

Got Unexamined Assumptions?

Do you live with the oppressive sense that you’re not healthy? And perhaps the dread that you can never truly be healthy?

Or maybe you assume that you’re healthy right now… but lurking in the future, there’s inevitable aging, arthritis, Alzheimer’s – or an Apocalyptic Armageddon of Angst?

Perhaps you don’t think about it much at all… except for a twinge of guilt when you read the latest studies about the dangers of sugar… or salmonella… or smog… or stress. You might have the fleeting thought that you should do a cleanse, or meditate, or move to the countryside (someday).

Your Thoughts about Health can make you Unhealthy!

Most folks think they are unhealthy because of their diet, sedentary lifestyle, toxins in the air, water and food, hereditary conditions, past trauma, or infections.

Many assume that the earth itself is unhealthy – pollution, radiation, runaway climate change. They expect they cannot be healthy in the face of such massive problems.

I invite you to Disentangle from these mass assumptions. Step back and observe the big picture. Ask yourself whether your very thoughts – your unexamined assumptions – your resonance with global gloom  – might be contributing to distortion and disconnection from Wholeness?

You can choose to stop resonating with the morphic field of “being unhealthy.” That’s a huge first step toward vibrant health. (Truly healthy people don’t fear ill health.)

Let go of assumptions that distort your health – not just your physical health either!

Health is not just about your body and the material world. Even the “body-mind-spirit” approach to health is limiting. All aspects of your life need to integrate, for good health, including

  • body functions and structures
  • mind, thoughts, intelligence, clarity, focus, flow
  • emotional states, reactions and mood
  • money and abundance health
  • social and family health
  • a good relationship with your ancestors
  • home and feng shui
  • work and life’s work
  • rest and recreation
  • creativity and inspiration
  • spiritual life
  • relationship with earth

All of these need to be Aligned with Health. But How???

I’ll show you how in this Guided Healing Call.

Guided Healing Teleseminar - Healthy vs. Unhealthy Bring your specific health issue – and your thoughts and assumptions about it – and we will Disentangle it.

What: Get powerful, instant shifts – for your issue. New topics monthly.

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  1. Elizabeth Stratton on November 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Hi Elma,
    Wow, I just listened to the Healthy v Unhealthy Teleseminar and it was priceless. I had an issues around al of these and I was so delighted to have them disentangled! They have hung around way too long.
    Bye to them all. Your work is the best. Keep it up.
    Much Love,
    Elizabeth in NY~

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